The Elegance of Cavalli Reinvents Itself for The New Season Autumn/Winter 2013 / 2014

Cavalli and especially their collections for autumn-winter man, almost always convince me. There are just too many notes printed in the summer and acidic but when pressed the cold, combinations of colours and fabrics, the obtaining of the earthy and the play of textures making with organic materials is almost always very flattering.

And this season Autumn/winter 2013 / 2014 presenting is not very different from the rest of them: lot of style and class with a playful touch and without forgetting that autumn is nothing more than a golden prolongation of the summer and that is why you don’t have to disappear every trace of color in it.

Commitment by the Raya diplomatic in their costumes graphite grey and marengo, of court adjusted and combined with smooth dark shirts either betting by some other discreet pattern in which the Paisley turns out to be the more daring. A very warm and autumnal colour palette based on ochre, gold, beige, red and chocolate combined with some noticing another Green, lilac or yellow to highlight it.

The materials employed are from the leather and suede for the jackets, up to cotton, silk and lycra shirts, pants, and sweaters. A very fine and careful point both for the top plug-ins and satin and iridescent finishes that help give more play to the obtaining of the collection and provide diversity to the set. Classic fit along with nautical shoes and above all a very stylized and adjusted figure who make suits feel like a glove you convinced?