Super Mario Run: Android Users Should Buy It as Soon as It Becomes Available

I admit. I’m a fan of Super Mario. When I had my first console, the Super Nintendo, the game that most amused me was Super Mario World. And on the Wii I have mainly enjoyed the different Marios have taken. Whenever I install an emulator for mobile or PC the first thing I do is try some Mario. I am games platforms and specifically the Nintenedo meat.

That is why when a Mario announced IOS I loved it. It would not be a complete Mario but a runner, and that brought me some uncertainty. I also liked to not come to Android directly. But I’ve been able to test it thoroughly and It is worth.

With some bugs but is still Mario

Super Mario Run game is fine. The levels are very skilled workers, as if it were a normal Mario, with everything we can remind of classic platform games based on this character. There are all kinds of worlds, from the typical green meadows up to castles with lava inside.

In terms of the gameplay it is true that it is not a platform game, it’s a runner. But it is the best runner I’ve ever tried. And this is, I think, that the levels are very careful and skilled workers and are not randomly generated worlds.

In addition the game offers enough replay value, Since when he is accomplished after the game always you can try to achieve the five special coins of each phase, and if we made it appear more complicated sites. Again, nothing left to chance, everything planned to make increasingly more difficult but not impossible.

It is true that the game has some bugs. The first thing is that it is rather short. Although allows, as I say, replay levels to get the coins, would not be more that was somewhat longer. It also has a downside and is that it must be always connected to the Internet, if not it fails. And the move from a world to another sometimes takes time, because of the connection.

The price

But the massive criticisms that the game has taken is not because it is short or you have to be connected, is because it’s expensive: 10 euros. The game allows us to enjoy free 3 levels and the rest must be paid.

The funny thing is that We are continuously complaining of free to play games, those that appear to be free but in the end, to move forward, make us pay. iOS and Android are littered with these games and many are sick. Now, when is a game that says “do not want this model, pay and have it full” so all are complaints.

We have seen that the game has reached first iOS. And is for two reasons: first, the development is faster, there are no many terminals to test; Second, users of iOS are more willing to pay. If we want to have games on Android, Nintendo, the release of Super Mario Run has to be a success. Otherwise we will leave aside.

A complete Mario in the future?

My real hope is that Nintendo is not here and are encouraged to launch a full Super Mario in the future. A platform game which is played with an accessory command, the iPega style, perhaps created by the own Nintendo and to match our Android.

This would be very good news and has mobile phones as platforms beyond the casual play. But this is a risk for Nintendo, since they are creators of hardware that would compete with their own mobile. So Nintendo of this step has to be profitability in the releases. People have to be willing to spend money on these games.

In short, the launch of the Super Mario Run seems to me a very good news for mobile platforms and I am looking forward to that launched on Android. And it is also good that it is not a free to play. I hope that you succeed.


Super Mario Run comes to Android in March

Super Mario Run comes to Android in March


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