SystemPanel2 Is The Control Panel for Android Power Users Were Looking for

Are you an advanced user of Android? You like to see all kinds of? Statistics, data, and graphics about how the system running? Then probably you should give him a chance to SystemPanel2, the latest version of the control panel for Android from the creators of FX File Explorer.

While almost all Android phones include a mode or some other graphics and statistics system, unfortunately the latest trend is to simplify them in such a way that only it gives you anything except a very approximate vision. SystemPanel 2 is an application that collects information about the CPU usage, the use of network, the battery and the installed applications, and displays it in a very visual way.

System load

Sure that ever happened to your phone starts to go somewhat slow and it seems clear that some application is hogging resources. Without any specialized application can be a very complicated Mission find out the originator, as the list of processes hidden options for developers of Android is very hard to read and change every second.

SystemPanel 2 includes a widget that displays a graph in your home screen the the CPU usage of the various applications, as well as the current processor frequency. With a twist is wide information, showing CPU usage in real time, the style of the Task Manager Windows.

System status

Another very interesting SystemPanel2 panel is the so-called Status, also accessible to playing in the window widget. Displays the percentage of use for each core processor, the timeline with the use of the processor and frequency of the clock.

Below are data related to the network, as the the ascent and descent of data transfer rate and the intensity of the Wi-Fi connection and data. Finally, shows the temperature of the different sensors included in the phone (usually battery and processor) and the State of the battery and storage.

History of usage

A function that will help you know more accurately how your device is working and if any application is consuming more of the account history. You are here shown in a timeline the battery, CPU, network and Wi-Fi signal usage and applications that consumed more CPU.

For its part, the Top Apps tab displays the uses more CPU has been used in the period of time you choose. You can choose between 2 hours, 8 hours, 1 day, 3 days or 1 week.


To keep application resources at Bay profiteers, SystemPanel2 includes its own section on them. For each application you can see information precise about its location, date of installation and upgrade, history of use, storage, permits and services.

Device information

Finally, SystemPanel2 includes a section breakdown of the components of your Android device, processor, its architecture, the resolution and density of the screen, the battery status, location and network.

In short, while it is true that a good part of the information on SystemPanel2 is available in one or another section of Android, the advantage in this case is that the information is all in the same place, It is more comprehensive and includes some elements that are not easy to find in most of the ROM.

SystemPanel 22.0. exp. 4

  • Version of Android: from 4.0.3
  • Developer: NextApp, Inc.
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Tools