Shopping in St. Maarten and St. Martin

Shopping in St. Maarten and St. Martin

The reality is that the island is not a paradise for consumers, but there are shops that can earn bargains. If you are on the shopping team, you can already plan a small list, because the prices there are usually more attractive than in Brazil.

To buy, Philipsburg is the best option. In the center of St. Maarten, more precisely on the Board Walk and Frontstreet, you will find the commercial point of the island, full of designer shops that sell clothes, jewelry, perfumes, electronics and makeup. It is worth leaving the beach early and walking there in the late afternoon, when the heat decreases.

Marigot, the French capital, is not as interesting for shopping as Philipsburg. Expect less variety from stores and less quantity, too. The region has a modest mall, the West Indies Mall, with some interesting shops and high street shops that are cool to find clothes for a cool price. If you want to invest in creams and beauty products, be sure to visit the pharmacies, filled with French products.

Shopping in St. Maarten

Regardless of which side of the island you are on, it is always time to go to a supermarket. In addition to selling many imported products, it is a chance to buy French delicacies and eat things we can’t find in Brazil for a reasonable price.

Marigot Fair

Right in the center of Marigot, in front of Marigot Bay, there is a market on Saturdays that can make good purchases. The exhibitors sell a little of everything: beach clothes, travel souvenirs, paintings and other products created by themselves.

If you like to come back from a trip with a new souvenir, it’s a place worth taking a walk for.


Capital of the French side of the island, Marigot is one of the places that visitors should not miss while traveling. In its charming streets there are restaurants, bakeries, pharmacies and stores that sell different types of products.

The store opens during conventional business hours, which is also when there is more movement in the center and, consequently, more traffic. Be sure to visit the place at night, because at that time there is not much working.


The capital of the southern part of the island is Philipsburg, an area marked by low buildings and narrow alleys. Busy during business hours, the city is great for shopping and also for enjoying the beach just across the street, Great Bay.

Due to the wide variety of stores, this is the best point in St. Maarten for shopping. Be sure to walk along Frontstreet and Board Walk – two of the main streets in the center – when you are willing to make new purchases or buy some gifts, as there are from international brand stores to local establishments.

To find parking, it is easier to search in areas that are further away from the hustle and bustle. We do not recommend, however, leaving the car away from the center at night, so as not to be susceptible to break-ins.

West Indies Mall

In front of Marigot Bay is this small mall, which is one of the options for those who visit the city and want to make a stop for shopping. He has stores like QuickSilver, Lacoste, L’Occitane and Vanity First – which sells perfumes and makeup.

The interior of the mall is beautiful, but there are really few stores that make tourists head.