How to Get to Nusa Dua, Indonesia

How to Get to Nusa Dua, Indonesia

All routes to Nusa Dua pass through Ngurah Rai International Airport, located 13 km from the resort. There are no direct regular flights from Russia and Bali, but you can get there with 1-2 transfers by Singapore Airlines, Air France, KL-M, Bangkok Airways, etc. The cheapest way to fly from Moscow is ” South China Airlines” with a transfer in Shenzhen. Travel time 22 hours, round trip ticket – from 680 USD. The fastest option takes 14.5 hours – first by Thai Airways to Bangkok and then by Qatar Airways. The ticket price in this case is from 915 USD.┬áSee JIBIN123 for Indonesia customs regulations and visa requirements.

The fastest flight from St. Petersburg to Bali (17 hours) is by Emirates aircraft with a transfer in Dubai. The minimum ticket price is 850 USD. True, in order to meet this amount, you will have to fly back with 2 transfers and spend 30 hours on the road.

For the New Year and May holidays, as well as at the peak of the tourist season, airfare increases by 30-50%.

From airport to resort

The cheapest option is to take a comfortable shuttle bus from the Trans Sarbagita company, which takes tourists to the hotels of the Nusa Dua resort area. Runs from 5:00 to 21:00, traffic interval 15-30 minutes, stop opposite the domestic terminal, ticket price 3500 IDR, travel time 1-1.5 hours depending on the location of the hotel.

A taxi ride will only take 20-25 minutes. It can be ordered at a fixed price of 150,000 IDR and paid immediately at the Prepaid Taxi counter directly at the airport. Payment for a taxi ride by Blue Bird (

in English) is produced by the meter and, in case of traffic jams, may be even higher than the fixed one. After bargaining, private cab drivers agree to drive for a smaller amount, but prepare the money in advance – they never have change.

Nusa Dua Hotels

With the light hand of the President of Indonesia, who personally opened the first hotel in the resort, his fellow presidents, royals and successful businessmen became regular guests of Nusa Dua. There are 13 luxurious five-star hotels in the closed tourist area, 10 of which are on the first line. Each is located in its own tropical park and looks like a mini-state washed to a sterile state, where you can completely forget about the existence of the rest of the world.

The prestigious St. Regis Bali Resort is affordable only for people with an unlimited budget. The cheapest room in it is a luxury suite at a price of 10,700,000 IDR per night. The best value for money is offered by the Grand Hyatt, Ayodya Resort and Inaya Putri hotels, the room rates in which start from 3,500,000 IDR per night. The undoubted advantage of the last two is a small but deep lagoon between them, in which you can swim even at low tide.

Some 3-5 * hotels located outside the resort area position themselves as related to Nusa Dua, but this is nothing more than a successful marketing ploy. Many of them are far from the sea and affordable even for budget tourists. Everything is much simpler here. So, a room in Litus Mesten Nusa Dua 3 * 15 minutes drive from the beach can be rented for only 303,000 IDR.


You can move around the resort area by taxi or free yellow-and-green shuttle buses, from 8:00 to 23:00 carrying passengers between hotels and the Bali Collection shopping center. Other public transport is prohibited from entering Nusa Dua.

Intercity buses of transport companies Peramatour (off. site in English), Trans Sarbagita and Kura-Kura (off. site in English) run between the main resorts and the main attractions of Bali. The fare is 10,000-80,000 IDR, however, on some routes they go only 1-2 times a day.

The most common type of public transport, convenient for traveling short distances, is the bemo minibus (bemo) for 12 people.

The station is located outside the resort area – in the neighboring village of Bualu on the central street. Ngurah Rai. However, you can stop the minibus anywhere with a wave of your hand. The fare for locals is from 4500 IDR, for foreigners – as the driver decides. The main disadvantages of the bemo are crowding, lack of air conditioning and working hours – after 16:00 their movement practically stops.

Of all the taxi companies in Bali, Blue Bird enjoys the best reputation with cars in the company’s blue color, a blue bird on the logo and the inscription “BLUE BIRD GROUP” on the windshield. Drivers speak English well, fares are paid by the meter: landing 7000 IDR, 1 km of trip – 6000 IDR, every minute of downtime – 600 IDR.

Avoid taxis with broken meters. If there is no choice, negotiate the price in advance.

Car rental at Ngurah Rai airport in local car rental companies – from 200,000-250,000 IDR / day, from Avis – from 600,000 IDR / day.

Nusa Dua, Indonesia

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