Shopping in New York City, USA

Shopping in New York City, USA

Shopping may not even be the main objective of those visiting New York, after all, the city has so much to visit… However, it is inevitable to return from a trip without doing at least one shopping. The city is like an open-air mall, with hundreds of different stores on the streets, selling from real bargains to the finest haute couture clothing. Check for abbreviations and acronyms related to New York, USA.

New York really has stores that appeal to everyone, both popular and exclusive stores. The stores are mainly spread across Manhattan and some specific areas are interesting to find a variety of stores, one close to the other. The Fifth Avenue, for example, is a sure stop for those who want to find some of the top stores in the world. The Times Square, known for its famous signs, is also a place good for shopping as it brings together some of the stores that most Brazilians love to shop. The Soho is a must for those looking for different things, it has a great variety of shops and beyond the more traditional shops, also has designer boutiques. The area ofHerald Square and Union Square also have good shopping options.

To find everything in the same place, the tip is to visit the giant department stores, such as Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s, which sell several brands of products in the same place; the stores are so big that they look like real malls and sell everything – men’s clothing, women’s and children’s clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, bags, sporting goods, etc. 34St Macy’s is so big that it is considered the largest store in the world! In these large stores, it is worth asking for the discount offered to foreigners, at Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s, for example, when you present a Brazilian document, you receive 10% discount.

Anyone who wants to buy electronics should stop by Best Buy and B&H Photo Video, an excellent store to buy equipment for cameras, camcorders and various other electronics. To buy cosmetics, the tip is to go to pharmacies like Duane Reade, CVS Pharmacy and Walgreens. For clothes shopping, there is a complete universe, ranging from the popular Forever 21, H&M, GAP, Abercrombie to Prada and Chanel. If you want to buy cold clothes, jackets and second skin, our suggestion is the Japanese brand Uniqlo, which sells basic clothes at a good price.

Before you start shopping, we recommend going to Century 21, a store that works as an outlet and sells products of good brands at prices well below those of conventional stores. The Century 21 is great to buy perfumes and clothes, worth a visit.

Those who really want to dedicate themselves to shopping and find those devastating prices that the United States offers, will need to escape a little from the core of Manhattan. The Woodbury Premium Outlets, about 75km from Manhattan is an outlet, that place where there are stores that sell pieces from previous collections, at great prices. The outlets have quality products and the prices are much better than those offered in the usual stores. Woodbury is an unmissable place for those who want to find cool brand products at great prices and can be reached by bus. The location has outlets from GAP, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Ralph Lauren etc.

Another option for those looking to find products for less than those found in regular Manhattan stores is Jersey Gardens, a mall with many stores and outlets. As it is closed, it is a good program for a rainy day and the best thing is that in New Jersey, where Jersey Gardens is located, products such as clothing are exempt from tax, which is charged in the state of New York.

To save even more, visit department stores like Mashall’s and Burlington, which are like stores that sell tip-of-stock. It takes a bit of work to find products in these stores, because they are often disorganized, but once you find things you like, you will probably fall in love with prices.

In the United States, the price shown on the labels is always increased by a tax, which is charged on payment, at the cashier. This rate is 8.875% in New York City and falls under products such as electronics, clothing, shoes, etc.

B&H Photo Video

Anyone thinking about buying electronics in New York should place B&H at the top of the list of stores to visit. The store is huge and takes up a large space in Chelsea. It has a little bit of everything, photographic equipment, video equipment, tablets, cell phones and everything that involves the world of audio and photography, such as microphones, tripods, lenses and other accessories.

The price of products in the store is very good, especially when compared to prices in Brazil. As the store is very large, it is possible until you get lost inside, without knowing exactly where to go to find what you need, so always ask the employees. The people who work at the store are very helpful and several of them speak Portuguese and Spanish, so even if you don’t speak English there will not be so much difficulty in communicating.

Buying at B&H works more or less in stages. First you must look for a seller in the area where your product is, after choosing the product, he will send you to a counter where your order will be confirmed and your product will be checked; then you must go to the payment area (divided into payment in cash or card). It is very interesting that at B&H there is an internal transport system for products to be moved from one location to another.

