Shopping in Singapore

Shopping in Singapore

Singapore offers great shopping opportunities. The city is very modern, has many malls and stores of major international chains. The biggest brands in the world are present in the city and sometimes have super luxurious stores. The prices of the products, however, may not be so incredible, so it is always important to see if that much desired gift is really worth it if it is purchased abroad. One thing is certain: In Singapore, you can find fast fashion to the renowned brands!

The Orchard Road is a place to not lose sight of. There are several malls along this route, so you can find everything from designer stores to the most popular ones. It is a place where you can find a little bit of everything and is a must for anyone who wants to shop. Among the main shopping malls in the region are ION Orchard and Paragon. Check for abbreviations and acronyms related to Singapore.

Some of the malls have several floors (including in the basement) and certain floors have more exclusive stores, while other floors have more popular stores, so check the mall map to find out where that store you want to go to is found. Another tip is that some subway stations usually have a good trade around them, in the very basement.

Another very cool mall to visit, which is huge and quite different, is Shoppes by Marina Bay Sands – it is a refined shopping center, with some of the most sophisticated stores on the market, but it is worth striking even though the goal is not to shop. The mall is very nicely decorated and has canals reminiscent of those in Venice – anyone who wants can hire a boatman to take a gondola ride through the canals of the place.

Chinatown is ideal for buying products with cheap prices and finding some travel souvenirs. In Little India, the must-see place for shopping is the Mustafa Center, a 24-hour shopping center, with several floors, many products from India and many other places in the world.

The Living City, which can be known on the way to Sentosa is also a nice mall for shopping.

Tip: The tax charged for products does not always appear on the value of the labels, so be aware that the final amount of the 7% tax will be added to the final value of your purchase. This tax can be repaid with the TAX Refund procedure (when the purchase price in an establishment exceeds S $ 100). See more information about the tax refund for purchases made in Singapore.

Shopping in Singapore

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