So Will Be The Samsung Galaxy S8 According to Eldar Murtazin: with Minijack, Virtual Assistant and PC Function

Following the withdrawal of Note 7, all eyes are on the still-unknown Galaxy S8. The future flagship of Samsung has the complicated task of surprise us as much as for forget whole thing batteries that were set on fire, and rumors suggest that it will be but is it the S8 as leaks draw it?

On this occasion the information comes from the hand of Eldar Murtazin, an acquaintance ‘ leaker who has a broad history of successes in regards to leaks about Samsung products, so it has enough credibility. Murtazin has spoken about the next Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Galaxy, This is what we can expect.

Confirming rumors…

According to Murtazin, Samsung already showed the Galaxy S8 to some operators in December and his design was one of the aspects causing more printing, Although it does not give details on their appearance. So far we have seen it in form of renderings and any real image showing a front without hardly side frames and two fine bands up and down. Which Yes makes clear is that the device we saw a few days ago in a few promotional videos Samsung was not the S8.

This configuration left space for the physical button where usually placed the fingerprint reader, which will now be placed under the glass screen, although according to Murtazin Samsung it was the possibility of placing it on the back.

Possible measures of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus with 6.2 inch

Also confirms that the S8 will come in two versions in which the protagonist will be the size of display, with models of 5.7 and 6.2 inches respectively. However, despite the increase in size, overall dimensions would not be hardly affected with respect to the current S7 and S7 edge.

Another novelty that has been confirmed by this famous Russian blogger is the presence of a new improved Super AMOLED system It will offer a more faithful color reproduction, brighter and will be more efficient from the energy point of view.

In the section on hardware we can expect a model with the 835 Snapdragon chip and another with Exynos 8895, both with a game mode that could make reference to the ‘beast mode’ that discussed a few weeks ago. Murtazin also confirms software features as the virtual assistant Bixby, Samsung Pay and the role of It will allow to convert the S8 in a desktop computer, but for now his name is unknown.

…and denying others

The majority of details offered by Murtazin go very much in the line of what you were listening to so far, with the exception of some details such as physical connectors that integrate the device.

Confirmed, the S8 Galaxy will have a headphone minijack connector, Unlike what some previous rumors that the mark claimed would follow the footsteps of companies like Apple and Motorola. In addition, it assures the charging socket a USB-C and not a MicroUSB how it looked in some renderings leaked by a manufacturer of housings.

The RAM is another point that does not coincide with that which has spoken more recently and, while confirming Yes the games so that could be the rumored ‘beast mode’, ensures that the RAM will stay in 6 GB and not 8 GB, which is not bad.

Finally, Murtazin refers to prices and figures are very much in the line of what cost the S7 and S7 edge in launching and no would be more expensive as I had speculated. Specifically the price for the normal S8 would be between 700 and 750 dollars, while the S8 Plus would rise to $850. The date of filing if coincides with rumors: mid April.