Summary of The MFSHOW MEN: All The Fashion Shows Video

Even the firm’s models steps are heard in the MFSHOW MEN, What has been the first week of men’s fashion in Madrid. A bet with many points to improve, but in which good manners have been.

What better time than this to remind one to one all the fashion shows video and draw own conclusions. So, no more rodeo, go to this.


Soloio P/V2014 in MFSHOW MEN by mfshow

The firm responsible for opening the parades was Soloio. Shirts, boxers, ties and other accessories focused attention. Why models do not wear pants? Maybe because your brand not compile this type of garment.


Myrtle P/V2014 in MFSHOW MEN by mfshow

The collection of Mirto It is characterized by the colorful and fun. Very wearable garments that are more likely to do hollow in our closet. The pyjamas & Goan proposed I liked.

Emidio Tucci

Emidio Tucci P/V2014 in MFSHOW MEN by mfshow

Cross jacket, in a wide range of colors, was the star of the collection presented by Emidio Tucci. My favorite? The lemon yellow.

Garcia Madrid

Garcia Madrid P/V2014 in MFSHOW MEN by mfshow

Of Garcia Madrid I already wrote in a specific post. As I said, it was a real lesson in tailoring. For the text, not told the tuxedo skirt with photo. In the video you can see how it was set.


The goose P/V2014 in MFSHOW MEN by mfshow

Also dedicated an entire post to the collection of Goose, so there is not much more to add: much preppy colorful and fun in spades.

Eduardo Rivera

Eduardo Rivera PV 2014 in MFSHOW MEN by mfshow

Eduardo Rivera He presented one of the most interesting collections. Tailoring with brightly colored, oversized clothes, Super scarves… It is a parade that you must not miss.


TenKey P/V2014 in MFSHOW MEN by mfshow

Tenkey its ability to let patent to dress a man at any time of the day with great versatility. Without a doubt, I’ll stick with combinations of bow tie, bermuda and gabardine.


X-Adnan P/V2014 in MFSHOW MEN by mfshow

My colleague Alejandro already analyzed the parade of X-Adnan in this post. The djellabas left more than one with open mouth.

Lander Urquijo

Lander Urquijo P/V2014 in MFSHOW MEN by mfshow

Just as we were many after seeing the beautiful tailoring of Lander Urquijo, in that classic style blends masterfully with cutting-edge innovations. Get it all in order, please.

Martin Waschbär

Martin Waschbär P/V2014 in MFSHOW MEN by mfshow

Perhaps the most transgressive point would be in charge of Martin Waschbär, It attached great importance to an essential garment as it is the shirt (although some models were without it).


Hominen P/V2014 in MFSHOW MEN by mfshow

The responsibility of closing the week was Hominem, signs that not defrauded. On the contrary… With a very relaxed style, managed to leave wanting much more.