The New Wave of Customization of Clothes

Dressing up is a form of natural expression. At this time, we use the one that matches our personality, and, mainly, with our tastes and preferences. The customization of clothes is super high and is part of this idea.

The New Wave of Customization of Clothes 1

This customization is not today. In the years 80, for example, the young people customised t-shirts, jeans, jackets and other pieces of clothing, leaving everything with “the face” of them. And then, we will know better about that trend?

The following is a lot of information on the subject, showing how the creative freedom should be encouraged in the customization, in addition to addressing how companies take advantage of this wave. Continue reading and check it out!

The posture of the market in the midst of the trend of customization of clothes

The top brands come riding on the wave of the footprint custom, taking advantage of this in two different ways: offering possibilities for customization and selling of parts with the concept of handmade.

The service customization is offered in the own e-commerce of some brands. The footwear tend to receive this option, in which the consumer can choose color scheme and even the materials.

Handmade of lie

The market for high fashion also adopted the trend and made that, increasingly, there was the acceptance of parts with appearance customization is made in house. The concept was very well accepted and has been seen on the major fashion weeks in the world.

Among the brands that have adopted pieces in this style, are Comme Des Garcons, with the leather jacket with the message on the back, as if it had been made with ink, and the traditional Gucci, in collaboration with the artist, Coco Capitán, with t-shirts, pochetes and sweatshirts that have received interventions reminding graffiti.

The New Wave of Customization of Clothes 2

The pioneering spirit of the Dapper Dan

In the 80’s, the tailor Dapper Dan had a studio in Harlem, New York, and there he produced pieces with a design of your own, but with the logo of the major brands, such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci, applied in suits, trousers, jackets and a series of clothing for the artists, especially the rap.

The success was great and the orders, questions, however, he had to close down its activities because of the notifications, judicial, returning to his shop only in 2017, when Gucci invited you to participate in a campaign.

The brand made this pretty much as a debt of gratitude, as part of the current inspiration to the trend of handmade came from the success of Dapper Dan.

Creativity wins freedom with this trend

The more custom parts earn the streets, the greater the willingness to intervene in everything that there is in your closet, right? The possibility to let the creativity flow allows any person to give personality to the clothes, with a touch stripped down and still taking advantage of a trend.

Additionally, the customization allows you to retrieve items without the use, lending modernity and intervening in creative ways, for it to gain new life and become current, even if it is not of a brand or a famous designer.

The New Wave of Customization of Clothes 3

What to do to customize your pieces

The main thing is to let the creativity flow! If you already have ideas, great, put them into practice! But, if you want to retrieve some clothes and leave them with a modern touch, just search for some references on the internet and put the hand in the dough!

Use the patches

Today, you can find various patches to stitch, in stores common street or even on the internet. They can sign in to many different items such as pants, jeans, jackets, tennis shoes, t-shirts and any other item that can be stitched.

Cut mercilessly

The cuts are with everything! You can improvise a bar in his pants, leaving her “fishing” a bit and even stringy. Ripping the jeans is also a great way to give up on the piece so quiet, as the fashion destroyed is high for a long time.

The Thalita Ferraz made a video it’s pretty cool, that shows you some techniques and ideas to customize old clothes (if we may say so :D). See:

Scribble as you like

You can also intervene by painting phrases and doing drawings on t-shirts old, using messages of effect and impact, always letting your creativity speak louder!

Liked to know more about the fashion of the customization of clothing? Now it is your time to leave the parts with your face! After that, see how to use them to create a look cool and original!