Shopping in Sydney, Australia

Shopping in Sydney, Australia

Sydney is not one of those destinations that everyone says is a marvel for shopping, is it not? Its little fame does not mean that the place is bad for this purpose, quite the contrary. There are great stores around the city and good opportunities for shopping, especially when there is a change of collection, such as January and February or July and August, which are periods when there are promotions. In addition, Boxing Day (December 26) is known to be a great day for shopping - the day after Christmas is known as a shopping holiday; he is like Black Friday in the United States.

Returning home without a souvenir is difficult… The country is charming and has several symbols that identify it, it is difficult to resist kangaroo signs, koala bears or objects with the Australian flag.

For those who want to shop, the ideal is to go to the CBD (center) of Sydney. It is in the financial district that you will find Pitt Street, one of the best shopping streets in Sydney. A section of Pitt Street, known as Pitt Street Mall, is completely closed to vehicles and has become an open air mall, with several famous stores, as well as galleries and shopping centers. It features Westfield shopping, the Strand Arcade, an old gallery with a charming interior, and stores like David Jones and Myer(both are Australian department stores). Apple is also very close and is very successful, because as Australia has a time zone far ahead of the West, the new devices that the brand launches are sold first in Sydney. Check for abbreviations and acronyms related to Sydney, Australia.

Still in the center, there is a must-see place, the Queen Victoria Building (QVB), a shopping mall located in a building built in the late 19th century. There you will find luxury stores like Versace and Ralph Lauren; the place is not cheap to shop, it is true, but the visit is still valid. Its architecture is beautiful and it has several restaurants that can yield a good meal, be sure to visit!

The Darling Harbor, an entertainment complex which has restaurants and shops, also looks good to do a little shopping. The place has a shopping mall, the Harborside, which can be interesting for “kicking”. The World Square is also a great alternative, it may even seem small, but it is huge and has several shops that are famous in Australia and in other parts of the world.

To buy handicrafts, the tip is to go to The Rocks Market, which takes place on Saturday mornings. And if you want to buy travel souvenirs or any other type of product, the suggestion is to go to Paddys Market, which is in Chinatown and has almost everything you can imagine, from clothes and food to cards and costumes at the best prices in town.

Tax Refund

When you make a purchase over $ 300 at the same store, up to 60 days before leaving Australia you can claim a refund of taxes paid on products purchased. The process to receive this money back begins with the purchase, when asking the store clerk to give you the invoice that contains the refund amount. When leaving the country, you must go to the airport in possession of the purchased products (it may be necessary to present them) and show the invoice at a service station that is located right after the immigration pass. The tax refund inspector usually asks to see the products purchased, but if you have checked them in the luggage that goes in the hold of the plane, just explain this.

The tax return is made very quickly and simply, and you can obtain it through credit on the card of your choice. See here the Tax Free rules and how to get your money back.

Darling Harbor

Darling Harbor is a port area, but it is much more than just a port. The place works as an entertainment complex, with shopping, restaurants and even a cinema! It is the ideal place to go for a walk outdoors or to sit on the pier while having a coffee and admiring the movement of the boats. Being one of the main tourist attractions in Sydney, you can’t leave it out of the way. Stroll around here several times, it is really tireless, especially with the view during sunset.

The area is ideal for people of all ages and is recommended at any time of the day. Here is Harborside, a mall with some cool shops and restaurants like Hard Rock Cafe and Hurricane’s. Along the pier are also the Starbucks cafeteria, several restaurants and bars with a varied menu, the IMAX cinema (with the largest screen in the world), the Sydney Zoo, Sydney Aquarium and the Madame Toussads wax museum. For those who want to enjoy the night, it is a great option.

It is a place to have breakfast, enjoy the atmosphere or enjoy the night life.
On Saturdays there is usually a fireworks display at 21:15 at Darling Harbor, don’t miss it! It is a beautiful and free event that is even more graceful if viewed from the Pyrmont Bridge.

Darling Dr, Sydney – CEP: 2000
Hours: Mon – Sun: 24 hours \ n

David Jones

David Jones is an Australian department store present in several cities across the country, Sydney is among them. Its stores are usually huge (the CBD store has 6 floors) and there you can find a little of everything: accessories, make-up and cosmetics, clothes, bags, shoes, etc.

