The Last and Sweet and Sour Balance Economic of HTC: The Losses Continue But Improved after The Previous

Although last November there was a glimmer of hope in HTC, the company continues with a lime and cold when it comes to synthesize the numbers with respect to the end of the quarter, although within the negative on that occasion there are slight exceptions. Today the brand presents the economic results for the end of the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2015 and the losses are still going on extending the streak carrying long.

However, as already anticipated Digitimes, the month of October was (in the negative) better than the previous ones to raise a revenue of 276,8 million dollars. A number that was quite below obtained in the previous year during the same period, specifically one 42.2% lower, but that It was positive compared with the proceeds in September, 25.92% more, and you can see at the end of the quarter.

The hope in the face of these last three months was a new and inspired HTC One A9 was a trampoline on sales, something that failed the ship logo that marks the present is now approximately one year. However, the new smartphone went out with a relatively high starting price, appearance which may not be desired or not at least soon push.

Revenues with “but”

HTC welcomed its quarterly year end balance and says that improvements are observed after this last period of 2015. And partly it is, since the company obtains revenues of $ 770 million, with a profit of 13.9% margin. What is this positive data? The role is not left alone on an HTC One A9 according to suggest he had good reception in Asia, United States and Europe (without blending or give details), but is the Desire range that passes through a good moment and which laid him very well Christmas.

However, talk about income is still sweet and sour in the Taiwanese company. These benefits are in fact higher than what was obtained the last quarter (640 million dollars), but the gain is lower (in Q3 was 18%). Also still registering losses in operating costs ($120 million) and the net loss continues to grow (100 million dollars), although in both cases are lower than in the previous quarter.

Hopes in virtual reality

This was so little encouraging as the results, communicating and last balance came included declaration that There would be more progress in terms of the strategy that mark was going to follow up. An ad that could easily be interpreted as a lack of transparency when it comes to reporting the State of the economy of the company.

On this occasion, as we said, there are certain nuances in the results that are positive at least compared with the previous quarter, although looking a year ago differences still remain abysmal when in the fourth quarter of 2014 could be collected of $ 1,430 million, being already in bad times in which the brand is dragged from nearly three years.

Cher Wang, HTC CEO, maintains confidence especially virtual reality Division

However and as we are accustomed, Cher Wang, CEO of HTC, maintaining trust with your company, especially the division of virtual reality. No clue about the future of the mobile division, we will see if this time they meet the demand with regard to its top and if flip that say see One A9 is also noted in numbers for the next quarter.