Tours to New Zealand

Tours to New Zealand

The Country of the White Cloud is the most environmentally friendly place not only for living, but also for a comfortable stay for sophisticated travelers from Moscow and other regions throughout the year. Tours to New Zealand attract with a variety of landscapes and the purity of virgin forests, unusual flora and fauna, as well as attractions that slightly open the veil of mystery of this island country.

According to softwareleverage, holidays in New Zealand are a unique combination of high-class ski resorts (Treble Cone and Cardrona) and a luxurious beach holiday with diving, surfing and exploring the coral offshore reefs. A visit to Wellington, Auckland, Queenstown will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the sights and make the most exciting shopping experience.

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Unexplored Switzerland of the Pacific. A country of virgin forests, endless valleys, healing geysers and active volcanoes, a land of clear rivers and lakes, emerald green meadows and mountain ranges, rainforests and thermal springs. New Zealand has a mild, humid maritime climate. The most favorable time to visit is the summer season from November to April. New Zealand occupies two large islands – North and South, separated by the Cook Strait, as well as several small islands. It has three possessions – the Cook Islands, Niue and Tokelau. New Zealand occupies an area similar in size to Japan. UK or Italy. It consists of two main islands: North and South. They are separated by the Cook Strait, which in its narrowest part reaches 32 km. The distance between the southernmost and northernmost points of New Zealand is 1600 km. Any point on the map of New Zealand is no more than 120 km away from the ocean coast. The unique natural landscape is considered the “calling card” of the islands. Animals and plants of the islands are a real lost world, isolated for a hundred million years. There are no predators, crocodiles, poisonous snakes, spiders and other dangerous animals in the country. There are not even ordinary mosquitoes here! New Zealand is one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world. New Zealand is the land of the Maori and the Kiwi. New Zealanders often call themselves “kiwi” – in honor of a wingless bird with a long beak, which is found only here.


New Zealand (or Aotearoa, which means “Long White Cloud”) is famous for its rich and diverse nature – geysers, mountains and lakes, forests and grottoes, glaciers and beaches. A widely developed environmental movement allows you to save all this splendor in an almost pristine state, even in the area of ​​​​large cities. Of particular interest to tourists are the Mount Cook National Parks on South Island, Tongariro, Fiordland and others. North Island (“Te Ika a Maui”) – snow-covered mountain peaks in the Tongariro National Park, geysers and mud puddles in the vicinity of Rotorua, endless green meadows, mountain slopes buried in dense forests, and the coast is an endless sandy beach. The ski season in the mountains of the island is 3 months – from June to September, sometimes, on the sunniest spring days (September-October), skiing is combined with the swimming season. The port city of Auckland, famous for its University, is amazingly picturesque – from the observation platforms located on the tops of extinct volcanoes, you can simultaneously see both the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea. In Wellington – a picturesque botanical garden, located on the slope of a high mountain. South Island is countless fjords, glaciers, wild mountain streams and rivers where trout is found, impenetrable jungle, tropical rainforests on the coast, palm groves and mountain ranges with peaks of 3000 meters. The island is a great place for fishing, kayaking, biking, rafting and long hikes. Almost all trips start in Picton, a city that looks like a small and colorful postcard. However, many tourists are happy to start their acquaintance with the island in the city of Christchurch, which, like two drops of water, looks like a typical provincial town somewhere in southern England. Either of these two cities provides an opportunity to embark on an exciting island hike and see the countless rivers of the Marlborough Sounds in the Nelson area, famous for its wines and excellent sea food. You can visit Mount Cook National Park, which contains the highest mountain peaks in New Zealand, the quiet town of Queenstown at the foot of the Remarcabelz mountain range, numerous beaches and rocky coves, take part in excellent fishing both in the ocean and on countless cleanest mountain rivers.

Embassy of the Russian Federation in New Zealand

57 Messines Road, Karori, Wellington

tel. (04) 476 6113 (except for consular matters)

fax (04) 476 3843


Christchurch is located on the east coast of the South Island, north of the Banks Peninsula.

This is the largest city of the South Island, an international center, a dynamic and international city, where various festivals, theaters and art galleries often take place.

Located in Christchurch, the second largest international airport makes the city one of the must-see destinations for tourists.


The capital of extreme sports and the gateway to the Land of the Fjords – all this is Queenstown. A small cozy resort town, located on the shores of the purest Lake Wakatipu, has long become one of the favorite places to relax.


Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand, the cultural and business center of the country. One third of the total population of New Zealand lives here, which makes it the most urbanized city.

Located in the northwestern part of the North Island, Auckland is New Zealand’s warmest and sunniest city.

The international airport located here, many hotels, convenient location have made Auckland one of the most popular points for visiting New Zealand among tourists from all over the world.

Auckland is home to a range of educational institutions, including some of the largest universities in the country. Auckland is an important center for learning English, with a large number of language schools serving thousands of international students every year. A large number of foreign students also study at the largest universities in the city and other higher educational institutions. Attracting students from other countries is an important source of income in the city’s economy.

Tours to New Zealand

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