Shopping in Punta del Este, Uruguay

Shopping in Punta del Este, Uruguay

Shopping and returning with your suitcase crammed with bags and more bags is definitely not the goal of those who know Punta del Este. However, if you can’t resist some shopping, you don’t have to be completely disappointed. Although prices are similar to those in Brazil, there are some interesting stores in the region.

Av. Gorlero is the main avenue in the city, with shops of all kinds: clothes, shoes, sports, souvenirs, alfajores etc. For those who stay on the peninsula, going there sometimes is customary.

The street parallel to Av. Gorlero, Calle 20, is the best place to find products from famous brands: Fendi, Valentino and Tommy Hilfiger are some of the shops on this street and its surroundings. Check store prices, especially if they are on sale!

Shopping in Punta del Este, Uruguay

Can’t resist shopping? Knowing Punta Shopping will become part of your itinerary. In addition to hosting several interesting clothing, footwear and sports stores, the place has a huge supermarket, perfect for buying different foods and meeting that desire to buy a gift for friends who stayed in Brazil.

La Barra is a very suitable place for those who like to buy works of art. Along Ruta 10 there are several ateliers and decoration shops, with articles for the home, wooden pieces and paintings. Anyone who wants to improve their home look can bet on a trip around the region.

Gorlero Avenue

Busy and full of shops, Av. Gorlero is the main thoroughfare in Punta del Este. There are several souvenir and clothing stores, as well as banks, currency exchange bureaus, restaurants and ice cream parlors.

It is inevitable to go through it at least once. The avenue holds a good part of the commerce and is open and full of people until late at night.

Calle 20 – Rua 20

Calle 20 (Rua 20), or Remanso, is one of the streets on the Punta del Este peninsula that houses famous stores and well-known brands around the world. It is an interesting place to visit if you like shopping and want to come home with good purchases.

Punta Shopping

Punta Shopping is a good place to visit if you like to shop. The place has regional stores, such as Lolita and Daniel Cassin, and some are recognized worldwide, such as Colombia and Sansonite. The prices are not so attractive in relation to the values ​​practiced in Brazil, but in times of promotion it is possible to find good offers.

The highlight of this mall is Tienda Inglesa, which operates as a hypermarket and offers several types of products. It is worth visiting to buy food produced in Uruguay.

If you are on the island, it is recommended to go to the mall by car, bus or taxi, as it is located in an area far from most hotels.

Route 10

Ruta 10 is the main route in La Barra, neighboring Punta del Este. In it are the main bars, restaurants and shops in the city, as well as ateliers, which have a strong presence in various points of its extension.

For those staying in La Barra or looking to do some shopping, going through Ruta 10 (or Rota 10) is inevitable. Pictures, sculptures, furniture, decorative items and clothes are some of the objects that you can find in stores in the region.

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