This Is The Reason Why The Xiaomi My Mix Still Has Not Come out of China

Xiaomi Mi Mix has been, since its launch, a before and an after in the market of mobile phones, doing that, little by little, it is putting is fashion that manufacture smartphones almost without frames. Interestingly, my Mix is not the first phone that boasts a few almost absent bezels, formerly were terminals as the Sharp Aquos Crystal, For example.

But Xiaomi today has far more renowned than he was Sharp in those days, which makes mobile Chinese best-known. But what is also true is that it is a very difficult to fabricate mobile, and this causes that today There are “only” 100,000 terminals This made model.

The difficulty resides in the ceramic Crystal, but is that the only difficulty?

Xiaomi CEO was at the Conference of Geek Innovation Park, which is held in China, and among the issues relating to the future of the mobile industry, Mix my Xiaomi not could be left out. It was there when he admitted that manufactured this terminal is quite difficult due to the ceramic using the phone.

That seems the main reason why there are “only” 100,000 copies of my Mix manufactured, and already by itself is relatively difficult to see mobile Xiaomi outside China, my Mix is even more complicated because, in addition, It tends to run out quickly on various flash sales It organized, to which we must add its huge screen and your little economic price.

Although it would be much dream, would be a very smart move by Xiaomi to sell around the world (although its manufacture is quite slow) my Mix rather than just leave it in the service of China, or if not the current my Mix, perhaps his successor, which could introduce significant improvements.

To sum up, if in the international market, we do not see the my Mix is primarily because it is so difficult to manufacture that the amount is reduced, and when its sales flash, disappear really soon. If someone from outside China get done with a my Mix without mortgaged again, is anyone really lucky in the Android community. Would you buy you a Mix my Xiaomi if you were to change the phone?