Shopping in New Zealand

Shopping in New Zealand

New Zealand is a very unusual destination when it comes to shopping. The country’s isolation – formed by two islands very far from the continent – means that products from other places have high transport costs, which makes prices on the shelves and stores a lot more expensive. At the same time, high import prices have helped New Zealand to be extremely efficient and creative in local production, which helps to make products offered to residents cheaper. Check for abbreviations and acronyms related to New Zealand.

In New Zealand stores, it is common to find local products such as clothing (mainly for adventure and winter), various foods (many cheeses and organics), design pieces and, of course, wines and beers! Yes! The country is a major producer of wines and craft beers, so invest in some shopping to accompany meals during the trip.

The main shopping destinations for those who really want to invest are the big cities, such as Auckland, Wellington (capital), Chistchurch and Queenstown, which despite not being so big, are extremely touristy and therefore have many stores, especially adventure sports.

Shopping in New Zealand

Supermarkets in New Zealand

Anyone traveling by car, campervan or motorhome across New Zealand will certainly need to make stops at supermarkets to replenish the refrigerator and stockpile of food. Large supermarkets are found only in larger cities, so take advantage whenever you pass one of them. Many are located on the side of the roads, but the ideal is to search the locomotion apps (like Google Maps) or the location of campsites that also offer gas stations and supermarkets (like Rankers and Camper Mate). So you will be sure to have a market close to your destination. Good options for supermarket chains found throughout the country are Countdown, New World and Super Value.

In smaller cities, it is common to have small grocery stores and convenience stores, as well as gas stations. The offer is not so great, but it will certainly supply the basic needs until reaching a larger market. Among the most popular grocery stores is Four Square, which impresses because it always appears at that time when you are looking for it most.

Supermarkets in New Zealand are very familiar to Brazilians. The products are similar and it will not be difficult to find good options for meals. Invest in the local cheeses, which are super cheap, and the delicious granolas from the region (it sounds like a joke, but they are really exceptional). If you are traveling in a campervan or motorhome, do not forget to buy hygiene products and also some utensils that will make life easier on a daily basis, such as disposable cups and plates, products for quick cleaning, ziplock bags and foods that don’t smoke too much. or they smell very strongly. The clothes inside the campervan will thank you!

Farmers Markets

If you are a lover of local markets, it is worth looking for the agenda of the cities that will be on the itinerary and see the days when the farmers markets in the region will take place. New Zealand invests a lot in fresh produce and the street markets are great for doing some shopping for meals. It is also worth watching at the side of the roads, where producers leave small stalls with products for sale, such as vegetables, fruits, vegetables and eggs. You just need to stop on the road, choose what you want and leave the equivalent money in the box. Everything with no one to control. Take your change correctly and leave happy with your fresh product for the next meal! See New Zealand’s farmers markets agenda.

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