Shopping in Venice, Italy

Shopping in Venice, Italy

It is impossible to walk through Venice and remain indifferent to the huge amount of shops scattered in the most diverse corners. Even if there is no intention to spend even a penny!

Among the most eye-catching establishments are those specializing in the trade in Carnival masks – a city tradition for centuries. The good news is that there are masks of all sizes, shapes, colors and prices, but those sold in traditional stores always end up being the most expensive.

We can say that the districts of San Marco and Castello have a good number of shops that sell a little of everything – bags and shoes, clothes, perfumes, household items, etc. The main tip is to “get lost” in the areas – which are next to each other -, exploring all the streets without haste. Check for abbreviations and acronyms related to Venice, Italy.

Rialto and Cannaregio are also not far behind when the intention is to spend a few or several euros. In Rialto, you will find the famous Rialto Market with fresh and quality food, with emphasis on cheese, fish and seafood. A good option for those who are staying in a vacation apartment and want to cook!

Al Bottegon

The Cantine del Vino Già Schiavi is considered one of the best bacari Venice to take a good wine and to taste the traditional appetizers, better known there as ciccheti. In the place, which also functions as a wine shop, there are no tables and the charm is precisely in paying for your glass / snack and tasting them outside, enjoying the atmosphere and admiring the beauty of the Dorsoduro district.

MD’s tip: the local wines have a very good price!

Calle Vallaresso

Calle Vallaresso is a street in Venice that concentrates stores of world famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co, Céline, among others. However, even those who do not intend to buy anything will enjoy a stroll through the area due to the beautiful architecture and also the vibrant atmosphere.

Campo San Moisè

In the small square of the district of S. Marco, there is the beautiful church of S. Moisè. The first version built on the site is dated to the 8th century, however, in the 10th century, the structure was eventually redone. The facade of the church, for example, is a highly detailed work of art, by the artists Alessandro Tremignon and Enrico Meyring (second half of the 17th century).

Inside the temple, some important works of art are also kept, including a painting by the most famous artist in Venice, Jacopo Tintoretto.


Venice attracts a real crowd of tourists every year, but some sestieri (neighborhoods, in the Portuguese translation) end up being much more relaxed because they are not the focus, especially for those travelers who are just spending the day in the city.

And this is precisely one of the reasons that make Cannaregio such a special neighborhood for those who visit it. We are enchanted, for example, with the village atmosphere that the district has. Stunning architecture, beautiful canals, small shops selling everything, bars / cafes and bacari that serve delicious local delicacies, such as the Cantina Azienda Agrícola and Cichetteria Venexiana Da Luca e Fred.

It is in Cannaregio, too, that is the Jewish ghetto, the first ghetto in the world and which in 2016 completed 500 years. Another part of the neighborhood that exudes a lot of history and is worth visiting.

The MD’s tip: don’t miss the sunset from one of Cannaregio’s bridges; see the pictures!


Some districts in Venice end up being much quieter than others, precisely because they are not the focus of the vast majority of tourists. In these places, you can enjoy the true spirit of the city much more calmly!

Dorsoduro, for example, is a neighborhood with the same characteristics as the others, beautiful canals, streets that look like mazes, but it has a more “relaxed” atmosphere, in addition to excellent museums – such as the Gallerie dell’Academia and the Peggy Guggenheim collection.

Bacari that serve delicious snacks, known locally as cicchetti, are also spread throughout the neighborhood, as well as gelaterias (be sure to try Grom’s ice cream). Ah, Dorsoduro’s nightlife is also a chapter apart. Spend a night at Campo Santa Margherita and you will not regret it.

Mercerie dell’Orologio

A few steps away from Piazza San Marco, is the busy shopping street that brings together world-famous (and very luxurious) brands such as Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, among others. And just because it is very close to the most famous square in Venice, and ends up being one of the access roads to it, the street is usually full of pedestrians, but it is worth it for those who want to buy something as well as for those who just want kick!

Ponte di Rialto

In Venice, you will find a large number of bridges, among them a very important one and also one of the most famous tourist spots in the city: the Ponte di Rialto. The current construction is a work by Antonio da Ponte and was erected between 1588 and 1591, before that, there was a wooden structure on the site.

Rialto is one of the three bridges in Venice that cross the Grand Canal. The structure has two inclined ramps and a portion of shops on both sides. The story goes that the place would have been an important commercial point in ancient Venice, with enormous maritime power.

Tip from the MD: be sure to visit / explore the Rialto Market, which is right after the bridge and is open from Monday to Saturday. Fruits, vegetables, cheeses, seafood are sold there… Everything extremely fresh!

Ponte di Rialto, Venice – CEP: 30125
Hours: Mon – Sun: 24 hours \ n

St. Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco)

Piazza San Marco is the heart of Venice. It contains some of the most important tourist spots in the Serenissima Republic, such as the Basilica of San Marco, which houses the tomb of the city’s patron evangelist, the imposing Ducale Palace, the Correr Museum and the Belfry, from which there is a the most beautiful views of the city.

Piazza San Marco, San Marco, Venice – CEP: 30124
Website: http: // https: //
Hours: Mon – Sun: 24 hours

Laugh out loud

The Ponte Rialto region has some very interesting options for a romantic dinner on the edge of the Grand Canal or in some charming alley there. Enjoying the sunset of Rialto with a good wine is an experience worth the trip. Naranzaria is a good option overlooking the peaceful gondolas and vaporettos. Nearby, Terrazza Sommariva is another good option.

Shopping in Venice, Italy

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