Shopping in Panama City, Panama

Shopping in Panama City, Panama

Speaking of shopping is to mention a subject that takes many Brazilians to Panama City. The place is known as a great place for shopping and really lives up to its fame. The capital has several shopping malls and a multitude of local stores and foreign brands from the most varied branches. The country’s official currency is the balboa, however the US dollar circulates in the streets, which is equivalent to the local currency. The dollar is used in the form of banknotes and balboa in the form of currency – there are no balboa banknotes. Visit for map of Panama City, Panama.

Shopping in Panama City, Panama

A frequent question from people about Panama is whether shopping there is really worthwhile. Yes, it’s worth it, but you need to consider the dollar value when naming your trip. Typically, a product purchased in Panama is cheaper than a similar product, purchased in Brazil.

Another common question is: Panama or Miami? Panama is considered the new Miami, with the advantage of not requiring a visa for Brazilians, but the original Miami remains an advantage for shopping. If your travel itinerary includes destinations other than the USA, then consider stopping in the Panamanian capital for shopping.

Buying where Panamanians shop is the best alternative to save; if that’s what you’re looking for, get away from the center and go to Metromall and Los Pueblos, which have good prices. Metromall is a large mall, with a modern interior and stores of all kinds; Los Pueblos, in front of the same mall, is a popular place with several open-air stores. Los Pueblos is neither luxurious nor beautiful, but it can pay off if you are lucky and have the patience to look.

To find all the famous brands and discover the most luxurious Shopping in the city, go to the Multiplaza. There you will find products from the most important brands in the world and you will be able to enjoy a super modern environment and, consequently, with more expensive products. In the same region, but with much less charm, is the Multicentro, which has varied stores and reasonable prices.

The Albrook Mall, a little further away from the hotel area and the most touristy part of the city, is another option for those looking for good prices. The mall is not new, however it has a wide variety of stores and still has a large supermarket – an interesting option for buying small products.

If the purpose of your trip is only related to shopping, be aware of the fact that months when there is a change of collection in stores (January, February, July and August) are good times to travel. Another important tip is that a 7% tax falls on the prices of products in stores – that is, the value of the labels is not always the total value, as it does not include the tax.

Albrook Mall

For those looking to save money, Albrook Mall is considered one of the best malls in Panama. It is more distant from the hotel area of ​​the city and the tourist center, which favors so that the prices are better.

The mall does not have a modern appearance like the others, but it has more than four hundred stores, guaranteeing variety of all types of products. There is a new area of ​​the mall with famous brands, but you can also find stores of products that are not so famous in Brazil with good price and quality. Inside there is a supermarket and anyone who wants to buy products to eat or drink can make use of the convenience of finding everything they need inside the mall.

Albrook stores include: Tommy Hilfiger, Banana Republic, Reebok, Lacoste, Crocs, Converse, La Riviera, Mac Store, Adidas, Diesel, Gap, Brooksfield, Puma, Quicksilver, Billabong, Levis, Nike etc.

Amphora Duty Free – Amateur

The duty free Amateur is a good place in Panama City for shopping. The store is in a quiet area, has plenty of physical space and sells different types of products. Expect to find makeup products, drinks, glasses, electronics and, above all, perfumes there.

During our visit, we noticed that some prices were quite advantageous in relation to those practiced in Brazil and, in some cases, lower than the prices of malls.

Panama Viejo Craft Center

The Centro Artesanal de Panamá Viejo or Mercado Artesanal is one of the good places in Panama City to buy local handicrafts, often produced by indigenous people.
The springs, colorful fabrics made with cotton in different colors and figures, are present in all types of products and are a great souvenir to take home. In addition to the springs, you will find wooden pieces, clothes, bags, straw products, etc.

The prices practiced in the market, however, are not so attractive because it is a very popular place for tourists.

Los Pueblos

Los Pueblos Shopping Center is a collection of open-air stores.
Several Panamanians have indicated the place to shop, ensuring that prices there are better. During our visit we noticed really lower prices (especially in electronics) and, at times, the prices were equivalent to those found in ordinary shopping malls. Is it worth buying there? It depends. You can find better prices or not, just by visiting to find out.

Many people say that the place is the cheapest for shopping, but if you want to enjoy a beautiful and structured mall, we do not recommend it. It is an interesting area to look for offers, but without comfort or perks.

There are people who say that the Los Pueblos Shopping Center region is dangerous, but we had no setbacks during our experience – the place was even policed. Just be careful with your bag and avoid shopping there at night.


Metromall is considered a great mall for Shopping in Panama. The mall is large, has a modern interior and great prices. It is far from the hotel area of ​​the city, but it is the closest to Tocumen Airport – and therefore used by many families who make a long connection and take advantage of the stop at the passenger terminal to do some shopping.

The place offers a wide variety of stores, including: AudioFoto, Calvin Klein, Casio, Converse, Eastpak, Kenneth Cole, La Riviera, Lacoste, Levi’s, Nike, Puma, Tommy Hilfiger etc.

If the purpose of your trip is shopping, this place should not be out of your itinerary.


Multicentro is a shopping mall close to the tourist area of ​​Panama City. The mall has several floors and an older look, with good shops and options for shopping and services, especially if your hotel is in that area and you don’t want to go far to shop – but the prices are not as interesting as those at the malls that are in the suburbs of the city.

There you will not find so many stores of renowned brands, but there are some, such as AudioFoto, Levi’s, Kenneth Cole, Nautica, Lacoste, Guess, Desigual, Brooksfield, Adidas and Nike, among others.

Multiplaza Pacific Mall

Want to see the stores of the moment and find the most famous brands in the world? The Multiplaza is your place! The mall, new, modern and large, brings together stores of super-renowned brands. The price is not as good as the other shopping centers and that is why this mall is considered the most expensive in Panama City.

Although the price is not so attractive, we found the place very pleasant, with a wide variety of stores – it is worth visiting. Ah, an advantage: it is relatively close to the hotel area!

Knowing the place, which has a neat interior decoration, you will see stores like Ralph Lauren, Givenchy, Diesel, Lacoste, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Armani, Fendi, Carolina Herrera, Roberto Cavalli, Zara, Adidas, Nike, Hermes, Louis Vuitton etc.

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