What Microphone Should I Buy for Podcasting and Streaming?

While many companies that market armed computers often include in the final product peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, speakers and microphone, the truth is that in general the quality leaves much to be desired, so a good idea is to replace them.

In the case of the microphone, to be able to choose the best for our PC in principle have to clear is the use we give to it. Let us note that the product that we buy it will differ in their quality and price if we are going to use for example to chat on Skype, if you will implement for recording podcasts or streaming.

If we are going to use the microphone onĀ www.abbreviationfinder.org to record good quality audio, as it can be for example to capture the audio from a video to YouTube, it better will be also included in the purchase of the microphone an USB audio interface, that will allow us to reduce the latency of the recording and the best quality.

As regards purely and exclusively to the microphone itself, regardless of the use that we will give you, the first thing we need to know is that there are different types of connection, which follows:

Analog microphone: In this case 3.5 mm Jack allows a direct connection to the PC via the audio input This type of connection provides great flexibility, for example providing the possibility of adding preamplifiers, equalizers, audio processing equipment and others, between the microphone and the computer.

USB microphone: This type of microphones have USB connection, i.e. that are connected to the PC’s USB ports, and so in general it does not allow the addition of Preamplifiers and equalizers, only can be done via software. Noteworthy is that they tend to be the cheapest on the market.

Whether to connect by one or another method, in both cases we can find on the market a variety of microphones that vary not only in their shape and size, but also on the type of technology they use, so it also differ in cost.

Now, If what we want is to only use the microphone for video conferencing with friends and family and similar tasks can opt to also use the built-in microphone which often bring laptops, and in the case of a desktop PC can resort to buying the cheaper mics on the market.


Also have the possibility to choose the interesting alternative headset with built-in microphoneor web camera with microphone, since in both cases, we will have the equipment more than necessary for our chats by Skype or Hangouts, and at a really low cost.