Because it belongs to Jews and many of its workers are Jews, the store closes its doors on Fridays at 2pm and only reopens on Sundays.


Macy’s is the most famous department store in the United States. In New York, at 34th St, is one of the brand’s stores, it occupies an entire block and is considered the largest store in the world! Macy’s sells a bit of everything and is so big that it looks like a mall and you can spend the whole day inside. It is a good program for when the weather is rainy, as there are even restaurants and Starbucks inside.

It is divided into sections and payment is made in each of these sections instead of being paid in a single cashier. In the 34th St store there is a floor for cosmetics, another for shoes, one for bags, another for women’s clothing, another for men’s clothing and so on. The store is really amazing and there you can find a huge variety of products.

Foreigners have a 10% discount, so don’t forget to bring your Brazilian document to present at the time of payment.

Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue or Fifth Avenue is one of the most important and well-known roads in New York. It was once home to luxurious mansions of wealthy people who lived in the city, but today it is more occupied by commercial buildings and stores. An address on the avenue is worth a fortune, which is why it houses exclusive buildings and stores from the best brands in the world. On some holidays, the avenue is decorated and closed for parades, such as those that occur on Easter and Veterans Day.

Great for shopping, Fifth Avenue has stores like Apple, Saks, Cartier, Bloomingdale’s, Uniqlo, Forever 21, H&M, Best Buy, Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana Prada and buildings like the public library, Flatiron Building, Rockefeller Center and St Patrick’s Cathedral.

It is a place with a lot of people and cars, full of shops, banks, traditional buildings. You can’t go to New York and stop taking a walk on Fifth Avenue.

Century 21 Department Store

Century 21 is a department store and, unlike other stores of the same style, it sells high-end products. Their prices are very good, like those for outlets; that’s why the place is so famous and appeals to full-time consumers.

There you can find products of famous brands and clothes by renowned designers at prices well below those practiced in conventional stores. A little patience is needed to find what you want, because there are many products, but in general, the place is well organized. The store sells women’s, men’s, handbags, watches, perfumes (at great prices), shoes, bags and much more.

There are two brand stores in Manhattan and our tip is to go to the Upper West Side, which has fewer people.

The Mills at Jersey Gardens

Jersey Gardens is a mall in New Jersey, ideal for those who are in NY and want to do some shopping at very advantageous prices. It gathers several stores that Brazilians like and for those who really want to shop, it is good to reserve a whole day to be strolling there.

And why shop in New Jersey if Manhattan has so many stores? See just the main reasons for shopping at Jersey Gardens: it is like Brazilian malls, all closed (excellent option for rainy days); Another advantage is that in the mall there are several outlets, which are stores that sell products from past collections at excellent prices and, mainly, because in New Jersey clothes and shoes are exempt from taxes, while in NY 8.875% of taxes are charged when buying these. products.

Arriving at Jersey Gardens, look for the customer service counter and present your document issued in Brazil, this will allow you to win a booklet of discounts that can be used on purchases made in the mall stores. Each store has its rules regarding discount coupons, but they are usually useful when making multiple purchases at the same store.

Jersey Gardens stores include: Armani Exchange Outlet, Abercrombie outlet, Aéropostale, Bed Bath & Beyond, Burlington Coat Factory, Century 21, Calvin Klein, Converse, Ecko Unlimited, Foot Locker, Forever 21, Guess Factory Store, H&M, Kipling, The Lego Store, Levi’s Outlet Store, Loft Outlet, Michael Kors, Nautica, Nike Factory Store, Nine West Outlet, Puma Store, Reebok, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sansonite, Timberland Factory Store, Toys R Us Outlet, Tommy Hilfiger, US Polo ASSN, Victoria’s Secret Outlet etc.

To eat, the place has Applebee’s, IHOP, Burger King, Johnny Rockets, Starbucks, Chili’s etc.

How to get there: From Port Authority bus station on 42nd Street, you can take NJTransit Line 111, which costs $ 13, roundtrip. Buy the return ticket and try to leave NY in the morning and return at the end of the day, as bus schedules are limited. In the late afternoon, the bus stop outside Jersey Gardens is packed with people waiting for the bus to return to NY; if you want to avoid taking the full bus, you can go to Ikea by taxi (about $ 10 a ride) and after visiting Ikea take the same bus, but with very few people as the transport passes first at the point near Ikea and then at Jersey Gardens.

