Shopping in Loire Valley, France

Shopping in Loire Valley, France

The Loire Valley is not a shopping destination, but a trip to the region may well be taken advantage of for that purpose. Several foreign brand stores can be found in the largest cities in the Loire; in the smaller ones, you will find local stores, especially those that sell travel souvenirs and handicrafts.

If the idea is to find famous brand stores, go to the center of larger cities, such as Tours and Nantes, or, if you don’t have a lot of intention with shopping, cities like Blois and Amboise may be more suitable. You just have to keep an eye on the opening hours of the stores, which, unlike Paris, are not open until late.

Tours is a good city for making new purchases; there you will find stores like H&M, Zara, Galeries Lafayette, C&A and Fnac, which are great for shopping. If you are a fan of cosmetics, beauty products or hygiene, be sure to stop by one of the pharmacies in France, where you can find quality products at good prices.

Tax Free
Remember that in France and other European countries it is possible to receive a refund of taxes embedded in the value of your purchases. In the case of France, purchases from the same store must total at least € 175.01 EUR. Clothes, perfumes, shoes, electronics and various other types of products can be much more advantageous if you do the Tax Free procedures. Remember to keep the invoices for your purchases and, when making the payment, ask for the tax free form ! For more detailed information, see the Global Blue website.

Shopping in Loire Valley, France

Galeries Lafayette

Galeries Lafayette is a French department store that is present in Tours. The store is one of the classic destinations among those who travel and do not miss the opportunity to make good purchases.

The place is known for selling a little of everything: adult and children’s clothing, cosmetics, shoes, jewelry and even home products. If you are a fan of large stores and with varied products, this place is your face, because there you will find a little bit of everything!

Visiting the store in months like January, February, July and August, the chances of finding products on sale are greater.

Rue Nationale, Tours – CEP: 37000

Sephora – Tours

Sephora is considered one of the largest cosmetics stores in the world; being French, you couldn’t miss one of your stores in the Loire Valley, could you?

The store is a must for those who want to buy make-up, cosmetics and get to know the new launches of beauty brands.

There are many brands sold at Sephora and you can get lost among so many product options.


The famous – and sometimes controversial – Zara store is present in the Loire Valley. The brand is very successful wherever it is present and, if you like your clothes, visiting the Tours store can be a good option, especially during promotion periods (January, February, July and August).

Zara usually sells children’s clothing, clothing for young people, women and men; so it is an option for shopping for the whole family.

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