WISECOM: Emergency in 10 Kg GSM Network

When one occurs natural catastrophe, an earthquake or flood, the mobile communications It is one of the most affected infrastructure, precisely when they are most needed. Large network, for example Nokia-Siemens or Alcatel equipment, manufacturers tend to send truck trailer including everything you need to restore the operation of mobile phones in disaster areas. The WISECOM project funded by the European Union goes beyond and created a laptop computer with only 10 kilos that will allow to save lives.

WISECOM system operates through satellite link and in its smaller version has the size of a Briefcase, so it can be transported on a plane next to the emergency team. The system can be activated by an unskilled person and has Wi-Fi coverage and a pico-celda GSM, offering coverage within a radius of 300 metres. The larger version has the disadvantage of its 1.2-metre antenna, but offers to change coverage in an area of several kilometers. The software has also great care taken and location functions are included. For example it is possible to visualize where each cash is or mark a site to go to a specialized unit.

WISECOM project aims to make the most of the satellite network, since it is the most secure in these cases. Has been sought to make a good hardware equipment taking into account the opinions of professionals that you usually work in such harsh conditions. Although it is not equipment and terminals that we will find in a store, I think it is interesting to know that progress also reach people who help those who need it most.