Shopping in Puerto Varas, Chile

Shopping in Puerto Varas, Chile

Puerto Varas may not even be a shopper’s paradise, but you don’t have to go back without new purchases in your suitcase. The neighboring city, Puerto Montt, is more attractive in this sense as it has shopping malls and a large fair.

In Puerto Varas, the center is the best place to do some shopping. There are several stores, especially for clothes. If you’re in need of parts to protect yourself from the cold, you’ll find stores that sell products from famous brands like Montagne, Columbia or The North Face. To buy handmade products, be sure to stop by the small Handicraft Fair in Puerto Varas, which sells woolen clothes, gifts, postcards, etc.

Shopping in Puerto Varas, Chile

In Puerto Montt, one place you should not miss is the Angelmo Market. It concentrates many kiosks where fruits, vegetables, fish and other foods are sold, as well as handicraft products, wool clothing, leather goods, etc. There are also several restaurants there and, for those who want to eat a dish with fresh fish or seafood, it is a good choice.

Anyone who wants to enjoy the trip for shopping should include the Paseo Costanera, the largest mall in the city, in the itinerary. This shopping center concentrates famous stores around the world, in addition to Chilean brands like Falabella, Ripley and Paris, which sell a huge variety of products. Costanera is considered the best place to shop in the region. Another shopping center in Puerto Montt is the Paseo del Mar, but this one is not as worthwhile as the previous one, because it has a much lower number of stores.

If you like wine, enjoy your trip to Chile to visit a supermarket and buy some for good prices.

Puerto Varas Craft Fair
In front of the Plaza de Armas, in the center of Puerto Varas, there is a small craft fair that can yield some new acquisitions.

The place is really small, with few shops, but it has legal prices and several handmade products. Expect to find woolen clothes, gloves, handmade decorations, bags, hats, ponchos, etc.
Angelmo Market
Puerto Montt may not be a place full of tourist spots, but if there is one place to visit in the city, it is the Angelmo Market. It is in front of the Pacific Ocean and, in addition to the beautiful view it provides, it has a huge variety of items for sale.

There are several stalls – some sell fish and seafood; others, vegetables and fruits; others, cheeses; and there are also those that sell handicrafts. It is also a place where you can enjoy lunch, because the region has several restaurants with a reputation for serving dishes with fresh ingredients.

If you are looking for some souvenirs to take from the city or woolen clothes, this is the ideal place. Just be careful when buying products of plant and animal origin, as it is forbidden to bring to Brazil.

Go during the day, around 11am, when the market is opening. We do not indicate the location at night, for the reputation of being dangerous. Be careful with your belongings so you don’t suffer a theft.

Paseo Costanera
Paseo Costanera, in Puerto Montt, is the largest mall in the region, ideal for those who want to shop. It is suitable for those looking for Chilean department stores, such as Falabella, Paris and Ripley, or for those looking to find renowned brands such as Lacoste, Columbia, Timberland.

Costanera, due to the variety of establishments it has, is the best place to shop for non-handicraft products.

Paseo del Mar
Paseo del Mar is a small shopping mall in Puerto Montt. It doesn’t have as many interesting stores as the Paseo Costanera mall, but it does have a Ripley (good option for those who want to buy clothes).

The mall has a rooftop food court and more local stores than international brands.
Unless you intend to go to Ripley, it is not a very good place to shop.

Del Salvador Street
Del Salvador is one of the main streets in Puerto Varas and probably a place where you will pass several times during your trip. On this street there are pharmacies, banks, clothing stores and a supermarket. Make time to walk around it and its nearby streets, which are ideal for some shopping.

When you are close to Plaza de Armas, be sure to notice one of the cross streets, which has a roof just like the one in Gramado, in Rio Grande do Sul. Gramado and Puerto Varas are said to be sister cities.

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