Sights of Lake Maggiore, Italy

Sights of Lake Maggiore, Italy

According to, Lake Maggiore is a sixty-kilometer-long lake that is located for the most part in northern Italy. The northernmost part of the lake is located in Switzerland, where beautiful places like Locarno and Ascona provide a Mediterranean atmosphere within the Swiss Alps. Lake Maggiore is one of the most popular holiday regions in Italy. If you travel to Lake Maggiore in the spring, you should take into account possible flooding due to the large amount of meltwater from the Alps, especially in combination with sometimes fairly large amounts of rain that can fall in the spring.

Among Dutch tourists, Lake Maggiore is less popular than Lake Garda. However, that has nothing to do with how beautiful the area is, because according to many Italy experts, Lago Maggiore beats Lake Garda in terms of beauty.

Top 10 sights of Lake Maggiore

#1. Borromeo Islands
Named after the powerful noble family Borromeo, there are a few islets in the Italian part of Lago between the towns of Verbania and Stresa. These islands are known for their picturesque environment. The largest of the islands is Isola Madre. There is a palace with amazing 16th and 19th century Italian masterpieces and there are beautiful English gardens. Isola Madre is also known for its botanical garden.

#2. Cable car
From Piazzale Lido there is a cable car to Mottarone. Of course you have a beautiful view over Lake Maggiore. An intermediate station on the cable car is in Alpino. Here is an Alpine garden with many medicinal plants. But here you also have a moment to enjoy the particularly beautiful view.

#3. Locarno
In August the film festival is celebrated in Locarno. This film festival, which is one of the oldest in Europe, is all about young filmmakers. There is often plenty of fun in the city. You will also find in this city a beautiful pilgrimage church ‘Madonna del Sasso’ which is also the symbol for this city. In the summer months, open air concerts are often given in the Piazza Grande.

#4. Verbania
Verbania is the largest town on Lake Maggiore. Villa Taranto is a well-known botanical garden in Verbania. It has a size of 16 hectares on which at least 20,000 species of plants from all over the world grow. More informative is Casa Della Resistenza. Casa Della Resistenza is a cultural center where you can see information and exhibitions about the period of the Second World War.

#5. Parks and gardens
A striking number of gardens and parks show a fusion between classical Italian and romantic English gardens. In Stresa there is a large English park where Villa Pallavicino is located. In 1952 a zoo was established here with many species of birds. The Botanical Garden on Isola Madre is not to be missed. It is one of the oldest landscaped gardens in Italy. The white peacocks walking around complete the picture. At Villa Taranto in Pallanza, on the Castagnola peninsula, you can admire a botanical garden with varying floral displays, statues, fountains and waterfalls.

#6. Cannobio
This small village is situated on a picturesque harbor. There are several shops on the narrow streets that lead to the lake. It is possible to rent mountain bikes or racing bikes nearby. In the summer months there are regular antique markets. Cannobio is also very suitable for walking tours. These run along rocks and gorges and take you via trails to various places to rest.

#7. Antica Cava di Ornavasso
In Verbania you can walk this old quarry with a guide. Many types of stone used for Italian art, including the Duomo in Milan, come from this old quarry. On the way to the heart of this mountain, it is told how they worked and which techniques were used.

#8. Ascona
Lots of fun can be found in the lively center of Ascona on the Piazza Motta. You will find many streets and courtyards with restaurants, boutiques and cozy bars.

#9. Safari Park
In Varallo Pombia it is possible to take a ride over the game area in the Safari Park. There is also a small amusement park and fun shows are regularly given.

#10. Train ride
There are several train rides possible at Lago Maggiore. For example the drive through Centovalli. It goes through valleys and many gorges and runs from Locarno to Domodossola and back. But there is also a Lago Maggiore Express with many stations as the beginning or end of the route.

Lake Maggiore, Italy

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