Shopping in Perth, Australia

Shopping in Perth, Australia

Australia is a country with a high cost of living and a lot is expensive there. This fact alone discourages a little when shopping, but looking more closely, the reality is that there are things more expensive than in Brazil and there are things much cheaper as well. The important thing is to know how to go to the right place to shop and always convert to real, so that you can analyze whether the purchase is really advantageous.

The city’s main shopping spot is downtown Perth. Perth is home to world famous stores and Australian stores across the country. When shopping, head to Murray Street Mall and Hay Street Mall, which are two of the city’s main shopping streets; there you will find a huge variety of stores and some of the main chains in the country, such as Myer, JB Hi-Fi and Target. In the region, visit London Court, a very charming little place that, even if it doesn’t make you a good purchase, will make you a good coffee. Check for abbreviations and acronyms related to Perth, Australia.

Walking along Hay St, do not limit yourself to the busiest point, which is close to Forrest Place, also walk to the westernmost stretch, which has luxury designer stores like Gucci and an Apple store.

For those who don’t miss the opportunity to go to an outlet, Perth has its own, Watertown. It is not a giant, but it has good stores to find products with lower prices than conventional stores, especially if it is promotion season. If you miss Brazil and that desire to find a Brazilian product, the tip is to go to Kakula’s, a market with an incredible amount of products of natural origin, not only those sold in Brazil but also in other parts of the world! It is a place where you can find farofa, Guarana, and even paçoquinha!

A large mall with many stores, as well as a cinema and a food court is the Westfield Carousel. This mall has great options, including a so-called KMart, a very famous department store in Australia, where you can find countless products at great prices! Books, clothes and even appliances are very good prices! Another mall that is also worth a visit, a little more for its architecture and atmosphere than for the stores themselves, is Sorrento Quay ; go to the place to have a meal, have an ice cream and enjoy a sunny day.

Some popular Australian stores in the country:

Dadid Jones –
Myer department store –
Target department store –
KMart department store – Cheap
JB Wi-fi department store –
Dick Smith electronics
– Priceline electronics – Cosmetics and beauty products
Cotton On, City Beach – Clothing

Tax Refund
When you make a purchase over $ 300 at the same store, up to 60 days before leaving Australia you can claim a refund of taxes paid on products purchased. The process to receive this money back starts right at the purchase, when asking the store attendant to give you the invoice that specifies the refund amount. When leaving the country, you must go to the airport in possession of the purchased products (you may need to show them) and show the invoices at a service station that is just after the immigration pass. The tax refund inspector usually asks to see the products purchased, but if you have checked them in the luggage that goes in the hold of the plane, just explain this.

The tax return is made very quickly and simply, and you can obtain it through credit on the card of your choice. See here the Tax Free rules and how to get your money back.

Hay Street Mall

Neighboring Murray St, Hay Street is one of the main thoroughfares of Perth’s CBD. It is busy day and night, has shops, varied restaurants, nightclubs and due to the constant flow of pedestrians, the street is closed to vehicles in some sections. It works like an outdoor mall, where you can find a little bit of everything. Among the stores that are present on the street are Target, Fodafone, JB Hi-fi, Nike, Pandora, Priceline etc. On its westernmost stretch are some luxury stores, such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

As the street is quite old and one of the first in Perth, it has some buildings that were important when the city was founded, such as Perth Town Hall, London Court, Melbourne Hotel, His Majesty’s Theater and others.

Perth CBD stores operate during business hours similar to those in Brazil, but on Thursdays, stores are open until later, until 8:00 pm, 9:00 pm.

Kakulas Brothers

Kakulas is a tiny market in Perth, but incredible, where you can find a huge variety of natural products such as grains, dried fruits and nuts. The most curious thing about this market is that it sells several products that we find in Brazilian supermarkets and that are unusual on the Australian’s menu, so it is a place to really find articles from other parts of the world. In addition to the Brazilian coffee they sell, you can still find farofa, guava, paçoca and even açaí! Worth a pass to buy a snack or complement the lunch menu.

183 William St, Northbridge – CEP: 6003
Telephone: +61 8 9328 5285


Did you travel to Australia and want to do some shopping? A good idea is to go to KMart, a chain of department stores that sells products at great prices. Not everything in the place is produced with incredible quality, but you can find products at great prices, especially if you have time to browse the store calmly. There you can find, for example, toasters for as little as $ 7.50, shirts for $ 5 and great books for $ 10.
The place sells clothes, appliances, decorative items, shoes, cosmetics, stationery and computers. No mistake, the store is great to save money and find cheap products!

