Shopping in Los Roques, Venezuela

Shopping in Los Roques, Venezuela

The village of Gran Roque is quite small and simple. Don’t expect to find great shopping opportunities there or a mall to fill some bags. Local commerce helps to meet basic needs. The shops are simple and sell, in general, products for the beach and water sports. In the village, it is possible to find snorkels, masks, neoprene shoes, buoys, bathing suits and light and comfortable clothing for the beach. The stores where we found the greatest variety of clothing and sports products were the kiosks located next to the airport. A good option is also the store at the Pousada Canto de La Ballena, where there are some funky pieces, like beach outings and dresses. Other small businesses can be found in the town square and throughout the town.

Shopping in Los Roques, Venezuela

For those looking for personal hygiene products, there is a pharmacy in the village where sunscreen is sold (we only saw two brands and it was more expensive than in Brazil), shampoo, conditioner, soap, intimate pads, lip balm, razors, repellents and other basic consumer products. Do not expect to find luxury products in Los Roques. The archipelago offers only what is necessary and essential for a few days at the beach. Some basic products, such as sunscreen, can also be found in the Joes Shop, which also sells cigarettes, drinks and sweets.

For more complete purchases, especially for tourists who do not have the cava included in the daily rate, it is worth going to the Gran Roque Supermarket. It looks like inland grocery stores in Brazil and offers food products, drinks and basic hygiene items. It is the main place of purchase for residents of Gran Roque.

Those who do not live without internet and want to buy a cell phone chip or are looking for computer equipment and camera accessories (such as memory cards) can use the Gran Roque lan house, called Centro de Comunicaciones. On site, there are also computers and telephones for use by residents and tourists. Pousada La Corsária sells and rents GoPro cameras. If necessary, you can purchase a camera there.

When traveling to Los Roques, try to take everything you need for the trip. You won’t need a lot of clothes and shoes, but items like swimwear, sunscreen, lip balm, moisturizer, diving mask, snorkel, waterproof bag and sneakers for walking and getting into the water are essential! Don’t count on the luck to find them on the island. Also take all remedies for continuous use and others that may be necessary, such as antipyretics, remedies for intestinal problems and allergies. Try to predict all possible risk situations and avoid leaving to buy any item in Los Roques. He may be at fault!

Money in Los Roques and Venezuela
Most local businesses accept bolivars and dollars. Credit cards are not accepted in Los Roques. Take enough dollars to cover any purchase emergency. There are no ATMs or banks to withdraw local currency in the archipelago. In case of an emergency, try to negotiate a deposit with PayPal in exchange for cash. The currency that predominates in Los Roques is the black currency. All prices are tabulated like this. See more about money and exchange in Los Roques and Venezuela.

Caracas International Airport Freeshop
The freeshop at Caracas International Airport is full of good stores and products commonly found in other airports around the world. Drinks, cosmetics, chocolates (Venezuelans are great), travel items and clothing are widely offered. Prices are priced at the black exchange rate. Freeshop only accepts payment in bolivars or by credit card. The credit card exchange is unknown. Before embarking, ask your operator for the bolivar quote to get an idea of ​​whether or not it is worth making the payment through this means.
The freeshop prices in Caracas do not differ much from others. It is worth paying attention to good local products, such as chocolates and coffees. These are found only in Venezuela. See more about money and exchange in Los Roque and Venezuela.

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