La Covatilla, Castile-Leon (Spain)

La Covatilla, Castile-Leon (Spain)

The small ski resort of La Covatilla is located on the southeastern outskirts of the province of Salamanca (about 200 km northwest of Madrid and 60 km south of Salamanca) in the Sierra de Bejar mountains at an altitude of 1990 m. The height of the resort and the northern orientation of its slopes guarantee stable snow cover throughout the winter. The highest elevation of the resort is 2370 m, that is, the height difference does not exceed 400 m. The slopes of the resort are gentle and suitable for beginner skiers. Total in La Covatilla there are 31 tracks: 3 “green” tracks with a length of 220 to 264 m, laid in a special separate area for beginners at an altitude of 2000 m; 8 “blue” tracks with a length of 350 to 1600 m; 20 “red” slopes with a length of 250 to 1600 m. The slopes are serviced by 4 lifts. In La Covatilla, it will be interesting not only for skiers, but also for snowboarders (there is a snowpark here), and cross-country skiers (there are several flat tracks).

According to, the infrastructure of the resort is represented by equipment rental, a ski school, a cafe and a kindergarten.

In 2006, the Sierra de Bejar mountain range and the Sierra de Francia mountain range located just to the west were united by UNESCO into an extensive biosphere reserve. The reserve is designed to protect dense forests with unique species of trees (strawberry tree), where rare animals and birds live, including the Spanish lynx, black stork and brown vulture. It is worth visiting the main city of the Sierra de Bejar – Bejar, which is located near La Covatilla. It is worth visiting the palaces of El Bosque and Ducal of the 16th century, made in the Renaissance style, the remains of the city walls of the 11th century, the Gothic church of Iglesia de San Gil, which now houses the Mateo Hernandez Museum, representing the sculptures of this famous Spanish master, as well as painting 16th-19th centuries, works of oriental art and a collection of ceramics. Be sure to take a walk in the city park of La Antigua with panoramic views of the Sierra de Bejar mountains. It is believed that the park was laid out here in the 11th century. The tourist center of another mountain range – the Sierra de Francia – is the village of La Alberca (La Alberca), where the spirit of antiquity is everywhere. From here you can go to Mount Francia (1723 m), on top of which there is an observation deck and a Dominican monastery of the 15th century, as well as to the village of Miranda del Castanar, where medieval buildings have been preserved and in the vicinity of which one of the most the oldest and most extensive strawberry forests in the world. You can also head east from La Covatilla to the Sierra de Gredos mountain range. (Sierra de Gredos), which is protected by the reserve of the same name. This truly picturesque place with many mountain rivers, waterfalls, lakes, rocks, glacial gorges and glaciers is a favorite vacation spot for Spaniards and foreign guests: there are many tourist centers in the mountains, many hiking trails and cliffs more than 2500 m high, attracting climbers and ice climbers. The mountain goats ibexes are the symbol of these places, it is here that the most numerous in Spain lives. population of these animals. The most interesting sights of the Sierra de Gredos are Mount Almansor, at the foot of which is located the picturesque Laguna Grande Lake, the nearby Gredos Glacial Valley, along which the most exciting hiking route passes, and the Iruelas Valley with a picturesque waterfall, where rare birds of prey live.

La Molina, Catalonia, Girona (Spain)

The ski resort of La Molina is located in the Pyrenees, 14 km from the border with France. From here to Barcelona 160 km, a train and a bus run between them. The resort is located at an altitude of 2537 m above sea level. This is one of the oldest ski resorts in Spain. The length of many trails is about 6 km, the height difference is 875 m, there are 15 lifts. La Molina is more suitable for beginner skiers and for families. Together with the Mazella resort, it is part of the extensive Alp2500 resort complex.

La Pinilla, Castile-Leon (Spain)

The ski resort of La Pinilla is located in the very east of the province of Segovia near the city of Riaza, about 100 km northeast of Madrid and 65 km from Segovia. It is located in the Valle de Riasa mountain valley at an altitude of 1500 m in the Sierra de Ayllon mountains, which are a continuation of the Sierra de Guadarrama mountains.

The mountains of Pico del Lobo (2273 m), Portillo del Lobo (2229 m) and Alto de Las Mesas (2257 m) rise above the valley, along whose slopes trails are laid. The resort has 24 pistes (4 “green”, 7 “blue” and 13 “red”). About 10 of them have a length of more than 1000 m, the longest route has a length of 3600 m, the height difference reaches 500 m. The routes are served by 13 lifts. Also in La Pinilla there is a snowpark for snowboarders.

In La Pinilla, guests are offered a hotel, restaurants, cafes, bars, a ski school and equipment rental.

The surrounding land of the Rias municipality is famous for its cuisine. In addition, in the vicinity of the resort, on an area of ​​​​1641 hectares, there are natural park Hayedo de Tejera Negra (Hayedo de Tejera Negra nature park). The main attraction of the park is the beech forest – one of the southernmost in Europe. Also, the park is a habitat for many birds of prey (golden eagle, red kite, hawk).

La Covatilla, Castile-Leon (Spain)

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