Sightseeing in United Arab Emirates

Sightseeing in United Arab Emirates

Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi

The Emirate of Abu Dhabi has had a new attraction since the end of July 2018. The Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi on Yas Island, which is in close proximity to Ferrari World and Yas Waterworld, attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world every day. The spectacular amusement park consists of six colorful themed worlds. In addition to Gotham City and Dynamite Gulch, the 15 hectare theme park also has a lot of attractions in Cartoon Junction, Bedrock, Metropolis and of course the large Warner Bros. Plaza.

Comic heroes of children’s days

Children and adults alike get their money’s worth in the largest Warner Bros. indoor theme park in the world. During a relaxed stroll through the park, you will meet famous superheroes such as Superman and Batman as well as popular cartoon stars such as Bugs Bunny, Fred Feuerstein or Tom and Jerry. And if you need tutoring on Warner Bros. films, you will find it in a spectacular way in the living film library, which is sure to bring back lots of childhood memories for many older visitors.

Spectacular rides and varied shows

The 29 spectacular rides such as various roller coasters and the so-called “Flying Theater” make a visit to the fully air-conditioned Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi an unforgettable experience. Adults quickly become children again. In addition, different shows provide plenty of variety every day. And of course restaurants and shops should not be missing on the large area.

Jebel Jais

The United Arab Emirates are a real insider tip for adventurers for a very special vacation trip. If you are in Ras al-Khaimah, the northernmost emirate of the UAE, on the Persian Gulf on the border with Oman, you will not get past Jebel Jais.

The impressive mountain, which is located in both Oman and the UAE, is a total of 1,934 meters high, making it the highest point in the country. The longest ZIP line in the world has been at Jebel Jais since the beginning of 2018. This is one of the most popular attractions for tourists from all over the world in the region. The cable slide is a total of 2,830 meters long. On the two parallel cables, tourists and locals can race from the top of the mountain, hanging freely at a speed of up to 150 km / h, onto a free-floating platform. This fast-paced adventure, which lasts around three minutes, should not be missed when visiting the region.

Directly at Jebel Jais there is a kiosk, toilets and another viewing platform, among other things. There is also an exhibition on the construction of the zip line right next to the ZIP Line. Near the mountain top is also the palace of Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi, the ruler of the emirate.

Al Ain oasis

Image: Jahili Fort Al Ain Abu Dhabi

One of the oldest continuously inhabited settlements in the world

The oasis city of Al Ain is located on the eastern edge of the Emirates Abu Dhabi, about two hours’ drive from the capital of the same name. Close to the border with Oman, the green jewel stretches out in the midst of a desolate desert and mountain world.

World cultural heritage worth seeing

For visitors to the lively metropolises of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it is definitely a worthwhile detour to visit the oasis city. This is especially true for travelers interested in the long history of the people of the United Arab Emirates. The oasis has been inhabited for 5,000 years and owes its amazingly diverse and impressive flora and fauna to an irrigation system that is also thousands of years old. The method known as “Falaj” or “Aflaj” supplies the desert island with abundant water from the nearby Hajar Mountains and can be visited anywhere in Al Ain. For this reason, it has been able to present itself as a lush, paradisiacal garden for thousands of years. Al Ain has therefore been considered a safe location for trade in the past and has been on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2011. The UNESCO World Heritage Site Al Ain includes six oases and the archaeological sites of Bida bint Saud, Hafeet and Hili.

Lush gardens

At the request of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan, more than 140,000 palm trees were cultivated in the fertile soil during his reign. In addition to figs and dates, there are also numerous exotic fruits such as lemons, oranges and mangoes. The former residence of the ruler was turned into a museum and is now open to the public. In particular, the idyllic inner courtyards and the former living quarters of the sheik give the visitor an impression of architecture and decorative art as well as of the life and residence of the mighty in times past.

Fascinating panoramic view

In addition to a paradisiacal atmosphere, astonishingly more is revealed to the visitor. Al Ain is considered a university town and is particularly popular for study trips. It has two imposing fortresses, the Al-Jahili Fortress and the Al-Qattara Fortress, which are worth visiting for their gardens alone. The latter even includes an art exhibition. The Al Ain National Museum reveals an insight into the region’s past, from the Stone Age to the founding of the United Arab Emirates. Finally, a trip to Jebel Hafeet, 30 kilometers away and 1,350 meters high, could be planned. The mountain road to the summit alone is a highlight. It winds its way in 21 bends for more than eleven kilometers.

Sightseeing in United Arab Emirates

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