From Newark Airport there is a shuttle that leaves from the AirTrain station.
Jersey Gardens or Woodbury?
Those who want to shop and save should not miss going to an outlet and near NY there are two of them: Jersey Gardens and Woodbury. Which one to choose? It depends on your need.
– Jersey Gardens is about 27 km from Manhattan, Woodbury is about 75 km from Manhattan.
– Jersey Gardens is in an enclosed location, Woodbury in an open area.
– The ticket (round trip) from Port Authority to Jersey Gardens costs about $ 13, the ticket to Woodbury costs $ 43.
– Jersey Gardens has more conventional stores and Woodbury has more outlets.
– Jersey Gardens has more popular stores and Woodbury has more stores of famous brands.

Our suggestion: check out the store list for both locations (see Jersey Gardens store list and Woodbury store list) and see which store best suits your needs. If you prefer a location closer to Manhattan and want to spend less on transportation, go to Jersey Gardens; but if you want to spend your shopping and visit all the stores you are entitled to, go to Woodbury because your selection of stores is superior.

Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

Going to New York thinking about shopping? So it’s good to reserve a day just for that, get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and make room for Woodbury, an outlet about 75km from Manhattan that has stores from the best brands in the world! In this open-air outlet you will find more than 230 stores, including department stores and haute couture stores. Woodbury is a democratic outlet, because even though it has some stores of fine and expensive brands, it also has more popular stores.

Outlets are those stores that sell products from past collections at very advantageous prices. If we are in summer, for example, you will be able to find winter clothes, which have already left the stores, for very cool prices. To help, take or buy a suitcase over there, so you don’t have to carry all your purchases in one bag.

At Woodbury you will find stores like: Adidas, Aéropostale, Armani Outlet, Balenciaga, Banana Republic Factory Store, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Celine, CH Carolina Herrera, Chloé, Converse, Columbia, Diane von Furstenberg, Diesel, Dior, DKNK, Dolce & Gabanna, Fendi, GAP Factory Store, Gucci, Guess, Kate Spade, Lacoste, Levi’s, Michael Kors, Nautica, Nike Factory Store, Oakley, Prada, Puma, Quicksilver, The North Face, Ralph Lauren Factory Store, Saint Laurent Paris, Saks Fifth Avenue, Timberland, Tom Ford etc. See all Woodbury stores here. In the food court there are stores at Subway, Mc Donald’s, Nathan’s, Cinnabon etc.

To get there: the Short Line bus costs US $ 43, roundtrip, and leaves Port Authority bus station on 42nd Street. To make the most of the time, leave Manhattan early in the morning, before Woodbury even opens, so you arrive at the outlet when the stores are opening, which means that they will be better organized and with more products.

Going by bus you still have the right to get a free book with discount coupons to be used in the outlet stores. This booklet is available at the customer service center and those who visit the location of their own vehicle will be able to buy it.

Reserve at least one day to tour the outlet, as it is far from Manhattan.

Jersey Gardens or Woodbury?
Those who want to shop and save should not miss going to an outlet and near NY there are two of them: Jersey Gardens and Woodbury. Which one to choose? It depends on your need.
– Jersey Gardens is about 27 km from Manhattan, Woodbury is about 75 km from Manhattan.
– Jersey Gardens is in an enclosed location, Woodbury in an open area.
– The ticket (round trip) from Port Authority to Jersey Gardens costs about $ 13, the ticket to Woodbury costs $ 43.
– Jersey Gardens has more conventional stores and Jersey Gardens has a lot more outlets.
– Jersey Gardens has more popular stores and Woodbury has more stores of famous brands.

Our suggestion: check out the store list for both locations (see Jersey Gardens store list and Woodbury store list) and see which store best suits your needs. If you prefer a location closer to Manhattan and want to spend less on transportation, go to Jersey Gardens; but if you want to spend your shopping and visit all the stores you are entitled to, go to Woodbury because your selection of stores is superior.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond is a chain that sells items for home, table and bath, articles for daily use, decoration, utilities and various other types of things for a home. It is a good place to shop, especially for those who like the home environment or want to set up a layette.

