Shopping in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico

Shopping in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico

The Riviera Nayarit region still maintains a poorly developed trade, especially when compared to Cancún. You won’t find big American-style malls there, let alone international chain stores. So, if your intention is to take the opportunity to make big purchases, forget it.

Shopping in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico

On the other hand, the wealth of handicrafts and typical Mexican objects will surely delight you. Small towns keep local culture alive and invest heavily in the Mexico brand. You will see all kinds of objects with regional prints. It will be very difficult to return home without at least a souvenir of the trip.
Frida Khalo, Our Lady of Guadalupe, sombreros, the champions of the classic Mexican Luta Livre and the skulls of the Day of the Dead are ubiquitous figures in the stores. Surfing and other water sports are practiced in many villages, so equipment and clothing will not be lacking. You will also find colorful Huichol handicrafts, typical of the region.
Some villages offer very few shopping options. If you want to concentrate your efforts, go to Sayulita. There you will find a well-developed trade. In addition to the classic handicrafts, design objects with Mexican motifs are scattered throughout the stores. If you are looking for more refined art, Bucerías is the place. The streets are lined with galleries selling prints to large furniture; the Handicraft Market is also an excellent option.

For those with gastronomic interests, small markets are found in all villages. However, if you want to be sure to find everything, at a good price, go to the supermarkets; there you will have all the spices and tequilas you want to take home. Ah! Attention to the tequilas. At Puerto Vallarta airport, the magazine is rigorous and they do not miss anything without the local authenticity seal (a seal on the lid). Please note at the time of purchase if you are not taking a product without an appellation of origin.

Riviera Nayarit enchanted you so much that you forget all the presents? Do not panic. At the airport in Mexico City you will find good options. Often the price is really lower than at the supermarket, but is it worth taking the risk? The important thing is not to return to Brazil without at least one of the flavors of the Mexicans.

Esto Es Mexico
Have fun with the reinterpretations of famous Mexican images! Here the saints get masks of wrestling champions and Frida Kahlo becomes one of the classic skulls. Pictures, mirrors, calendars and watches get fun prints, always inspired by local culture.
The products are creations of the store; therefore, you will only find them in it.

Gypsy Gallery
Here you will find all kinds of souvenirs you are looking for: quilts, tiles, handicrafts, magnets, bags… everything! Images of Frida Kahlo, Mexican saints and wrestling champions are in various prints. The skulls, which represent the feast of the day of the dead, are also there in various colors, sizes and shapes.
Great for buying all gift orders.

Jan Marie Boutique – Art Gallery
Art galleries are present throughout the Bucerías region. At Jan Marie it is possible to find special handicrafts, works of art, furniture, crockery and lamps that will give your home an elegant Mexican feel.
Take it easy and find good prices. The store is a pile of pieces, one more attractive than the other.

La Galeria Hamaca
Galeria Hamaca passes away from the classic cheap souvenirs. Here the sale is based on more elaborate crafts and better produced pieces. The price follows, but the quality, too.
The chance of finding more interesting and exclusive pieces is much greater.

Bucerías Handicraft Market and Art Walk
Open every day of the week, the Bucerías handicraft market is the ideal place to buy Mexican souvenirs. There are dozens of stalls along the streets that sell a huge variety of handicrafts and typical objects. Traditionally, the village is recognized for its variety of artists and specialized stores. At the end of the market, in the main square facing the beach, you will find pieces of Huichol handicrafts for sale (objects delicately covered with colored beads).

If you are there during the high season (starting in November), take the opportunity to take a walk on the Bucerías Art Walk. The event brings together local artists and galleries on the same street for free sales and exhibitions, always on the street.

Art Walk address: Cárdenas 62, Bucerías.
Pacha Mama
A boy looking like a fisherman and the words Toma-Coco, in a font like Coca-Cola, welcomes tourists in front of the store. The climate is the best. Other sayings on the wall call us to enjoy Sayulita’s good climate.

In the store, colorful clothes, inspired by surfware and Mexican culture.

Pancho Vida
With the beach face of Riviera Nayarit, Pancho Vida transmits the local spirit. The products are, almost entirely, T-shirts, of all types, with prints inspired by the Mexican surfer spirit.
The store has a branch in Sayulita and San Pancho.

Paradise Plaza Mall
One of the few shopping malls in the Nayarit region is no exception to the standards of large American shopping centers, but in smaller proportions.
Paradise Plaza Mall is located in the resort complex of the same name. It has a food court, craft stores, art galleries, jewelery, clothing and conveniences. It’s great for emergency shopping or to find all the souvenirs in one place, but it’s not worth filling the bags.

For surfers who pass through Sayulita, a visit to Quiverito is mandatory. The store produces high performance retro surfboards. Equipment can be rented by the hour, day or week. If you want, you can also take one home. Maybe this is your chance to own a beautiful vintage longboard?
“Mi tabla, su tabla”. Quiverito’s motto invites you to enjoy the visit and test the Sayulita waves.

Revolution of Sueño
Design pieces with the face of Mexico. This is the proposal of the very modern Revolucion del Sueño. If you are looking for a souvenir from the Riviera Nayarit, but don’t like the classic souvenirs, be sure to visit this store.

From simple postcards to elaborate crafts, the store reinvents and deconstructs icons of Mexican culture with lots of colors and good humor. From 50 pesos it is possible to purchase a beautiful bag.

Nothing like a supermarket to learn more about local culinary habits and, of course, shopping!
For those who want to bring Mexican culinary souvenirs, an excellent starting point is the Wallmart. There you will find peppers, spices, tortillas, sweets and a multitude of tequilas.

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