An advantage of David Jones in relation to commerce in general is that there are days when the store is open until 9 pm, while many other establishments close around 6 pm or 7 pm.

The store is divided into sections, which means that, instead of paying for all your purchases in a single box, it must be done in each section, depending on the products chosen.

86-108 Castlereagh St, Sydney – CEP: 2000
Telephone: +61 2 9266 5292
Website: http: // https: //
Hours: Mon – Wed, Sun: 9: 30–19: 00 \ nQui –Sex: 9: 30–21: 00 \ nSat: 9: 00–19: 00 \ n

Harborside Shopping Center

Harborside is a mall located in Sydney’s Darling Harbor. The shopping center is not so big, but it can yield good shopping for those who are strolling there. It has stores like Cotton On, EB Games, Typo, UGG and souvenir shops.

More than an option for shopping, the place is good for those who want to eat or enjoy the nightlife, as there are great restaurants, such as Pancakes on the Rocks, Margaritaville, San Churro, Hurricane’s and Hard Rock Cafe.

2-10 Darling Dr, Darling Harbor – CEP: 2000
Telephone: +61 2 8398 5700
Hours: Mon – Sun: 10: 00–21: 00 \ n


Myer is one of Australia’s big department stores and a good option for shopping in Sydney. The store is huge and sells a bit of everything: cosmetics, perfumes, accessories, clothes and shoes. It is not as cheap a place as Brazilian department stores, because, in fact, this store is like a multi-brand store that sells products from different brands on the market, some more popular, others not so much.

Note that, instead of having a single cashier to make the payment, the store is divided into sections, and payment is made in each of these sections, which corresponds to a brand or type of product.

The place is worth it especially when it is on sale!

436 George St., Sydney – CEP: 2000
Phone: +61 2 9238 9111
Hours: Mon – Wed, Sat: 9: 00–19: 00 \ nQui: 9: 00–21: 00 \ nSex: 9:00 –20: 00 \ nSunday: 10: 00–18: 00 \ n

Paddy’s Markets

Paddy’s Market is a vibrant market, with an enormous amount of options for those who want to shop. The place is dominated by Chinese products and sellers, where you will find fruits and vegetables, flowers, clothes, decorative objects, costumes, travel souvenirs, teddy bears, decorative cards, paintings, stationery and beauty - it is a real mix and a great place to find a little bit of everything.

For travel souvenirs, especially, the place is a paradise, as it offers a huge variety of products at very inviting prices. It is certainly one of the best places to find those souvenirs from Australia as a gift to friends.

Paddy’s Market is under a mall, which is also a good alternative for shopping, and is open from Wednesday to Sunday, between 10am and 6pm.

9-13 Hay St., Haymarket – CEP: 2000
Telephone: +61 2 9325 6204
Hours: Wed – Sun: 9: 00–17: 00

Pitt Street Mall

Pitt Street is one of Sydney’s main streets and there is a section of the road that is closed to vehicles, known as Pitt Street Mall. Pitty Street Mall is like an open air mall that has all kinds of stores, mainly from well-known chains and large department stores, shopping centers, office buildings and restaurants.

It is a great place to shop, stroll, and watch the city’s bustle. The route is very frequented by tourists and locals and, as it is always busy, there are many street artists who perform there. It is an unmissable place for those who see Sydney in full swing and shop.

Walking along Pitty Street Mall you will see stores like Sephora, Forever 21, Myer, David Jones, as well as shopping centers like Westfield, Mid City Shopping Center, The Strand Arcade and Sydney Arcade. Want to shop? This is “the place” to go.

Note that, in Sydney, shops usually operate during business hours, including shopping malls between 9 am and 6 pm. On Thursdays it can work until later, going until 9pm.

Pitt St., Sydney – CEP: 2000
Telephone: +61 2 9286 0111
Hours: Mon – Sun: 24 hours \ n

Queen Victoria Building (QVB)

More than just a shopping center, the Queen Victoria Building is a historic building and tourist attraction in Sydney. It opened in 1898 and since then the mall has undergone several changes in decoration and architecture, but today it retains its initial structure, the romanesque style.

