Shopping in Quebec City, Canada

Shopping in Quebec City, Canada

Quebec is not the kind of city that you travel thinking about doing a lot of shopping, but the truth is that the place has so many nice stores that doing a little shopping or another ends up entering the itinerary too. Travel souvenirs with the fleur-de-lis, which bears the province’s flag, are everywhere and if you want to buy an object that symbolizes the city or Quebec, they will be a good option.

Old Quebec is the most visited area for tourists and there are many great shops to shop. There are, as in any other city, stores of various products: clothes, shoes, souvenirs, books, decorative objects, etc. For those who have little cold clothes, a trip to the city, where the winter is very cold, can be a good opportunity to acquire them. Promotions generally take place during seasonal change periods, so check store windows for offers.

Just walk through the old streets of the city and you will find yourself surrounded by many cool shops to shop, however the trade is mainly concentrated on streets such as St-Jean, St-Paul street and in the surroundings on Rue du Petit-Champlain – walk around this region and you will find many different products and stores of all kinds. In Old Quebec, there is a branch of Maison Simons, a department store with products of all kinds – it is worth visiting to do some shopping!

Close to the center, Saint-Roch is a good place for shopping, especially for local and more hip brands. It is a great place to visit shops of small merchants and with different products.

A little further from the center, an excellent place to shop is the St Foy area. In this area, you will find excellent shopping centers, side by side: Laurier Quebec, Place de la Cité and Place Ste-Foy. In these malls, there are stores like Apple, Sephora, Best Buy, Walmart and Sports Experts (great for buying winter goods). It is an excellent place for all kinds of shopping, from clothes to electronics!

Prices in Canada are not a bargain, but there are certainly products that you can find at better prices than in Brazil. Our tip is to always convert the currency and see if it is really worth purchasing the product abroad.

Shopping in Quebec City, Canada

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