Shopping in Miami, USA

Shopping in Miami, USA

Buy, buy and buy – that’s what a lot of people have in mind when planning a trip to Miami. The city is really great for those who want to shop, it has several malls, outlets and prices so low, when compared to those charged in Brazil, that sometimes we don’t even believe in the size of the bargain. “Sale”, “70% off”, “savings”, “hot deals”, “buy 1 get 2 free” are terms seen in shop windows that have a magical effect on tourists.

Some North American store chains are very famous and are worth visiting, not only for the good prices, but for the wide variety of products they offer. To buy electronics, go to Best Buy ; if you want to visit a mega supermarket, with many interesting things, the tip is to go to Walmart (some stores are open 24 hours) and Target. The CVS pharmacy chain is also a good place to do some shopping, find cosmetics and makeup.

To buy clothes, we suggest visiting stores like Ross Dress for Less, TJ Maxx, Burlington Coat Factory and Marshalls, before even going to the mall stores and outlets. These megastores function more or less as the stock point of the stock point and in them you can find unbeatable prices! Pants, bags, shoes, shirts, dresses are found at incredible prices, but without much flexibility in size or model – have what is exposed and ready. The stores are messy; therefore, visit them early and avoid going to the place at the end of the day, when the macaws are already overturned. If you have patience, they are excellent stores, but if you prefer ease of finding products, they are not as recommended stores, because the purchase is good, but it is laborious.

If you travel to the United States in search of low prices, it is essential to go to an outlet. The outlets are stores that resell products from past collections, often with more limited range than the regular stores, but with great prices. If your business is economy, shop at outlets ! In several malls and outlets you can still get discount coupons, which make shopping even more advantageous! Before going to a mall, visit their website to print coupons or, once you get there, look for the customer service desk, where you can get the discount book.

If there’s one place that everyone remembers when talking about shopping in Miami, it’s Sawgrass Mills. The mall is in Sunrise, near Miami, but it is not just any mall: there are more than 350 stores, many of them famous brand outlets. For those who want to shop, it is recommended to walk there all day, as the place is huge and really makes good shopping. In this place you can find outlet stores like Nike, GAP, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, Calvin Klein and many others. Those who do not want to go that far can pay a visit to Dolphin Mall, a shopping mall that is more empty than Sawgrass and which also has options for outlets. At Dolphin, which is about 20 minutes from Downtown Miami, you will find outlets Banana Republic, Polo Ralph Lauren, Quicksilver, Levi’s etc. Want to buy cheap? So, your business is to go to an outlet !

To find stores that Brazilians love, visit malls like Aventura Mall and Dadeland. Its stores may not have prices as low as those of outlets, but a positive point of shopping in conventional stores in these malls is that they tend to have a greater variety of products, different models, sizes and colors. These malls are also more empty than the outlets and the purchase is usually more agile, with less queue to use the fitting room and to pay. For those in Miami Beach, Aventura Mall is super worth it for its proximity and easy access.

Don’t miss a stroll along Lincoln Road, via Miami Beach, which is an open-air mall and very pleasant to stroll and see the movement of people visiting the city. Lincoln Road is one of the points of Miami Beach and there you will find several options for shops, restaurants and coffee shops. In Coral Gables, a street that is very successful when it comes to shopping is the Miracle Mile. Its stores are varied, but it is ideal even for those looking for boutiques and wedding dresses; along its length it is possible to find several stores with beautiful white dresses, perfect for the day dreamed of by many women.

The Bayside Marketplace, in Downtown Miami, is a very pleasant mall, which, although it does not have such attractive stores, is in front of the sea and has beautiful views. This mall has several restaurants (some with live music at night) and is a good option for a meal with a beautiful view. The place is worth more for the look and restaurants than for shopping.

If you don’t want to save money and go to Miami thinking about buying luxury items, stop by the Bal Harbor Shops, a mall that brings together stores from the biggest brands in the world, such as Gucci, Prada, Fendi Chanel and Valentino. Even if you don’t want to shop, the mall is worth the visit because it has a unique decoration. Another option for those looking for renowned stores is the Village of Merrick Park, an open-air mall with several world-renowned stores.

Shopping Tips

Shopping is really the focus of many people who go to Miami and it is good to set aside time just for that. While shopping is fun, planning helps a lot, as spending an entire day shopping can be tiring. The malls are huge and the ideal is to reach the mall already knowing which stores you want to go to. When you arrive, look for a map that points out all the local stores and mark the stores you are interested in. That way it is possible to save a little time and get a sense of where you intend to go.

Please note that the price seen on the labels is not the final price of the product, as there is a tax on virtually everything we buy in the USA. The tax charged varies by state and city; in Miami and Miami Beach, the tax on products is 7% and in Orlando, 6.5%.

