The 10 most beautiful travel destinations in Spring

The 10 most beautiful travel destinations in Spring

Spring is the most beautiful season for many people. What could be more natural than to crown this wonderful time with an unforgettable journey? Get to know charming travel destinations that radiate the magic of spring particularly intensively.

Ready for the island

Even Empress Elisabeth succumbed to the magic of this island: Madeira was a preferred place of residence for the legendary Sisi. Spring is the best time to travel to explore the Portuguese island off the coast of Morocco. A special highlight is the annual flower festival. It takes place between late April and early May and offers a feast for the senses with lovingly decorated cities and lavishly decorated moving cars.

Another island that unfolds its charm in spring is Mallorca. To experience the almond blossom on this Mediterranean island is an incomparable holiday experience. Between January and March, the blooming almond trees transform the Balearic Island into a fairyland.

The green island of Ireland also offers wonderful spring travel destinations. Favored by the Gulf Stream, palm trees and other exotic plants flourish in the south and southwest of the Altantikinsel. A visit to the park at Muckross House is particularly recommended at the time of the rhododendron bloom.

Dream stands – one of the 10 most beautiful travel destinations in spring include beautiful coastlines

Sun is full with pleasant temperatures, the water temperatures so far that a bath in the Mediterranean promises relaxation and recuperation, plus a wonderful ambience and lots of varied supporting programs: this is what a spring holiday on the Riviera looks like.

And not only the legendary Coté d´Azur between St. Tropez and Nice attracts with wonderful pictures.

The Turkish Riviera around Antalya is also one of the 10 most beautiful spring travel destinations. The next two travel destinations also offer water and a wonderful ambience: Lake Garda in South Tyrol captivates with its incomparable backdrop, especially at this time of year. The Hungarian Sea, as the Lake Balaton, the Hungarian Lake Balaton, is affectionately known, is surrounded by thousands of blossoming fruit trees in spring – a color swirl of rare beauty.

The Hungarian Sea

City trips – particularly attractive in spring

If you don’t necessarily have a beach holiday in mind when you think of the 10 most beautiful travel destinations in spring, a city ​​trip is well advised. Many interesting metropolises invite you to exciting city trips, especially at this time of year. Madrid or Barcelona have moderate temperatures in spring. This provides optimal conditions for a city tour. In addition, these charming cities are not yet crowded at this time of year. You have the opportunity to get to know the hidden treasures on a city tour. Also for a visit to the beautiful on the Danube spring is predestined. Vienna enchants with unique charm all year round. And yet spring must also be a special time here, not for nothing that “spring in Vienna” is even sung.


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