London Court

London Court is a commercial building located in the financial district of Perth that was built in 1937. The place has few shops and what really stands out is its architecture, characteristic of the Tudor style. Passing by the front of the building, you will probably notice that its architecture differs from the others and somewhat resembles medieval buildings. In its two facades are curious details, such as some coats of arms and clocks.

London Court is located between Hay St and St George’s Terrace and has souvenir shops, clothing stores, a map shop and a UGG shop, as well as a cafeteria. As there are few shops, it is not the type of place you will go to if you want to do a lot of shopping, but around London Court there are several great stores! It is worth visiting the place for its charm and to have a coffee!

Murray Street Mall

Murray St is one of Perth’s main streets and a place you can’t miss on your walk through the city center. Murray is in the heart of Perth and in addition to being one of the oldest streets since its foundation, it houses offices, banks and is part of the commercial hub of the city; it has many stores and several shopping arcades, better known as “arcades”. Murray St frequently hosts events and cultural movements and is always chosen by street artists to make their presentations.

For those who want to shop, it is an excellent choice, because at Murray and its neighbor Hay St you can find just about everything, from clothes to medicine and sports products.

Due to the continuous movement of pedestrians and diversity of commerce, the street is closed to vehicles and functions as an open-air mall. Among the establishments installed on the site, we can highlight Myer (a huge department store), Zara, City Beach, Topshop, Vodafone and David Jones.

Sorrento Quay

The Sorrento Quay Boardwalk is an entertainment area close to Perth beach, where you will find a shopping mall, several restaurants, snack bars, outdoor areas, an artificial beach, a children’s park and more. It is a leisure area with a cheerful atmosphere, great for those who are with family and looking for a pleasant place to stroll, have a meal or simply enjoy a different day. There are several restaurant options and there you will find everything from fast foods to exclusive restaurants and ice cream parlors. It is not one of the most famous places in the city, but it is certainly a very nice place to stroll and even do some shopping.

Tip: Sorrento Quay is very close to the Aquarium of Western Australia, so take advantage of the trip to the aquarium to get to know it.

Watertown Brand Outlet Center

Watertown is a Perth outlet, that shopping center that has stores that sell products for less than conventional stores. The products are often from previous collections and have limited sizes or models, but for those looking for real bargains, shopping at an outlet is ideal.

In Australia, products are generally expensive and the value of products in outlets is not as devastating as in the United States, where the price is very low. The important thing when shopping in Australia is to look at the products slowly, convert currencies and see if they are items that are really worth buying in the country.

This mall is out in the open and, if you search carefully, you can find products with good prices. There are stores like Adidas, City Beach, Cotton On, EB Games, Factorie, Forever New, Levi’s Outlet Store, Londsdale, New Balance, Nine West and others.

840 Wellington St, West Perth – CEP: 6005
Telephone: +61 8 9321 2282
Hours: Mon – Thu: 9: 00–17: 30 \ nSex: 9: 00–21: 00 \ nSun: 9: 00–17: 00 \ nSunday: 11: 00–17: 00 \ n

Westfield Carousel

Westfield is a brand of famous shopping malls in England and which is also present in Australia. One of the best places to shop in Perth is Westfield Carousel, a large mall where you can find a little bit of everything. It has several stores of world famous brands and Australian brands. Its food court is large and varied, and because it is closed, it is a tour option suitable for rainy days.

Local attractions include the cinema and shops like K-Mart, JB Hi-fi, K-Mart, Reject Shop, Post, Coles, Cotton On, Dick Smith, EB Games, Rebel, Factorie, Foot Locker, Foot Locker, Forever New, Hype, Jay Jays etc.

Pay attention to the opening hours of the mall, because in Australia the commerce does not work at the same time as in Brazil and often only works during business hours.

1382 Albany Hwy., Cannington – CEP: 6107
Telephone: +61 8 9458 6344
Hours: Monday – 11:00 am – 5:00 pm Tuesday – 9:00 am – 5:30 pm Wednesday – 9:00 am – 5:30 pm Thursday – 9:00 am – 9:00 pm Friday – 9:00 am – 7:00 pm Saturday – 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Sunday – 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Shopping in Perth, Australia

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