Cities and Resorts of Argentina

Cities and Resorts of Argentina

All cities and resorts in Argentina for travel. List of the most famous regions, regions, cities and resorts of Argentina: population, codes, distances, the best descriptions and reviews of tourists.

Capital of Argentina

The city of Buenos Aires, founded in 1580, is located on the shores of the picturesque bay of La Plata. Buenos Aires has its own special flavor, at the same time it is somewhat different from other cities in Argentina and more like Europe. The center of Buenos Aires is the Plaza de Mayo. According to petwithsupplies, Buenos Aires is one of the largest cities in Argentina.

There are many bright squares in the city: Plaza Dorrego is famous for its antique shops, an obelisk in honor of the declaration of independence of Argentina rises in Plaza de la República, the highlight of Plaza del Congresso is a huge fountain.

The old district of La Boca attracts tourists from all over the world. It is here that you can see the famous multi-colored houses; tango was once born on these streets. The main historical sights of the city are concentrated in La Boca.

La Boca… it is here that you can see the famous multi-colored houses of Buenos Aires, it was on the streets of this quarter that perhaps the most passionate dance in the world, tango, was once born.

Shopping lovers should definitely visit Santa Fe Street, where the most fashionable shops in Buenos Aires are located. Would you like to dine in a luxurious restaurant or visit a bar? Then head to the San Telmo area. Everyone who comes to Buenos Aires should definitely visit the spectacular bullfight, which the Matadores district is famous for.

Buenos Aires is a world tourism center with over 2 million visitors every year. Around the clock, life on the streets of the city is in full swing, without stopping for a second.

San Carlos de Bariloche

San Carlos de Bariloche is not without reason called the Argentine or South American Switzerland. Firstly, thanks to the amazing beauty of lakes and forests, the purity and transparency of the air, secondly, there is a ski resort here, and, thirdly, chocolate is produced here. There are many attractions in the city itself, and in its center there are many shopping galleries, cafes and restaurants. Well, the local nightlife is known throughout Argentina.


Tourists do not have to look for a place to stay overnight – the hotel base of San Carlos de Bariloche has about 20,000 hotels of various categories and stars. The most popular among the guests are: Acongagua, Nevada, La Cascada, Tres Reyes, Nahuel Huapi, Edelweiss.

San Carlos de Bariloche slopes

The local slopes (there are 47 of them with a total length of 70 km) are located on the slopes of the mountains Otto and Cathedral with a height difference from 2388 to 1400 m. There is also the best six-seater cabin lift in South America.

Bariloche is ideal for beginners and intermediates: about half of the slopes on it are of medium difficulty. However, the “pros” will also find where to stretch the bones: there are also “black” tracks, about a quarter of the total.

The resort has equipment rentals, training centers and a snow park with a freestyle and snowboarding area.

Attractions and attractions of San Carlos de Bariloche

In the city you can see the chapel of San Eduardo, the monument to Julio Roca, the Cathedral of La Catedral de Bariloche, the municipal building with a clock tower.

The central city of the Bariloche region has always been a prestigious resort for the Argentine elite. Today it is the main destination for those wishing to explore the land of lakes. This is a real paradise for those who are fond of fishing and hunting, who love to ride horses and conquer mountain peaks, play golf and just relax, enjoying the mountain scenery.

Nahuel Huapi Park

From Bariloche you can go to the Nahuel Huapi National Park. The distance to be overcome in about 8 hours is about 300 km. On the way, stops are repeatedly made at viewing platforms, in small villages or tiny towns. As a rule, the main excursion program starts in the morning, after the travelers have a little rest from the move. For starters, take the Teleferico Cerro Otto funicular to the top of the mountain. Next on the program is a cruise on Lake Nahuel Huapi on a catamaran, the path will lead to the Los Arrayanes National Park, which is unique in that it has preserved a myrtle forest. Not individual trees that can be found in other countries, but a whole grove on 12 hectares. Next stop is Victoria Island.

Southern Patagonia

Patagonia is a part of South America located south of the Rio Colorado in Argentina and the Bio Bio in Chile. One of the main attractions of Argentine Patagonia is the Lago Argentino National Park (“Park of Glaciers”), which has 13 glaciers that, descending from the mountains, melt in the waters of the Viedma and Argentino lakes.

The most spectacular glacier is Perito Moreno. You can get to it either by car or, if you stay at the Hosteria Los Notros, on foot, having arranged a fascinating walk through the Patagonian foothills. The glacier, protruding from the water by more than 60 m, stretches for 30 km along Lake Argentino and covers an area of ​​275 square meters. km. To take a closer look at this miracle, you can take a short cruise to the glacier – such an excursion lasts about an hour.

Perito Moreno is one of the few moving glaciers, its speed of movement is 2 meters per year, and its age is about 30 thousand years!

The continuation of the trip to South Patagonia can be a short sailing on a cruise yacht. Depending on the time that tourists have, the cruise can last from one day or longer. During such a boat trip, you can see Uppsala Bay, the Uppsala and Spegazini glaciers, Mount Peineta and Las Vacas Bay.

In addition, in Patagonia it will be interesting to visit the Canyon de Rio Pinturas, the cities of Rio Gallegos and Puerto Madryn, the Fitzroy National Parks (part of Los Glaciares Park) and Pasito Francisco Moreno (the best place to watch sea lions, penguins and whales). And also: beautiful cliffs at the mouth of the Rio Deseado, huge mysterious stone formations in the Monumento Natural Bosques Petrifados and the Estancias de Santa Cruz farm complex.

The tourist center of Patagonia and the best place to stay and see all the sights of the area is the town of El Calafate.

Southern Patagonia

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