The Xiaomi Mi 6 Would Come in Three Versions, a with Chip Mediatek

It is the most anticipated Chinese smartphone of the moment and rumours about its possible benefits continue growing before its possible presentation in February. We speak of the Xiaomi Mi 6, the next ‘flagship’ of the Chinese company He has returned to give that talk, it viewed by the possible versions they would come to the market which would be three in total.

As it is customary, many smartphones are released in several models that usually change by the RAM (sometimes also in capacity). It had already talked about my 6 of Xiaomi would come in a variant with 4 GB of RAM and a premium version of 6 GB of RAM, but the latest rumor refers to one more affordable version that would change by a helium chip processor Snapdragon 835 X 30.

Where I said Snapdragon, I say Mediatek

We are accustomed to Xiaomi terminals come in different versions of RAM memory. Without going any further, we have seen it with my 5s Xiaomi or Xiaomi Mi Note 2, but it is not so common is in one of the versions change the processor.

According to a rumor emerged in the Chinese social networking Weibo, Xiaomi is preparing a variant of the more affordable Xiaomi Mi 6 that you happily processor Snapdragon 835, Qualcomm for 2017 high-end chip, and would mount a helium X 30 in place, top of Mediatek processor.

That has transcended, that is the only difference between the basic model and the intermediate, whose memory RAM would be 4 GB, while the most advanced model would have 6 GB of RAM. Xiaomi bet on technology OLED in three models, although it is expected that more pointer bet by a curved panel that it would come down to the edges.

Along with the rumor of this third version with Mediatek also leaked the price, which would be of 273 euros According to current currency exchange. The intermediate model would rise to 341 euros and last would be more complete version that cost 410 euro. If the rumors are correct, we can confirm these and other details in February.