How to Get to Trinidad and Tobago

How to Get to Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago arrival

AirplaneCondor flies from Frankfurt to Trinidad and Tobago twice a week. Lufthansa offers numerous feeder flights from German cities. Lauda Air flies from Vienna.

Other airlines that fly to Trinidad are:

  • Air Canada – from Toronto
  • Continental – Houston
  • Caribbean Airlines – Barbados, Antigua, Caracas (Venezuela), Toronto, New York and Fort Lauderdale
  • LIAT – Antigua, Anguilla, Curacao, Barbados, Grenada, Dominica, Martinique, Guadeloupe, St Kitts, Nevis, Santo Domingo, St. Vincent, San Juan, Sint Maarten, St Lucia, St. Croix, Tortola and St. Thomas
  • Delta – New York
  • American Airlines / American Eagle – Miami, San Juan (Puerto Rico)

Airlines flying to the island of Tobago :

  • British Airways – London
  • Virgin Atlantic – London
  • LIAT – Barbados, Antigua, Sint Maarten, Grenada, St Lucia, St. Kitts, Tortola and St. Vincent

Airports: According to softwareleverage, Piarco International Airport (POS) on the island of Trinidad receives the majority of international flights and is located 25 km east of Port of Spain. Buses and taxis run into the city, and the journey time is generally a little less than half an hour. Rental cars can also be hired at the airport.
Crown Point International Airport (TAB) on the island of Tobago is 11 km to the south-west of Scarborough.

Ship: The main ports in Trinidad and Tobago are Port of Spain, Point Lisas and Point-a-Pierre. Cruise companies such as Silversea and Princess anchor in Port of Spain. Customs, souvenir shops, restaurants and car rental agencies are located in this large cruise ship terminal. Taxis run into town.

There is also a smaller port for cruise ships in Scarborough on Tobago.

A weekly ferry connects Chaguaramas in Trinidad (west of Port of Spain) with Guiroa in Venezuela.

Trinidad and Tobago – entry requirements

is generally required. Of the passport must be valid for at least 6 months when entering Trinidad and Tobago. A return or onward travel ticket must be available upon entry.

Visa :
For tourist and business trips citizens of Germany, Austria and Switzerland do not need a visa with a maximum stay of 3 months in Trinidad and Tobago.

Entry with children :
For those traveling with your children the same visa requirements apply as for their parents.

Germany: the German child ID card is accepted if a parent / legal guardian accompanies the child. It is also possible to have your own passport. Child ID cards are no longer issued in Germany, existing child ID cards remain valid until the expiry date.

Austria: Children need their own passport.

Switzerland: Children need their own passport.

Adequate funds:
Foreign visitors must have sufficient funds for their trip.


You can find detailed information on recommended and required vaccinations for traveling in Trinidad and Tobago in the chapter Trinidad and Tobago – Health and Diseases.

Entry with pets:

Before departure, an import permit for all pets must be applied for from the Director of Agriculture in St. Clair, Trinidad. The transporting airline must give notice of the animal transport at least 24 hours before arrival.
Cats and dogs that have been brought into quarantine with a rabies vaccination certificate and an official health certificate directly from Great Britain, Anguilla, Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda, Jamaica, Ireland, St. Kitts and Nevis or St. Vincent and the Grenadines do not have to be quarantined. Quarantine for at least 6 months is required for all other pets.

Trinidad and Tobago climate

The Caribbean island nation Trinidad and Tobago lies off the coast of Venezuela, belongs to the Lesser Antilles and the Leeward Islands.

The climate in Trinidad and Tobago is tropical. Owing to Trinidad and Tobago’s close to the equator, the temperatures are fairly even all year round. The average temperature is around 28 ° C, the maximum temperatures are 34 ° C, and night-time minimum temperatures rarely drop below 20 ° C. It is a little warmer on the island of Trinidad than on the island of Tobago.

The average maximum temperature in Port of Spain is 31 ° C in both January and July, the lowest temperatures in July are 22 ° C, in January 21 ° C.

The seasons on Trinidad and Tobago are characterized less by different temperatures than by different rainfall.

January to May are the driest months (especially February and March), the relative humidity during this time is 75 – 77%. During the dry season, around 70 mm of rain falls per month

The rainy season lasts from June to December, with July being the wettest month in Trinidad with around 23 rainy days per month. In the wet season, there is a monthly rainfall of around 200 mm, mainly in the form of short, heavy showers in the afternoon. The average humidity reaches around 87% in the rainy season.

The water temperature in Trinidad and Tobago is between 25 and 28 ° C all year round.

Trinidad and Tobago is located south of the hurricane belt, where storms are generally not as severe as on the more northerly Caribbean islands.

How to Get to Trinidad and Tobago

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