Try to travel with an idea of ​​what numbering you wear and pants in the United States, as this makes it easier to search and try a product. That way you don’t have to take as many clothes to the fitting rooms, which usually limit to six pieces at a time, per customer.

On the day of shopping, try to wear comfortable clothes and shoes that allow you to walk a lot without causing discomfort. Easy-to-take clothes are welcome, as there will always be a need to change clothes in the changing rooms.

After spending the day shopping, people end up having lots of bags to carry – it’s inevitable. Thinking about comfort when shopping, take a suitcase, or backpack, to the malls and outlets to put your bags. If you prefer, look for a luggage store in the mall and buy your bag there.

Avoid leaving bags with your purchases inside cars in parking lots, as they can be stolen. Also, avoid leaving your shopping bags without care or supervision at risk of being stolen.

“I have little time in Miami, where should I go shopping to save money?” If you have little time in the city and just want to shop, visit Dolphin Mall or Sawgrass Mills, which are the shopping centers with the most outlets. If you have to choose a single mall, put pros and cons on the scale: Sawgrass has more than 350 stores, but is about an hour from Miami; the place is excellent for shopping, but it is usually very crowded and it is not so easy to get to know everything in one day. The Dolphin Mall is smaller, has fewer stores, but is only 14km from Miami International Airport, or a 20-minute drive from Downtowm Miami. The best place to shop depends on your plans? Do you have time and want to have access to as many stores as possible? Go to Sawgrass. Do you have little time and want to find stores more easily? Go to Dolphin Mall.

Dolphin Mall

Anyone traveling to Miami with the aim of shopping and finding good deals should include Dolphin Mall in the itinerary. This mall is a great option to take advantage of the prices of outlets (stores with high-end products) without having to go too far for that.

It is just 14km from Miami International Airport; so it is a good place to shop for those who have a few hours waiting at the airport, for example. Another plus point is that it is just 20 minutes from Downtown Miami, while Sawgrass, another outlet mall, is about an hour’s drive away.

Dolphin is considered one of the best places to shop in Miami. It has many of the stores that Brazilians like and a very central location when compared to other shopping centers of the same type. In this mall you can find traditional stores, as well as outlets and factory stores, which sell products at great prices.

Walking in this mall is not a difficult task. It has a large floor and a second floor with only a few stores. There is a circular main corridor that gives access to almost all of its stores and an internal corridor. What draws attention in this mall is the number of anchor stores, such as Old Navy, Sports Authority, Forever XXI, Ross Dress for Less, Off 5th Saks, Marshalls, Burlington Coat Factory, Bass Pro Shop, Bloomingdale’s outlet, Last Call, Sam Ash Music. In addition to these, the mall has outlets from brands such as: GAP, Carter’s, Fossil, Loft, Levi’s, Nine West, Puma, Nike, Coach, Polo Ralph Laure, Quicksilve, among others.

How to get there: Access to this mall via public transport is not so easy; even if public buses arrive at Dolphin, they are time consuming, making the trip somewhat tiring. The trip between South Beach and Dolphin can take around two hours by bus.

We recommend that you use a rental car, which can be accessed via the Dolphin Expressway (toll road), or the mall bus – more practical ways than using public transport.

For those without a car, the best way to get to the mall is by taking a bus from the Dolphin Mall itself, which makes the trip from shopping-airport or shopping-Downtown Miami. See here for more information on how to get to Dolphin Mall by car or bus.

Sawgrass or Dolphin Mall?
Both malls have many outlets and are certainly great options for shopping. If you are in Miami and want to lose a little travel time, you should opt for Dolphin, which is much closer to the city center. Sawgrass gains in quantity of stores, but, because it has many establishments, it requires more time to be known. Dolphin is smaller, easier to walk and more empty.

In short: do you have time and really want to see everything you are entitled to? Go to Sawgrass. Do you prefer a more empty, closer and concise mall? The Dolphin Mall is a good one.

Sawgrass Mills

For shopping lovers, Sawgrass is a kind of paradise on earth. The mall is huge, has over 350 stores, is about 50 minutes / hour from Downtown Miami and is one of the best options for shopping in Florida. The success of the place is due to the huge variety of stores it has, many of them outlets – the famous stores that sell products from old collections at sensational prices.

Visiting Sawgrass takes planning. As the place is very large, it is ideal that you know before you arrive which stores you want to visit. Print a map of the mall and mark which stores you want to shop at or are interested in; after having the map in hand, set up your script. That way you will know exactly where you need to stop and you will not have to go back and forth without reference, or walking in vain. Another reason to always have a map in hand is that getting around Sawgrass is not easy. It has seven pavilions and several corridors, leaving the visitor confused from time to time. Here you can see a map of Sawgrass Mills.

