Shopping in Ushuaia, Argentina

Shopping in Ushuaia, Argentina

Ushuaia is exempt from taxes and this information already makes many Brazilians get excited about Shopping in the city. The main place for Shopping in Ushuaia is Av. San Martín, which brings together not only shops, but many restaurants. A new mall, Paseo del Fuego, recently opened, with varied stores and a large supermarket.

Walking along Av. San Martín, it will be easy to come across several gift shops, including Monte Olivia and La Ultima Bita, which also has an interesting museum. On this road, which is the main one in Ushuaia, there are shoe stores, sports equipment, clothes and a free shop, Atlantico Sur. In addition, the avenue has chocolate stores, such as Laguna Negra, which combine perfectly with the cold weather.

For those who make their first trip to a snow destination and do not have clothes suitable for the cold (clothes are difficult to find in several Brazilian cities), Ushuaia is a good place to purchase this specific type of clothing. In stores like Popper, The North Face, Scadinavian, Montagne and several others, it is possible to find cold and waterproof clothing – an essential feature for enjoying the snow. Some stores even have an area reserved for outlet parts on their upper floor, with lower prices. Prices are not always irresistible, but shopping is worth it, mainly because many products are difficult to find in cities outside the Rio-São Paulo axis.

To buy handicrafts, the recommended place is the Paseo de Los Artesanatos, where you can see some artists working and selling their works. If you make a point of visiting a mall, the best option is Paseo del Mar, which is not the same size as Brazilian megashoppings, but has some options for shopping, especially from regional brands. If you have to choose between the mall and Av. San Martín, it is better to choose the avenue.

Despite having some products at lower prices than you find in Brazil, you need to evaluate each case, as the value of the product in Ushuaia is not always worth it. The reality is that, despite the tax exemption, Ushuaia is a long way from other Argentine cities and more than 3,000 km overland from Buenos Aires, which makes transportation expensive and the final price of the product is not as incredible as expected. a tax-free place. There are good prices, especially if you get a good quote for weight, but you need to research carefully and leave the assumption that everything in Argentina is cheaper.

Av. San Martín

Av. San Martín is the main route of Ushuaia and the place that concentrates a large part of the city’s commerce. On this route you will find telephone, photographic equipment, kiosk stores, restaurants, pharmacies, currency exchange bureaus, post office, souvenir shops, as well as several stores that sell sports equipment and clothing.

If the idea is to go shopping, just walk along Av. San Martín to find almost everything that Ushuaia has to offer. Here are good stores to buy winter clothes and sports equipment, such as Popper, The North Face, Scandinavian and Montagne. To buy gifts, good options are Monte Olivia and La Ultima Bita stores. If you want to have a hot chocolate, stop by Laguna Negra.

Ushuaia is a small city, but this road is one of the most affected by vehicle traffic and can be congested at peak times. At the beginning and end of business hours, it is best to use other parallel streets.

Duty Free Shop

Ushuaia is a tax-free area and has two duty-free shops: one on Av. San Martín and the other at the airport. The Av. San Martín store is the largest of the two and sells a wide variety of products, including electronics, alcoholic beverages, chocolates, bags, clothing, children’s toys, home furniture, decorative and kitchen items, perfumes and cosmetics. There are several attendants in the store and you do not need to present documents to make purchases.

We really like the products sold; the prices were more advantageous than outside the store, but you need to evaluate the prices of the products individually and then decide if it is worth buying them.

Laguna Negra Chocolates

Cold combines with hot drink and in Ushuaia you should not miss the opportunity to have a warm chocolate at Laguna Negra.

The chocolate shop is very good for buying some sweets and gifts to take home, but they also have a snack bar and the most sold there is delicious hot chocolate.

You already know: if you want to get warm or have a snack in the late afternoon with a drink, Laguna Negra is a great option.

Paseo de los Artesanos

Paseo de Los Artesanos is the place in Ushuaia to buy handicrafts. It is a small gallery close to the port, where Fuego craftsmen produce and exhibit their work. There you can find pictures, clothes made of wool, ornaments for home etc.

During our visit, the place was quite down, with very few stalls functioning.

Paseo del Fuego Shopping

Passeo Del Fuego is Ushuaia’s newest mall and a good place to shop. The mall was recently opened and is still not very busy, but it is a good option for Shopping in peace.

This mall has stores like The North Face, Popper, Freddo, Kevingston; its strength is more in the stores of national brands than in those of international brands. Do not expect to find designer and world famous stores in Ushuaia, as there is no such thing in the city. A place that stands out on the Paseo del Fuego is the La Anonima hypermarket, which is very large and sells food, clothing, household items, electronics etc.

The mall is not as big as the ones we are used to seeing in Brazil; it is a must-see if you have already found everything you are looking for on Av. San Martín. Visit it if you want to take a different tour and really make a point of shopping.

A taxi between downtown Ushuaia and the mall costs about $ 40.

Shopping in Ushuaia, Argentina

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