Vintage T-Shirt-20 Ways to Use the New Fashion Craze

Queen of streetstyle and Sweetheart of the famous more detached, the vintage t-shirt is already a classic and since appeared in reloaded version, on the catwalk fashion show-sensation Chanel in Cuba, became immediate desire.

The white t-shirt, striped or black is already a basic and essential item in the unisex wardrobe. That piece that goes with everything and the hi-lo’s fashion like no one else does. The news now is the t-shirt with the face of other eras, washed hues and brands logos and old bands. In this climate, it’s worth the model inspiration or, better yet, the real vintage. I don’t care if she is already with the podrinho fabrics or with the print faded. The idea is the same!
One of the most celebrated brands on bet on vintage-inspired t-shirt in catwalk, composing with other parts of the luxury collection, is the start for the fashionistas immediately adhere to the style. However, in this case, the item was already being’ve been doing it in the streets of the main cities in the world by the it-girls more influential, as the Russian Miroslava Duma and the model Kendall Jenner.
With a vintage t-shirt, you can create looks for all occasions and styles. Exercise the imagination and be inspired in the looks of the streets and walkways.
T-SHIRT + SKIRT LONG yield looks for day and for night.
T-SHIRT + MIDI SKIRT, the look seen around is practical and superestiloso.
T-SHIRT + SHIRT or CARDIGAN for a visual urban, of grunge to the retro.
T-SHIRT + JACKET or COAT goes to work or a compromise.
SHIRT + JEANS is the pair that serves as the basis for any overlap.