Shopping in San Andrés, Colombia

Shopping in San Andrés, Colombia

Don’t miss the opportunity to do some shopping when you travel? Set aside a space in the suitcase, because San Andrés is a great destination for new purchases! The island is tax free and has cheaper products even than in duty-free shops, making street shops a little treasure for consumers.

San Andrés stores are concentrated in the center of the island and sell all kinds of products: shoes, bags, food, clothing, perfumes, electronics, etc. In general, prices are slightly lower than the values ​​found in Brazil and the products can be paid by credit card, Colombian peso and dollar.

The avenues Colombia, Providência, Las Américas and Colón are ideal for shopping, regardless of the desired product.

Start planning your shopping list, but be careful in the stores you choose to buy, at the risk of purchasing a counterfeit product. Give preference to private label stores or big stores like La Riviera, La Perfumerie, President and Madeira. Be sure to ask for possible discounts, which can be obtained according to the payment method or in an eventual promotion in stores.
It is important to remember that most commercial establishments operate at a different time from Brazil. Stores open around 9 am, close at 12:30 pm and reopen at 3 pm, open until 8 pm / 8:30 pm.

Av. Las Américas
Las Américas is one of the most important roads in San Andrés. On this avenue are installed stores of important companies such as Movistar and small supermarkets. It is also a good place to shop, as there is a wide range of clothing, footwear, sports, perfume stores, among others.

Av. Providência
Avenida Providência is a street with several shops in the center of San Andrés. It has stores such as Madeira (indicated for clothes and hygiene and beauty products), La Riviera (which sells free shop products) and Presidente (great for finding clothes from famous brands).
It is a tidier place on the island and an avenue where no cars pass, so you can walk there with peace of mind.

Paseo Peatonal
Paseo Peatonal, also called Av. Colombia, is a boardwalk in front of the beach, great for walks. The place is always busy and there are several shops selling all kinds of products – from souvenirs and food to clothes and beach products. This avenue is also advisable to eat, as several restaurants are installed there.
Walking around this place a few times is usual.

Shopping in San Andrés, Colombia

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