Shopping in Porto, Portugal

Shopping in Porto, Portugal

The alleys of Porto, the so-called capital of the North, are extremely charming, full of history and incredible constructions. In addition, in several of these addresses the visitor finds a lot of legal stores that sell a little of everything: works of art, ceramic items, clothes and delicacies from Portugal; a real paradise for those who do not miss the opportunity to do some shopping.

The entire region of Baixa Portuense, for example, is considered excellent for shopping, as it concentrates gourmet stores – where you will find wines, cheeses and other local delicacies -, souvenir shops, antique shops and also some thrift stores.

Something that we cannot fail to mention here are the city’s markets, among them the traditional Bolhão. A good place to buy souvenirs, such as t-shirts, tea towels, fruit and also to stroll and enjoy the famous auctions.

Check out some must-see addresses of the city for shopping:


In Ribeira, facing the Douro River, there is the restaurant that serves divine dishes and also offers one of the most beautiful views in Porto. If the day is beautiful, be sure to sit at one of the tables that are outside the establishment and enjoy entrees such as “Queijinho Chapeado” with honey and pine nuts, the cheese board and sausages, as well as main dishes such as Confined Cod Loin and Shrimp Açorda.

Check out the full menu here.

On site there is also a store where the customer can purchase exclusive Portuguese products, such as wines, olive oils, cheeses and cod snacks. Be sure to check it out!

Rua de Cima do Muro dos Bacalhoeiros, nº 153-155, Ribeira, Porto – CEP: 4050-080
Telephone: +351 960 378 883

Fernandes, Mattos & Companhia

In downtown Porto, more precisely, at Rua das Carmelitas (where Livraria Lello is also located), you will find the Fernandes, Mattos and Companhia store. A super charming place, installed in a warehouse from 1886, where a series of interesting objects are sold, such as books, travel articles, various accessories, toys and much more. That kind of store that sells a little of everything, and where you don’t want to leave anymore!

Rua das Carmelitas, 108, Porto

Graham’s Port Lodge

A tradition that began with the Graham brothers, in 1820, and continues to this day, giving rise to one of the best known Port wines in the world. At this address, the visitor will not only get to know everything about the famous brand, see up close some of the works developed, such as collecting samples for the tasting room, but will also have beautiful views of the city.

Graham’s is just a few meters from the Douro waterfront – in Vila Nova de Gaia -, across the famous Luís I bridge.

Rua do Agro 141, Vila Nova de Gaia – CEP: 4400-281
Telephone: +351 22 377 6484
Hours: Mon – Sun: 9: 30–18: 30 \ n

Lello e Irmão Bookstore / Rua das Carmelitas

The Lello e Irmão bookstore was already considered the third most beautiful in the world in the segment. Opened at the beginning of the 20th century, the place soon became an important meeting place for intellectuals and, today, in addition to the incredible collection of books, it attracts locals and tourists both for history and architecture.

Upon arriving at number 144 on Rua das Carmelitas – a street full of interesting shops – the visitor will come across a stunning building. The façade is in neo-Gothic style and there are two beautiful paintings, one representing art and the other, science.

The interior is to leave anyone impressed with the large amount of wooden shelves, the ceiling and the luxurious staircase that leads to the upper floor, where there is a small cafe.

das Carmelitas, 144, Porto
Telephone: +351 22 200 2037
Hours: Monday to Friday – 9:30 am to 7:00 pm Saturdays – 9:30 am to 1 pm

Bolhão Market

Flowers, fresh food (cheeses, sweets, breads, fish) and souvenirs from Portugal of all kinds can be found in this traditional market in downtown Porto, installed in a building built between 1914 and 1917.

A place with an incredible atmosphere, where even today there are heated trading sessions, and worth visiting even if you don’t intend to buy anything. Bolhão is located in a super central area of ​​the city, about 600 meters from São Bento Station.

Sá da Bandeira, Porto – CEP: 4000-214
Telephone: +351 22 332 6024
Hours: Mon – Fri: 7: 00–15: 00 \ nSat: 7: 00–13: 00 \ n

Flowers Street

Rua das Flores is one of the most important addresses in Porto. Executed at the behest of King D. Manuel I, in 1521, it was built with the aim of making a direct connection between Largo de S. Domingos and the Porta de Carros (a door in the fernandine wall).

Nowadays, it can be said that Rua das Flores is one of the most historical in the city. An address where there are beautiful buildings and several centuries old, with their typical balconies, and where the visitor will find a series of shops and restaurants that serve the best of local cuisine.

Be sure to visit the site:

– Casa dos Maias at number 29;

– Casa dos Cunhas Pimentéis from the 16th century (on the corner with Largo de S. Domingos);

– Casa dos Sousa e Silva at number 79/83: with a coat of arms that marks the date of 1703;

– Casa dos Constantinos no 139: dating from the 18th century.

Santa Catarina Street

A lot of interesting stores (brands like Zara and Benetton) and a lot of movement. That’s all the visitor will find on this traditional and super central street in Porto. In fact, it is at number 112 that the most famous café in the city is installed and also one of the most traditional in Portugal, Café Majestic. Ideal for a “delicious break” before or after shopping!

Rua de Santa Catarina, Porto – CEP: 4000
Hours: Mon – Sun: 24 hours \ n

Rua dos Clérigos

In the vicinity of the famous tower and the church of Clérigos, on the street that bears the same name, the visitor will come across a very busy trade, with shops selling clothes, shoes, religious art, as well as cafes selling delicious Portuguese sweets and snacks.. Ideal place for those who do not miss the chance to return home with the bag full!

Shopping in Porto, Portugal

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