Sony Relies on MediaTek to The Mid-Range, Two New Helium P20 Xperia Are on Their Way

Until now, any manufacturer that they consider traditional they have always opted for Qualcomm, regardless of whether it was high, medium or low, the undoubted capacity of these chips to move the system proficiently turned into the optimal choice, leaving MediaTek for “second-line” manufacturers.

But it is beginning to see that some traditional manufacturers are starting to look at MediaTek favorably, as for example HTC with its recent U Play, or Sony, which seems that it will continue to rely on these chips in their next two terminals of the Xperia family, which would have, in particular, with the Helium P20.

At the moment are known only some specifications of the two new models)G3112 and G3221), being mentioned chip Helium P20 the point in common between the two. The processor would have quad-core 2.3 GHz and other four at 1.6 GHz with the Mali-T880 GPU. According to UAProf (User Agent Profile), this would be the only one of the two points in common which are known by now.

What appears in the document, apart from the processor, is the resolution of the screen, leaving the G3112 with HD and the G3221 with FullHD resolution. Currently there is more information about these two devices, but it is expected that in the MWC 2017, where they are often several terminals Xperia presentars, we know the rest of features.

There is no doubt that MediaTek is gaining in popularity thanks to their prices lower and to the maturity of Android, contributing to that the performance is not as disparate as a few years ago. That Yes, if Sony wants to have good sales with the new terminal, will have to live up to the price.