In New York the network is present in different addresses, it is worth looking at which one is more comfortable for you. Try looking at the store’s website as well ( so you can get an idea of ​​what you will find there.

Best Buy

Best Buy is the most famous electronics chain in the United States. It is present in several addresses and sells products such as cameras and camcorders, televisions, cell phones, video games, games, accessories for electronics, computers, tablets, GPS, batteries, watches, etc.

It is a huge store, with a multitude of products. For those who like technology, it is always worth visiting one of their addresses.


Bloomingdale’s is a high-end department that is present in several American cities, including New York. She belongs to the same group as Macy’s and has several types of products: makeup, bags, shoes, clothing, accessories, etc; its differential is that many of its products are from luxury brands or renowned designers.
It is a store that usually has expensive and good quality products.

Foreigners are entitled to 10% discount upon presentation of a foreign document.


Burlington is a department store that sells high-end products. The place has clothes and accessories, but its main focus is the cold coats. If you’re traveling to New York in the winter, especially, this is a great place to buy good quality warm clothing at a friendly price.

CVS pharmacy

CVS is a chain of pharmacies that is present in different parts of New York. The place sells medicines, of course, but American pharmacies have much more than medicines, and the variety of products they offer is a great place to make certain types of purchases.

Pharmacies like CVS are good for buying cosmetics and makeup; if you want to buy shampoos, vitamins, popular brand makeup, face products and everything that has to do with your body’s health, this is the place!
It is difficult to enter CVS and not buy more than we had in mind, the variety of products is so great that we always leave with something in the bag that is not so indispensable.

Duane Reade

Duane Reade is a very large American pharmacy chain and without much effort you will end up finding a chain store when walking through New York. The store sells medicine, yes, but it is much more than that: it sells hygiene products, cosmetics, makeup, perfumes, etc. It is a paradise for those who want to find beauty products at low prices and to find those popular makeup brands that are sold at much higher prices in Brazil. For girls who like or vain people, it is a place that should have a place in the program.

Forever 21

Created in Los Angeles in 1984, Forever 21 has become one of the largest fast fashion clothing chains in the world. The store is a huge success because it has beautiful, current and quality products at a popular price. The young audience is the main target of the place and the store sells children’s clothing, men’s clothing and mainly women’s clothing and accessories.

Forever 21 usually has huge stores, Times Square has 6 floors; and this is good because it means that the store has a wide variety of products, but at the same time it is a little tiring and requires a good deal of patience to find what you want. Those who prefer to shop quickly and be practical may not like the place very much. Try to go to the stores in the morning, as soon as they open, at that moment they will be more empty, more organized and with more products available.

Forever 21 stores are often full. Expect to find queues at the changing rooms and also to make the payment at the cashier.


H&M is a Swedish fast fashion chain that has several stores in New York. The chain sells men’s clothing, women’s clothing and accessories, and has more than 3,300 stores around the world. You don’t even have to look far to find an H&M in your travels, there are so many stores that one will probably come your way.

H&M stores are usually large and have lots of racks, which means they have lots of products and to buy something you will have to be a little patient until you find what you want. H&M sells modern clothes and has cheerful and more sober collections, which can be used as work clothes, for example.

Herald Square

Herald Square is a square in Manhattan, located between 34th St and 35th St and Avenue of the Americas. The square itself is not so special, but the region that is close to the square is great for shopping as it concentrates several cool stores. Among the stores you can visit near Herald Square and Penn Station, especially at 34th St, are Macy’s (the largest store in the world), H&M, Forever 21, Aldo, Uniqlo, Aeropostale, Zara, Sephora, Foot Locker, GAP, Levi’s, Steve Madden, Mango, Desigual, Duane Reade etc.


Will marry? So it is possible that you will fall in love with this store. Kleinfeld is a store dedicated to wedding products, but there is an interesting detail about it: it is famous for having the largest collection of wedding dresses in the world. There are dresses of all types and models, many of them from famous designers.


