Costa Rica Rainforest Adventure

Costa Rica Rainforest Adventure

No boredom at the La Tigra Rainforest Lodge

Robinson Crusoe, Huckleberry Finn or Winnetou were your childhood heroes? And even today you don’t miss any opportunity to freshen up everyday life with an adventure? Then you will certainly listen carefully to the word “rainforest adventure”! Here’s the good news for you: At La Tigra Rainforest Lodge in the deep green jungle of Costa Rica, your dream of a rainforest adventure can come true! Here I tell you what awaits me during my adventurous stay in the wilderness of Costa Rica.

The adventure begins

For me, the rainforest adventure in Costa Rica begins as soon as I leave the tarred road in the municipality of La Tigra. For the last few kilometers to the rainforest lodge, I fight my way up a steep and stony dirt road with my off-road vehicle into the mountains of the Costa Rican province of Alajuela. The rainforest along the way is getting thicker and denser and after an eventful drive I finally reach the oasis: Welcome to the La Tigra Rainforest Lodge! After a freshly squeezed and deliciously tasting welcome drink, I am given a map of the area and a flashlight. What am I going to need them for? But no matter, now it’s time to arrive first.

The warm employees of the Regenwaldlodge then lead me to my sleeping place – a lovingly designed hut built exclusively from natural materials. It towers over the rainforest on high stilts and is only framed by the largest rainforest trees. The special thing about the huts is that the side walls consist only of tarpaulin and the room is open to the balcony. So I’m very close to the fascinating Costa Rican jungle! Fortunately, I don’t have to do without the comfort of a bathroom and a comfortable bed on my rainforest adventure in Costa Rica.

With a torch on the prowl in the dark of the rainforest

When I arrive at my hut, as a curious adventurer, I ask myself what exciting things I could experience here in this manageable place over the next two days ?! I’m a bit afraid that my rainforest adventure in Costa Rica might not be so adventurous after all… But far from it – luckily! It never gets boring at the La Tigra Rainforest Lodge.

After dinner the program starts: Armed with my flashlight, I stalk around the lodge’s hiking trails with an expert guide and other guests, looking for nocturnal animals. In the light of the flashlight we can spot various frogs, including the popular red-eyed tree frog, spiders and other animals. Now I hope, however, that the frogs and spiders stay on the leaves of the plants and do not visit me in my hut. With a somewhat queasy feeling, I go to sleep later and listen to the wonderful background noise of the rainforest. After a short time I can actually fall asleep relaxed.

Go to school in the middle of nowhere

Well rested and full of excitement for the upcoming rainforest adventure, I start the day with a typical breakfast. The first item on the program is a visit to the small San Jorge school. In the village school, children of different age groups from the area are taught together. The little ones greet us with traditional dances in colorful costumes. I look forward to the exchange with the teacher and I am curious to see how the school system works with children in different grade levels when everyone takes part in the lessons together. In turn we tell about our home in distant Germany and the children ask questions. The school’s teacher finds the cooperation with the guests of the lodge very important,

Nature and species protection up close

Good footwear is now required, because we want to plant rainforest trees. I have received a little almond tree and I am expecting where it can put its roots. An employee of the lodge informs us about the reforestation project and gives us our tree saplings. After a short walk, the time has come. I think the neighborhood fits and put my little tree in the hole provided for it. Fortunately, none of us have to dig… The exact location of the tree is measured with GPS devices so that we can stop by our trees in a few years. Without a marker, we would probably no longer recognize the mighty rainforest giants later. I’m slowly getting hungry and so I’m happy when we go to Otto’s. The landscape gardener created his own little paradise all by himself – his own finca in the middle of a dreamy garden with exotic plants and small water features. Here we are welcomed by Otto’s wife with a delicious, typical lunch and are allowed to enjoy the natural oasis for a few hours.

Costa Rican food

When we arrive back at the La Tigra Rainforest Lodge in the afternoon, the lodge’s chef duo awaits us. Together we want to make empanadas. We are initiated into the preparation, form flat cakes from cornmeal and fill them with cheese. They are then fried in oil on the wood stove until golden brown and my mouth is watering. We enjoy the dumplings with a tomato salsa and a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Really tasty! With full bellies, we stretch our feet a bit in the permaculture garden and visit the lively chickens. I wonder what ingredients from the garden will end up on the plates at dinner…
And indeed, in the evening there is the local dish Cassado costaricana with fresh herbs and salad from the garden. I enjoy the delicious dinner in good company before I go for another foray with the flashlight. On the property of the lodge we look for frogs that are hiding on the plants or along the streams. After this eventful day, I am happy to fall into bed and close my tired eyes. A rainforest adventure in Costa Rica will keep you busy!

Back in civilization

After the exciting days at the La Tigra Rainforest Lodge, I return to civilization with mixed feelings. Fortunately, the drive to the village on the bumpy dirt road takes a little longer, because I have enough time to review the experiences of my rainforest adventure again. One thing is clear, I would come back anytime!

Costa Rica Rainforest Adventure

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