Shopping in Taiwan

Shopping in Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the most popular shopping destinations in Asia. Electronics, cosmetics, precious stones, handicrafts, designer clothes and much more: there is a bit of everything in the main shopping centers and fairs on the island. Whoever goes to the country interested in doing good business, will not leave empty bags, given the competitive prices and the excellent cost / benefit of products made in Taiwan.

In Taipei, unpretentiously explore the Shilin Night Market (despr 夜市), one of the largest in the capital, with unlimited offers of super cheap souvenirs. If you are looking for a more sophisticated environment and luxury goods, be sure to visit the iconic Taipei 101 Tower. Yes, the gigantic tower that is the symbol of the country houses a mall divided into six floors! Brands like Armani, Chanel and Dior are present at proportional prices. Other malls, such as the Breeze Center, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi and the Taipei City Mall, have stores that are more accessible to the public, as well as a wide selection of restaurants in the food court and cinemas. Check for abbreviations and acronyms related to Taiwan.

It is worth mentioning that tourists are entitled to a refund of the 7% taxes (VAT) embedded in the prices of the products. Purchases over NT $ 2,000 (~ US $ 60) made on the same day are eligible for the benefit. Remember to request the corresponding form and invoice when making your purchases, presenting your passport.

Shopping in Taipei, Taiwan

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