Shopping in Bariloche, Argentina

Shopping in Bariloche, Argentina

Shopping in Bariloche does not require much effort. Most stores are concentrated on Rua Miter and the small streets near it; just walk through this region and you are up to date with local businesses. It must be kept in mind that, despite the good amount of stores, their prices are not always a bargain. Research is needed to find cost-effective products.

The main items to buy in the city are clothes and chocolates. Those who want to buy cold clothing will find a good variety of stores, from the most famous to the local stores, which have lines with modern products to keep warm and lines dedicated to snow sports. Several stores sell leather goods, wool, souvenirs and various clothes of their own manufacture or multi-brand, just walk down the street to check.

An important tip is that several stores offer an outlet on the top floor, with pieces from previous collections and more affordable prices. When you see a store window that they have an outlet, be sure to check it out!

As for chocolates, we risk saying that you will hardly be able to return home without being won over by at least one of the establishments. There are many chocolate shops in Bariloche, all with a huge variety of sweets, which go far beyond the traditional alfajor. It is possible to buy them by the kilo or in assembled packages – it is really difficult not to buy more than “necessary”. đŸ˜‰

Our suggestion is that you enter more than one of the stores to see which one wins your heart. Chocolates del Turista draws attention for its enormous structure, while Mamuschka wins fans for its cute packaging. Rapa Nui has fans for its charming look and Abuela Goye, for its intimate atmosphere. If you want to have breakfast, a good tip is to go to Franton, but if you prefer something traditional (with an incredible dulce de leche), Havana can be your choice. Chocolate is an extremely personal matter; try to get to know as much as possible, a little bit each day, and draw your own conclusions.

Rapa Nui

Rapa Nui is one of the chocolate shops in Bariloche that lives full of people. It is specialized in chocolates, but offers much more than the delicacy from cocoa.
Of course, it is the chocolates that are most successful, but visiting the place you can take the opportunity to try their ice cream or sit down and have a quieter meal in the restaurant.

Our tip is to try the delicious medialunas of the restaurant, which also offers lunch and dinner.

Chocolates del Turista

Just enter the Chocolates del Turista on Rua Miter to get lost. The store is so big and offers such an incredible variety of products that it is difficult to leave without buying or consuming anything.

In addition to the various options of chocolates, alfajores, sweets and other delicacies, the place also has an area reserved for its ice cream and another for the snack bar, where you can sit and have a snack. In the cafeteria there are cafes, teas, as well as cakes and pies – if you want to have a dessert, the stop over there can be worth it.

Good structure, comfort and a varied line of products are some of the qualities of the place.


Walking down Miter Street, Mamuschka’s eye-catching look is likely to win your attention. The chocolate shop is one of the most coveted in Bariloche and has chocolates of the most diverse types, so that no candy lover can fail. You will be able to buy chocolates by weight or in ready-made packaging, in addition to marzipans and torrones, which are also part of your product line. The red packaging, designed with matrioshka (Russian doll), is a strong feature of the store, founded in 1989.

At the bottom of Mamushka on Rua Miter there is a space dedicated to your cafeteria. This area is full of appetizing sweets, like cheesecakes, cakes, petit fours and macarons, which are even better if accompanied by hot chocolate or coffee.

Abuela Goye

Abuela Goye is another of the famous chocolate shops in Bariloche. It has a profile of more handmade products, it is full of delicious chocolates – including hot chocolate, sold for travel and which helps a lot to keep warm in the cold in winter.
The company offers chocolates of all types, with some mixtures that are out of the ordinary, like the raspberry alfajor.

The store is present in different areas of Bariloche, in other Argentine cities and has franchises even in Brazil.

Frantom Chocolates

Do you want to have a different breakfast or start your day surrounded by delicious things? Our tip, then, is to go to Frantom, a store with its own products, which, in addition to selling various types of chocolate, offers pies, snacks and cakes.

The place is cozy and, even if you don’t go in the morning, it’s worth it for the time when you feel hungry.

GalerĂ­a del Sol

GalerĂ­a del Sol (or Galeria do Sol) is a shopping center on Rua Miter that concentrates several good shops for shopping. Although the exterior does not show, the interior of the place is very beautiful, with wood in its structure, glass cover on the ceiling and many plants making the decoration. The place is beautiful, it is worth taking a photo as a souvenir.

There you will find varied stores, mainly those for cold clothing and those that sell souvenirs, handicrafts, decorative objects etc.


Havana is not a novelty for many Brazilians who have already visited Argentina – as Bariloche is a chocolate paradise, there could not be a store of this brand in the city. In fact, it is in Bariloche that one of Havana’s chocolate factories is located, which conquers many people with its flavors.

Next to the factory is the store, where it is possible to buy all its products, including the alfajores de dulce de leche and the pure dulce de leche, which is delicious. The place also has a snack bar, where you can enjoy a coffee or another hot drink.

Shopping in Bariloche, Argentina

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