Shopping in Athens, Greece

Shopping in Athens, Greece

The economic crisis that has drastically affected Greece in recent times may have generated good shopping opportunities for those passing through the country. With the likely drop in commodity prices, some regions of Athens, famous for the quantity and variety of establishments, remained full. There are shops for all tastes (including big brands) and even a busy flea market where visitors will find a little bit of everything.

Athens commercial establishments are not required to open and close at the same time. Department stores and other establishments located in the city center, for example, usually open from Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 9 pm. Flea market and Plaka region stores are open even on Sundays. Check for abbreviations and acronyms related to Athens, Greece.

A tip for shopping enthusiasts is to take the Monastiraki-Syntagma route on foot. Along the way, reserved only for pedestrians, there is a huge amount of stores that sell goods to all types of consumers. See for more information about Athens, Greece.

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The oldest neighborhood in Athens, located to the north and northeast of the Acropolis, is also a place full of important points for the city’s history. In the charming and narrow streets, the visitor will find, for example, some beautiful Byzantine churches that are worth visiting.

In addition, Plaka is one of the busiest places and perfect for those who enjoy night programs, as there are a wide variety of bars and restaurants, some of them, including live Greek music shows. During the day, the famous neighborhood attracts a lot of people due to the large number of stores – a true paradise for shopping enthusiasts.

To get to Plaka, just take metro line 1 and get off at Monastiraki station. A good tip is to walk from the famous square to the neighborhood on foot. The walk is short and very pleasant.

Monastiraki Square

The nice square was named after the existence of a monastery on the site, in the 17th century. Today, however, Monastiraki is a meeting point in the center of Athens that is always full of pedestrians, both during the day and at night.

In the streets that give access to the place it is possible to find several restaurants that serve quality food at excellent prices; in addition, a very interesting flea market is also accessible through the square, selling a little of everything: clothes and shoes, accessories, souvenirs, among other objects.

The entrance to the market is right next to the metro station named after the square (Monastiraki – line 1). By the way, permanent exhibitions held in some galleries on the Athens metro – Monastiraki among them – are a must. Relics such as vases, jars, plates, among other objects, were found in excavations during the implementation of public transport in the Greek capital and are exposed to the public.

Ermou Street

The busy street in the center of the Greek capital, a true paradise for shopping enthusiasts, is extensive and full of options. There the visitor will find world famous brands such as Zara, Sephora, Nike, and a large local department store / mall, the Hondos Center. In addition, a wide variety of caf├ęs and restaurants are spread throughout the region.

Ermou Street can be easily accessed on foot from Monastiraki Square. Another option is to take the metro to Syntagma square.

Voukourestiou / Kolonaki Street

This street, located in the center of Athens (in the Kolonaki district), is also one of the most chic addresses in the city, as there are gathered some of the most famous clothing / accessories brands in the world, such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Rolex, Bulgari, Ralph Lauren, plus several jewelry stores. Accessing Voukourestiou street is very easy, as it is just over 200 meters from Syntagma square (where there is a metro station).

Right next to the famous shopping street is the Kolonaki square, where you can find, in the mediations, a wide variety of cafes and taverns that are excellent for a cappuccino in the late afternoon and also for those who enjoy a good night program.

Shopping in Athens, Greece

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