Sawgrass anchor stores include: Super Target, Burlington Coat Factory, Marshalls, Forever XXI, Sports Authority, VF Outlet, Off 5th, Bed Bath & Beyond etc. Other successful stores are: Adidas, Aéropostale, Aldo, Giogio Armani, Asics, Banana Republic Factory Store, Bloomingdale’s, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Coach Factory, Converse, Crocs, Diesel, DKNY, GAP Outlet, Gucci, Guess Factory Store, Hurley, Jimmy Choo, Lacoste, Kate Spade, Lego, Le Creuset, Levi’s, Michael Kors, Michael Kors Outlet, Nine West Outlet, Nike Factory Store, Ralph Lauren Factory Store, Puma, Prada, Reebok, Sansonite Factory Store, Super Dry, Swarovski, Timberland, Tommy Hilfiger, Ugg, Valentino, Versace and Volcom.

Always be on the lookout for stores whose names are accompanied by words like “factory store” or “outlet”, as these are stores that sell products at lower prices than regular stores. In the same mall you can find stores with products from the current collection and store with products from previous collections (which have the most affordable discounts and prices).

Several shopping malls in the United States offer books at discounts that can yield prices even lower than those that appear on the labels. Each coupon works in a different way, but you should normally buy a minimum amount at each store in order to have this additional discount. You can print discount coupons on the Sawgrass website or purchase a book with valid coupons at various stores in the mall’s Guest Relations.

Although it is a really amazing place and has a lot of shopping options, there are those who don’t like Sawgrass because it is an extensive shopping center and a little confusing to get around – it is not uncommon to get lost in one of its pavilions or spend a lot of time to go to the stores sought. Sawgrass takes at least one day to be known, or two days, to be reviewed calmly.

How to get to Sawgrass by car: For those leaving Miami, just take Florida’s Turnpike and then the I-95 highway; are about 50km away.
We recommend not saving your purchases in your rental car while touring Sawgrass. There are several reports of car thefts in the parking lot. The best idea is to keep your purchases close to you during your visit to Sawgrass and take them to your car only when you leave the mall.

How to get to Sawgrass without a car: There are transport companies that take care of transporting between different hotels and Sawgrass. One of the options is Sawgrass Express, which has daily transportation between Miami and the mall. It costs US $ 25 for round-trip transportation (if booked over the internet), and transportation also entitles you to a booklet with discount coupons.

– Do not leave your purchases unattended, as thefts also happen in malls;
– If you want to do a lot of shopping, take a suitcase (or buy one at the mall) to carry all the bags more easily;
– Rent a stroller for children to be less tired of walking;
– Arrive early if you want to find the most empty stores.

Aventura Mall

Located in Aventura, Aventura Mall is considered by many to be one of the best places to shop in Miami, perhaps in Florida. It is huge and has several stores that Brazilians love!

It is true that Aventura does not have prices as low as those practiced in outlets, but it has very good brands and one of its advantages is that in its stores it is possible to find a greater variety of products and sizes – when compared to outlets, which have more limited parts. It is not an empty mall, but at the same time it is not as crowded as Sawgrass, for example; so it’s easier to shop without facing huge lines to pay for products or use the changing rooms. If you want to get the mall very empty, try to visit it as soon as it opens.

It is not a difficult mall to walk. It has a central aisle and from that aisle you can visit practically all stores; there are two floors, the building is completely closed – so a good option for rainy days. With a modern look and so many cool stores, it’s easy to spend all day shopping. Aventura also has a good variety of restaurants; enjoy going to the mall to eat at the Cheesecake Factory, a chain of restaurants with a varied menu and delicious cheesecakes!

Among Aventura’s stores are: Adidas, Abercrombie, Aeropostale, Apple, Ax Armani Exchange, Boss Hugo Boss, Banana Republic, Burberry, Bloomingdale’s, Calvin Klein, Camper, Champs, Cartier, Coach, Diesel, Disney Store, Dior, Foot Locker, Ferrari Store, Guess, GAP, H&M, Hollister, Inglot, JCPenney, Kipling, Kielh’s, Lacoste, Lego, Longchamp, Louis Vuitton, Macy’s, MAC, Miachel Kors, Microsoft, Monteblanc, Nordstrom, Oakley, Puma, Porsche Design, Quicksilver, RedValentino, Sears, Sephora, Sony, Swatch, Tiffany & Co., Tommy Hilfiger, Ted Baker, Ugg, Urban Outfitters, Victoria’s Secret and XXI Forever.

To eat: Cheesecake Factory, Five Guys, Godiva, Häagen-Dazs, Johnny Rockets, Tony Roma’s, among others.

Aventura has a very good location for those in Miami: it is north of Miami Beach and close to the beach. It is easily accessible by car and even by bus (those in South Beach can use line 120).

Tip: Look for a map in the visitor information center. With the map in hand, select the stores you intend to visit and create your itinerary. That way you can save time and be less tired of walking.

