Shopping in Montevideo, Uruguay

Shopping in Montevideo, Uruguay

Shopping is not what motivates most tourists to visit Montevideo, but a trip to the city can result in good acquisitions. Prices, in general, are similar to those in Brazil, but there is always the possibility of finding good offers.

Traveling in winter is a great opportunity to find jackets, boots and accessories for the cold at good prices. Regardless of the time of year you travel, returning home with some alfajores in your suitcase is standard – it’s hard to resist the temptation of not wanting to take everyone.

The traditional Tristán Narvaja Fair, on Sundays, has a little bit of everything; so it is the perfect place to buy antiques and different foods. To see varied stores in the same place, the best options are Av. 18 de Julho and the shopping malls Montevideo and Punta Carretas.

Tristán Narvaja Fair

The Tristán Narvaja Fair, which takes place on Sundays, takes several blocks from the streets of Montevideo and is one of the main programs of the venues over the weekend. It is a huge fair, full of objects, with sellers of fruits, vegetables, animals and antiques.

If you spend a Sunday in Montevideo, it is worth reserving a morning to walk around.

Shopping Punta Carretas

Shopping Punta Carretas, an old prison, is one of the most visited in Montevideo. Inside, in addition to several stores, there is also a supermarket – great place to find local products.

For those who like shopping, there are stores like Zara, Levi’s, Puma, Reebok, Columbia, Adidas, Parisien, among others.

Av. 18 de Julho

The 18th of July is one of the main avenues in Montevideo. After visiting Independencia Square, how about walking down this lively avenue, looking at some shops and observing the old buildings along the way? For those who want to see the movement of Montevideo, walking a few blocks there is essential.

At the corner of Av. 18 de Julho with Paseo Yi is a fountain full of padlocks, famous for keeping the symbol of the relationship of many couples in love. It is worth going to the place to take some pictures and observe the names and dates on the padlocks.

Montevideo Shopping

Montevideo Shopping is one of the most beautiful malls in Montevideo, with several restaurants and shops. Prices are not so attractive to Brazilians, but it is always time to find good offers, especially in the months of changing collections, such as January and July.

For those who cannot travel without returning with a souvenir, it is worth going there.

Shopping in Montevideo, Uruguay

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