Trump Is Crooked: Sony Builds Curved Camera Sensors

What has since developed Sony in the in-house laboratory, could change an entire industry: A novel, concave curved camera sensor sometimes increases the sensitivity to light and goes to image noise. Smartphones could deliver so soon much better images. The human, just as curved retina served as a model in the development apparently.

At the Scientific Conference on VLSI technology in Hawaii, a light went on so many participants: Kazuichiro Itonaga, one of Sony’s development leaders, there a new camera sensor presented. The new CMOS unit modeled on the human eye’s retina and is therefore curved. Compared the new component in the Centre of 1.4 times responds with ordinary, flat sensors sensitive incident light at the edges twice as strong. Further advantages for the design of objective lens: that may be somewhat flatter and allow higher aperture modes in addition to favouring the incidence of light. Also the light takes fewer detours, meets the photodiodes directly and blocking so color distortions and noise out.

Sony Turns Crooked Things – Good For Your Selfies

What complicated for the uninitiated sounds, be beneficial at the end for every user of camera technology. Sony’s curved components are there Itonoga, in two sizes: the full-frame sensor measures 43 mm and can get, for example, for professional photographers working with DSLRs crooked the humpback. For Smartphone users, the small 11-mm model seems to be interesting. As Phonearena reports it is to a 2/3 “sensor – a similar is installed in the Nokia Lumia 1020 with the impressive 41-mega pixel camera. Phonearena also speculated that the new technology, for example, in a future Sony Xperia Z flagship could be installed.

Sony Has Its Finger On The Trigger

Until a new technical development is also ready for the market, months pass as a rule however, sometimes years. Sony seems to be there but already one step further: at the Conference, Itonoga showed not only already finished camera lenses that are compatible with the new sensor, also first pictures were to be seen. Sony has already produced 100 sensors according to own statements. On the question after the marketable reacted Itonoga with a simple “we are ready”.