From the outside, the QVB draws attention for its magnificence and richness of details, but it is inside the building that its exuberance and care for decoration are even more evident. With a curved ceiling, lit by natural light, the mall has steel railings, stained glass windows, an elegant carpet and two huge clocks hanging from the ceiling with mini sculptures that are cute.

The Queen Victoria Building has refined stores, like Coach and Ralph Lauren, and offers a huge variety of cafes and restaurants. It is a little expensive place to shop, but the visit is very worthwhile, because even if you don’t want to buy anything, you can enjoy the atmosphere of this very elegant place or have a coffee while eating a dessert in one of the many cafes that have tables in the corridors.

Check out all the Queen Victoria Building stores here.

455 George St., Sydney – CEP: 2000
Telephone: +61 2 9264 9209
Hours: Mon – Sun: 9: 00–18: 00 \ n

The Rocks Markets

One of the most popular fairs in Sydney is the one in The Rocks area, called The Rocks Market. The market is open on Saturdays and Sundays and is an excellent way to buy handicrafts, find exclusive products or buy a travel souvenir. The fair is very complete and has products such as paintings, soaps, decorative objects, clothes, cosmetics, utensils for the home and many other things. Worth the visit!

Another fair that happens in The Rocks is The Rocks Food Market, which instead of offering handicrafts, has several food stalls. To taste food of different nationalities, trying exotic delicacies, such as a kangaroo barbecue, can be an interesting tour.

The Rocks Market takes place on Saturdays and Sundays between 10 am and 5 pm on Playfair St, George St and Jack Mundey Place in The Rocks.

The Rocks Food Market takes place on Fridays, between 9 am and 3 pm, at Jack Mundey Place - The Rocks.

See more information here.

Jack Mundey Pl., Sydney – CEP: 2000
Telephone: +61 2 9240 8500
Hours: Fri – Sat: 10: 00–17: 00 \ n

The Strand Arcade

The Strand Arcade is a CBD Sydney shopping center that has a mix of refined stores and good shopping opportunities. The first building built on the site dates from 1881 and was one of the first Victorian buildings built in the city. Even after suffering two major fires throughout its history, it remains preserved in its elegant style and is one of the most charming places to shop in Sydney.

On site you will find stores like Koko Black, JB Hi-Fi and Strandbags. The mall is not as big or has well-known brands for those who live outside Australia, but it is a very beautiful and pleasant place to visit.

412-414 George St, Sydney – CEP: 2000
Telephone: +61 2 9232 4199


Westfield is a group that has several malls that are a great option for those who want to shop and find a little bit of everything in the same place.

One of the main shopping malls of the chain in the city is Westfield Sydney, which is in the center, has 6 floors and is located in the same building as the Sydney Tower Eye - that’s why when you see the Sydney Tower from the outside it says “Westfield “.
In this mall you will find great stores, such as JB Hi-Fi, Sephora, Zara, Prada, Miu Miu, among others.

Westfield Sydney is closed, so it’s a good alternative for rainy days, but the hours of shopping in Australia are different from those in Brazil, they usually work during business hours.

In addition to CBD’s Westfield, there are also Westfield malls in Bondi Junction, Chatswood, Parramatta and Miranda.

See the Westfield Sydney stores here.

188 Pitt St, Sydney – CEP: 2000
Telephone: +61 2 8236 9200
Hours: Mon – Wed, Fri – Sat: 9: 30–18: 30 \ nQui: 9:30 –21: 00 \ nSunday: 10: 00–18: 00 \ n

World Square Shopping Center

The World Square Shopping Center is a shopping center located in the center of Sydney. The mall has closed and outdoor areas and is very frequented by people who work in the region not only to do some shopping or use a service, but also to eat, as there are several restaurant options.

The place looks small, but it takes up almost an entire block. In it are stores like Vodafone, Calvin Klein, Forever New, Hugo Boss, Tony & Guy, JB Hi-fi, Rebel Sports, Priceline and Superdry. The place has banks and, mainly, many a la carte restaurants and takeaway food.

644 George St., Sydney – CEP: 2000
Telephone: +61 2 8669 6900
Hours: Mon – Wed, Fri – Sat: 10: 00–19: 00 \ nQui: 10: 00–21: 00 \ nSunday: 11: 00–17: 00 \ n

Shopping in Sydney, Australia

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