Xiaomi MI Pad 2 Test: Cheap Windows 10 Tablet

The Xiaomi MI pad 2 there are even as Android and Windows-10 version.We looked at once more in the test. The 7.9-inch display and other exciting specs tablet is available for just over 200 euros in the Chinese online shop Gearbest including shipping. Postage costs not incurred by the way if you choose at the end of the order “Priority Line”. In the case, the wait time for the import may take up to 15 days. There is no customs duties.

Xiaomi MI order pad 2 from China(7-15 business days, free via priority line)

Alternatively, there are currently also the shipping option from the EU camp of the Chinese online shop. Then pay 2.83 euros shipping costs, but significantly less waiting for your delivery.

Xiaomi MI pad 2 EU order(3-5 business days, 2.83 euros via “Standard Shipping”)

The order of the China tablets worth. Why? You can see the following review!

Xiaomi MI Pad 2 In The Test: The Equipment

The full-metal body tablet is 7.9 inches tall, comes with an Intel Atom X 5 Z8500 quad-core-processor 2 GB RAM and 64 GB, offers Rome. Bluetooth?WiFi? Of course on board. The IPS display resolves with rich 2048 x 1536 pixels and comes to ordinary 326 PPI. Very modern: A C USB is installed at the bottom. Since so many price high tablets can not keep. The mass?200.4 x 132,6 x 6.95 mm. In addition a great weight of only 322 g.Compared to its predecessor is the Xiaomi MI pad 2 38 grams of less and is 18% thinner. No bad initial position so. By the way: the 6190 mAh enough power for many hours Tablet fun. The installed cameras 8 megapixel and 5 megapixel nominally strong-enough, however, maximum for Skype.

Xiaomi MI Pad 2 Test: Well-Preserved

We start times outside. The processing is really excellent. Here the Xiaomi MI plays with pad 2 in the first division. The metal body feels good, the Tablet is great in the hand. Here, you can imagine yourself almost in spheres from Samsung and Apple. The processing is really terrific – you may hardly believe it -. High praise, Xiaomi.

The missing microSD slot is a little disappointing compared to its predecessor. But so is the Xiaomi MI pad 2 not alone. Because already the Smartphone has facilitated Xiaomi an microSD reader. Too bad actually, but in itself not a reason, Xiaomi Wed not yet a chance to enter pad 2.

We come to the screen. The resolution is top and the PPI (pixels per inch) value is even better. Comparison: while the Xiaomi MI creates pad 2 326 PPI, for example, the Surface Pro 4 at only 264 PPI is. The screen is extremely hot. And he is. Although he is not quite as bright as the rivals out of the more expensive homes, but somewhere Yes cuts need to be made.

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The hooks on the Xiaomi MI pad 2 are the 2 GB RAM. The tablet in the multitasking comes pretty quickly sweat on Windows 10. You should also avoid many concurrent tasks. Processor utilization is 70% chrome already with a few open tabs in Google. 4 GB RAM would certainly have been better choice here. To do this, but need to know that Google chrome is not necessarily great optimized for atom processors. Who do not necessarily need to rely on chrome, which should actually resort to edge. Here, the experience is much better. Also, the Tablet then copes with more open tabs. Generally you have to say: who uses software optimized for atom processors, here Gets a really neat tablet.

From the start up to the shutdown Windows 10 to wed excellent pad 2 really works. As already said: it should not at the same time opened premiere, edge and co. Photoshop, Adobe – but then many other tablets in the knee go. For most standard applications – Office, surfing, a little reading – sufficient power of Xiaomi MI pad 2. League of legends or counter strike: global offensive run excellently for example with customized graphics settings.

One of the most important points for a Tablet is the battery life of course.And she can be real. Around ten hours the Xiaomi MI last pad 2, if, for example, only surfing. Who will turn off the WiFi and watch a few videos, which should come even further. This is because, that Xiaomi no just-as most common in the region of 7.9 or 8 inch Tablet-weak 3,000-or 4,000 mAh battery installed, but more than 6,100 mAh.

Xiaomi MI Pad 2 In The Test: The Conclusion

The Xiaomi MI pad 2 is a real bargain for less than 200 euros. The build quality leaves nothing to be desired, the atom processor is completely sufficient for most Tablet users and the display is a real stunner. It is somewhat disappointing that the device under an enormous load can become quite hot. As I said: only under an enormous load. The Otto-normal-users will probably never felt such heat. Honestly? Who want to surf a little on the couch, writes emails every now and then, or enjoys to gamble a little good, which is sufficient serviced with Xiaomi Wed pad 2 and must spend no more money just so back just not Xiaomi, but Apple or Alcatel stands on it. See Alcatel tablet at http://www.timelesstablets.com/alcatel-one-touch-new-tablet/.