These Are The Ten Most Powerful Smartphones Android According to AnTuTu

Applications of benchmarks, beyond a measure is considered standard to know how powerful is a smartphone, has lately been using as the basis for part of the hardware of the upcoming phones that I will see. Perhaps the application as more models has been filtered is Geekbenck, where we have seen Nokia models, for example.

However, this time the protagonist is AnTuTu, and not because appear specifications of a mobile phone, but to give us its ranking of the mobile ten that have brought more score during the 2016. In this list we will see a fairly prominent absence and not-so-surprising presences.

The ‘top 10’ led by the OnePlus 3T

First place goes to a Chinese Android smartphone, the OnePlus 3T, with 163.013 points rises as the most powerful Android smartphone according to AnTuTu. Its Snapdragon 821 with its 6 GB of RAM along with a light and well optimized software have placed you on the step highest in podium.

Second place goes to the LeEco Le Pro 3, also with a 821 Snapdragon processor, with 159.911 points. Third place goes to his pure Android almost no customization, and Lenovo Moto Z with 148.820 points. Fourth place is it is the OnePlus 3, the first flagship of the Chinese manufacturer 2016, with 147.495 points.

My 5s Xiaomi ranks fifth with 145.093 points, the sixth Asus Zenfone 3 with 144.610 points, the seventh position is for the Xiaomi my 5s Plus with 143.788 points, eighth place is left for the ZTE Axon 7 with 143.463 points. Ninth place is it a mobile phone from Google, Pixel XL, with 141.367 points, being the last post to the Pixel with 140.340 points.

If we go to the ranking cross-platform, according to AnTuTu, it would see as they disappear the mobile Google of the ‘top 10’ and above the OnePlus 3T, appear first 7 Plus iPhone with 163.016 points and 7 iPhone with 159.911 points with their chip A10.

Manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC and LG remain outside this ranking

For 2016, we have seen the emergence of mobile high-end with brutal power, and not just manufacturers that we are used to see, but others who some time ago were considered second linear. Perhaps the manufacturer more striking that is out of this ‘top 10’ Samsung.

However, we noticed the absence of most traditional manufacturers as they are, in addition, the Korean manufacturer, LG, HTC and Huawei (although their Kirin chips are still a tad behind the Snapdragon). The only one that is present is Motorola, owned by Lenovo, in a more than Honourable third position within the Mobile Android.

Viewing this data (I repeat, always according to AnTuTu), gives the feeling that the manufacturer we know of life they have fallen asleep on its laurels and those who are new or were second division have seized the opportunity to create mobile, at least numerically, more powerful. Let us note, moreover, that displayed scores are the average of all the registered.