Shopping in Santiago, Chile

Shopping in Santiago, Chile

Santiago is not exactly an irresistible shopping destination, but, yes, many things deserve to be bought in the city, especially if our currency is at a time of appreciation against the peso. It is important to do a good research before buying a product, because in some types of product the difference to the amounts charged in Brazil can be very significant. Others are just a little cheaper in Santiago and not so interesting for shopping.

Those who like to buy products from famous brands need not think twice and go straight to the Costanera Center, the newest and largest mall in the city, with options for fast fashion stores and a great food area. The Parque Arauco, a little older, it is also great for shopping and has an area dedicated exclusively to designer brands.

For those who prefer a more popular market, Paseo Ahumada is a street with some good shopping options, as it has branches of Ripley and Falabella, Chilean department stores. It is worthwhile to stop by when visiting Plaza de Armas, for example. The street is very busy and a favorite of Santiaguinos.

The streets of Providência, which have several stores, can be great for shopping, but if you are looking for creative and more original products, our tip is to go to Barrio Itália, where there are several stores that sell handcrafted products, which are unique. In this region you will find bookstores, antique stores, shoes, clothes, etc. – usually with greater care for design and a preparation that differs from what you see in large stores. See for more information about Santiago, Chile.

The part that most interests a good part of Brazilians concerns the outlets, correct? They do exist, but they are in an area far from the city center and out of hand to go without a car (if you are without one, take a taxi). The question of the outlets depends a lot on your personal opinion, and there is no guarantee that your visit will be worthwhile. Sometimes the prices at the outlets are good, sometimes they are not so attractive.

Arauco Park

Parque Arauco is one of the best malls for Shopping in Santiago. It has more than 350 stores and, in addition, a beautiful open-air food court where you can find nice restaurants that offer different types of dishes, for the most varied tastes.

Among the stores present in the mall are Chilean department stores like Falabella, Ripley, (which sell a little of everything) and international brands like Adidas, Banana Republic, Forever 21, Calvin Klein, CAT, Columbia, Nike, Converse, etc. The mall also has an area with luxury stores, called the Luxury District, with stores like Carolina Herrera, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Emporio Armani, Michael Kors, Mont Blanc etc.

For tourists, a nice tip is Travelers, a benefits program that offers gifts and discounts at dozens of shopping stores – to be able to take advantage of this facility, you only need to present your travel document at the information desk on the first floor.

Costanera Center

The Costanera Center is a building and mall located in Providência. It is in the same building, which is 300 meters high, that the Sky Costanera is located, an observatory with panoramic views that has become one of the main attractions of the city.

The mall is modern and has a bit of everything: men’s and women’s fashion stores, cinema, currency exchange, restaurants, supermarket, telephone companies, bank, etc. It is the type of place that you can go several times during a trip without getting tired because the amount of services offered is very large.

The place is great for shopping and has stores of national and international chains, among them Zara, Forever 21, Adidas, Columbia, Desigual, Montblanc, etc. There are 7 floors with shops! Tourists can sign up for the mall’s benefits program, which offers discounts at stores and good opportunities to shop economically!

Patio Bellavista

The Patio Bellavista is a place to go at different times of the day. Whether for lunch, ice cream, a snack or dinner or even Shopping in your stores, the place is always a good option.

Patio has several quality bars and restaurants, so it’s a great option to go at night, especially during the weekends. There you will find restaurants serving Chilean food, meats, pasta, Japanese food restaurant, specialized wine houses, breweries and even more popular options like Starbucks or McDonalds.

The peak of the movement in the place is during dinner time, because in addition to the Pátio Bellavista concentrating many restaurants, the Bellavista neighborhood itself is the great center of the night in Santiago.

Be sure to visit this place when you are in the Chilean capital, they really have many options for establishments to eat and good shops to take souvenirs home.

Pueblito de los Domínicos

This space is a kind of craft fair where you can find paintings, ceramics, sculptures and typical Chilean food. It is a place to get closer to the country’s culture and be able to buy some objects to keep as a souvenir or give a gift to friends. For those who like cooking or want to eat the typical fruits of the country, it is interesting to stop by the place, as nearby there is also a fair full of local delicacies, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Paseo Ahumada

Paseo Ahumanda is one of the main routes in the central region of Santiago. It is closed to pedestrians only. It is a great option for shopping and also to see the movement up close in the heart of Santiago. On the road itself and in its surroundings there are many stores, including stores like Ripley and Falabella, which are Chilean department stores and sell all kinds of products.
Walking there, also notice the Cafés com Legas, cafeterias that have employees who wear very short skirts.

Santiago Outlets

Ruta 5 Norte is the path for those who want to reach the outlets, full of world famous brands. The prices are better than in Brazil and, in an ant job, you can certainly go out happy and find cheaper pieces. In general, products sold in Chile are already cheaper than in Brazil, but in outlets these values ​​are even better.

Barrio Italy

Great for walking outdoors, admiring cool shops and stopping for a coffee in the middle of the afternoon – this is the feeling that Bairro Itália gives its visitors. The neighborhood is super peaceful, wooded, has shops with colorful walls that sell very varied products, many of them made by hand. Walking along Av. Itália, the heart of the place, you will find florists, antique shops, clothing stores, bookstore, galleries with cafes and restaurants. Having lunch in this neighborhood is a great tip for those looking for affordable restaurants – some have a special lunch promotion.

Shopping in Santiago, Chile

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