Someone Has Tried to Sell a So-Called Prototype of The Bike Plus G5: Would Be His Design and Features

The world of mobile rumors gives much of every day we have one or more servings of leaks about possible devices and today’s the turn to the course Moto G5 Plus. The next mid-range Motorola has appeared at a Romania shop months earlier expected for its official announcement date (the previous model came in May).

Apparently, an anonymous user has tried to sell a prototype which ensures is a Moto G5 Plus and, although currently the ad is no longer available, has left a good collection of images and a list of specifications in its path. Let’s see what this so-called Moto G5 Plus.

New design and discrete improvements

If the device of the images just to be confirmed as the G5 Plus bike, we can expect a redesign rather obvious, although maintaining the usual line on Motorola devices. The rear would have a matte grey tone with an outer frame in a different key and the camera would be placed in a circular piece much larger reminiscent of the Moto Z.

The front also presents some change, especially in the fingerprint reader located on the button under the screen, which He abandoned this square shape so unflattering current models in favour of a button oval much more consistent with the aesthetics of the device.

As to the list of specifications, the ad describes a rather discrete changes with respect to the previous generation device. The primary would be the processor, which would become a Snapdragon 625, but substantial changes are in fact not appreciated.


MOTO G5 PLUS (provisional Specs)

SCREEN 5.5 inchFUllHD 1920 x 1080 pixels
PROCESSOR Snapdragon 625 octa – core 2.0 GhzGPU Adreno 506
SOFTWARE 7.0 Android Nougat
CAMERAS Rear: 13 MPFront: 5 MP
EXTRAS Fingerprint reader
BATTERY 3.080 mAh

As we said at the beginning, it is still time for the presentation of the G5 bike. If Lenovo maintains an annual renewal cycle, the device should arrive next month of may, so it is rather early to make guesses. In this sense, There might be a ‘fake’, but there is a chance that in effect is a no prototype.

A few days ago leaked the so-called renderings of the next Moto X, which oddly would have a design very similar to the Moto G5 Plus. At the moment there is nothing confirmed, but we have it clear is that the design we see in photos It does not correspond to any Motorola team presented officially.

The device was on sale for $388, but taking into account that it is a prototype, Lenovo could block it remotely easily, We do not believe that the transaction has come to fruition.