What to See in Bremen (Germany)

What to See in Bremen (Germany)

According to Paradisdachat.com, Bremen is located in the north of Germany. The city stands on the Weser River, 50 km from the North Sea. This ancient wealthy city from the XIV century. is one of the leading members of the Hanseatic League. Bremen, together with the port of Bremerhaven, is part of the federal state of Bremen, Germany ‘s smallest state.

The city was founded in 787 by Charlemagne. Already in the XI century. he had trade relations with the countries of Northern Europe, and in the XII century. – Mediterranean cities. In 1806, Bremen became a free city of the Hansa, which currently means that it is an independent subject of the federation.

The center of Bremen is the Marktplatz market square., on which the Town Hall and St. Peter ‘s Basilica stand. The construction of the Town Hall was carried out from 1405 to 1410. It is an example of Renaissance architecture. The upper hall of the town hall, intended for official receptions of guests of the city, is one of the most exquisite in Germany. In this hall once a year gala dinners of the men’s club of gentlemen are held. In the old days, these were the captains of ships, the most important merchants and the fathers of the city. To this day, it is considered a great honor to be invited to this dinner. Recently, women have also been invited to this elite club, but only as guests. The lower hall of the town hall is called the “golden chamber”. The walls of this hall are upholstered with valuable leather wallpaper covered with gold, and the furniture is made of light wood with a golden hue. Under the town hall building there is a wine cellar with a rich collection of German wines. The oldest of them is the 1605 wine, one glass of which costs 70,000 euros. St. Peter’s Cathedral has 900 years of history. Founded in the 11th century, it was subsequently rebuilt many times. The building was significantly damaged during the Second World War, but by now it has been completely restored. At first, the cathedral was Catholic, and then Lutheran, which led to a mixture of styles in its interior decoration. The main altar is, but in the central limit is a Catholic crucifix. Particularly interesting are the oldest parts of the cathedral – the western and eastern crypts. Also in the market square is a huge statue of the knight Roland, considered the protector of the city. Bremen’sĀ oldest district – Cord (Schnoorviertel) – in the Middle Ages was the street of sailors, artisans and dockers. The houses here are located so close to each other, as if tied to a cord. The area is full of antique shops, art shops and restaurants. The smallest hotel in Germany is located in Shnur, consisting of three rooms. Behind the Cord quarter, the most famous street called Boettcherstrasse or “barrel street” begins. In Bremen there is its own measure of weight “Bremen barrel”, which holds 920 herrings. This street consists of seven houses. And each house has its own name. For example, House of Robinson Crusoe, Fountain, Seven Sloths, House of Atlantis. House number six on this street is called the Ludwig Roselius House. It was the home of the inventor of decaffeinated coffee, the merchant Roselius, who built Boettcherstrasse.

On the embankment, called Schlakhte, there is a pirate ship “Admiral Nelson” with a restaurant.

The first thing that comes to mind at the mention of the city is, of course, the Bremen town musicians. Donkey, dog, cat and rooster figurines can be seen everywhere. But the main monument to the glorious four, the work of the sculptor Gerhard Mark, is located in the historical center, on the market square under the window of the old town hall. The front legs of the donkey are polished to a shine. According to local belief, if you hold them with your hands and make a wish, then it will certainly come true.

The variety of cultural life in Bremen will satisfy the most demanding taste. There are museums, art collections, opera and ballet scenes, a wide variety of theaters to choose from, festivals and concerts are often held here. The German Chamber Philharmonic is located in Bremen.

Nature lovers can take a boat trip on the Weser River, ride a bike in the picturesque surroundings of the city. In summer, pleasure boats depart from Bremen every day to the island of Helgoland in the North Sea.

Bremen (Germany)

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