Marshall’s is a department store that sells state-of-the-art products, which means that their prices can be quite advantageous compared to conventional stores.
The chain’s stores are usually large and offer a wide variety of products; they have clothes, shoes, bags, bath items, pieces used in the kitchen, etc. For those who want to save money, this is the ideal type of store, you just need to be patient because the stores are often disorganized.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue is a department store that sells luxury goods and has more than 100 years of history. The store already has women’s clothing and men’s clothing from renowned brands in the United States, designer handbags and shoes, accessories such as wallets, glasses, hats etc. It is a good place to find varied quality brands in one place.

Saks also has a line of stores called “Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth”, which works like a traditional Saks outlet and sells products at a discount, at much better prices than regular prices.


Sephora is a French cosmetics and make-up chain present in several cities around the world, including Brazil and the United States. In NY there are several physical stores of the brand and the best of all is that its products in the United States have excellent prices. There are Sephoras of every size across NY, from the simplest ones to huge stores!

Visiting a Sephora is an unmissable program among those who wish to shop, because there it is easy to find the best cosmetic brands in the world and an incredible variety of makeup and beauty products. If you thought about buying makeup while traveling, Sephora is the best place! In it you can find brands such as Benefit, Nars, Clinique, bareMinerals, Chanel, Kat Von D, afternoon, Urban Decay, Stila, Too Faced, as well as products from Sephora’s own line.

Toys “R” Us

Toys R US is a store specializing in toys and, although the theme seems a little childish, it is so incredible that even adults have fun walking through its corridors and sections. The store near Times Square is fantastic, has several floors and is almost an amusement park for children. The little ones are simply delighted with the place, because inside the store there is even a ferris wheel! Adults also have fun and become children again!

The products sold are separated by age and theme and there is much different. For those who are with their children or want to buy a gift for a child, it is an unmissable place!

Union Square Park

Union Square is a square located between 14th St and 17th St along Park Avenue. The region of this square was once a decadent place and today it is completely revitalized, with a lot of movement both day and night and has many cool shops and restaurants around it. The square itself is pleasant to rest and enjoy a quiet moment under a tree. On summer days, many people enjoy their lawn to sunbathe or have a meal outdoors.

The square is the stage for a fair called Union Square Greenmarket, which sells fresh fruits and vegetables. The fair takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and is great for those who want to buy healthy products.

Around the square, there are an enormous amount of shops and restaurants. Among the restaurants, the highlight is Max Brenner and Union Square Café, for shopping, you can go to Best Buy, Forever 21, Whole Foods Market, Burlington, Duane Reade and others.


Uniqlo is a Japanese clothing store that is present in New York and other American cities. The store has clothes for men, women and children, and its products are basic, but the quality is good and the price is right. Among the products are knit shirts, dress shirts, underwear, cold coats, pajamas, socks etc.

This is a great store for buying cool clothes, so if you visit NY in the winter, it’s worth a visit early in the trip. At Uniqlo you can buy second skin, essential to protect yourself from the cold, and feather-coated jackets for a reasonable price. Uniqlo’s cold coats are a special success and are known worldwide, they warm up, have little volume and take up little space.

Victoria’s Secret PINK

Victoria’s Secret is a chain of American stores aimed at the female audience and which is successful worldwide. As he was born in the United States, it is easy to find a chain store in New York. The store sells clothes for daily use, perfumes and makeup, especially its focus is lingerie.

Note that the company has two lines, one is “Victoria’s Secret” and another is “PINK” Victoria’s Secret is aimed at a more mature audience and PINK for a younger audience. In many cases the two stores are joint and are next to each other.


Walgreens is a very popular drugstore chain in the United States and what makes it different is that, in addition to medicines, its stores bring a huge variety of products; it’s almost like a small market. In some stores you will find medicines, shampoos and soaps, but in others you will even find shirts and souvenirs from the city visited.

Regardless of the chain store you visit, Walgreens is great for buying vitamins, cosmetics, makeup, snacks, etc. In it you can enjoy the variety of products that Americans create, you can find from Band-Aids of the most varied sizes to vitamins Centrum for a devastating price compared to that charged in Brazil. It is a good place to buy face creams, body creams, shavers, hygiene products, shampoos etc.

Shopping in New York City, USA

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