Lincoln Road

If New York has Fifth Avenue, Miami Beach has Lincoln Road. The route is like an open air mall, with a wide range of shops, cafes, restaurants and bars. The place is busy day and night and one of the points of Miami. It is a place to enjoy the atmosphere of the city and see the movement of people at any time of the day.

On Lincoln Road you can find stores like Apple Store, GAP, Zara, Ricky’s, H&M, Forever 21, Armani, American Appeal, Banana Republic, MAC Pro, Lacoste, among others. In the field of gastronomy, some of the highlights are: Juvia, Shake Shack, Paul’s Bakery, Nexxt Café, Sushisamba, Pizza Rustica etc.

Lincoln Road is a great place to have a hearty breakfast, dine al fresco or sit at a little street bar and have a beer. If the idea is to shop, eat or enjoy the nightlife, be sure to visit Lincoln Road!

Dadeland Mall

Dadeland is often a mall that doesn’t even fit in the itinerary of tourists who want to shop in Miami; it is not as popular as other shopping centers in the city, but it is precisely this characteristic that makes it interesting. It is a mall with more than 180 stores and draws attention for its anchor stores: a huge Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, JCPenney and Nordstrom. For women who wish to shop, it is a very good mall, as there are several stores aimed at the female audience.

It is not a difficult place to walk, it has few corridors and only one floor. It is also not so big a mall, being ideal for that day when you are willing to shop, but not willing to spend so many hours in this activity. The mall is closed and a good option for rainy days.

Among its stores are: CVS, Michael Kors, Sephora, Coach, Nine West, Lacoste, Guess, Boss Hugo Boss, Puma, Fossil, Aldo, GAP, Hollister, Apple Store, Zara and Victoria’s Secret.

Dadeland is about 30 minutes from Downtown Miami and is a more interesting mall to visit for those driving. There is a subway option close to the mall, but as the subway does not serve all parts of the city, it is not a very practical way to use it.

Another five-minute walk from Dadeland Mall is another shopping center, Dadeland Station. It has few stores, but they are all big. It has five megastores: Best Buy, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Michael’s, Sports Authority. The number of stores is small, but the offer of products is not. At Dadeland Station you can find bed linen from electronics.

Bayside Marketplace

Bayside is an open-air mall, suitable for doing some essential shopping, walking without haste, enjoying the view and having a meal. The mall is located in Downtown Miami and is more than just a shopping spot; it is a point of support for tourists, since from the place there are also some city tours, such as boat trips and tours on double-decker buses. Just walking around the place is already very pleasant, because the Bayside has a super cute look.

It is not a mall with so many stores, nor is it the kind of mall you can spend all day visiting and shopping for. It’s a small place, but it has brands like GAP, Guess, Sunglass Hut, Victoria’s Secret, Foot Locker etc. Part of the mall is dedicated to small kiosks, where you can find handicrafts and souvenirs.

There are several cool restaurants in Bayside, which makes it a great place for lunch, dinner or going to a bar with friends. For those who prefer a lighter night program, this place is great! At the mall you’ll find Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Chili’s, Fat Tuesday, Haagen-Dazs, Hard Rock Cafe, Hooters, Starbucks and The Knife restaurant.

Bal Harbor Shops

Bal Harbor is the most exquisite shopping in the region and, consequently, the most expensive. It has some of the most famous brands in the world, and suddenly, you can even see a celebrity strolling there.

It is not the place for those who want to save money; the mall has the latest fashion releases (and the most expensive ones), but even for those who do not intend to shop, it is a cool place to visit. Bal Harbout is very beautiful, has open-air shops, is all wooded and guarantees a very nice atmosphere. An afternoon meal or coffee there will go very well.

If the budget is loose and economy is not the focus of the trip, shopping is welcome, although the products do not have the promotional price of other malls in the city. In the luxurious Bal Harbor you will find stores like Prada, Jimmy Choo, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Roberto Cavalli, Saint Laurent, Valentino, Stella McCartney, Lanvin, Chloé, Balenciaga, Fendi, among others.

The mall is north of Miami Beach, on Collings Avenue, and is easily accessible. There is parking for cars and a bus stop in front of the place.

Best Buy

Best Buy is an electronics chain that is well known in the United States and has branches in Miami. Its stores are usually large, with a huge variety of products; in them you can buy from televisions to computers, video games and cameras – the quantity of products is so good and the price difference to the prices charged in Brazil, so inviting that you are able to leave the store spending more than you had in mind. It is worth keeping an eye on items displayed on islands between the aisles, which may have discounts!

Looking to buy electronics on your trip? Certainly, Best Buy is one of the places that should not be left out of your list, at least to compare prices. The store is very good, but if you need to buy a specific product, you may not find it; in this case, it is worth checking the company’s website to see the products they offer.

Brickell City Center

Miami’s newest and most modern mall is located in Brickell, in the downtown area, and is called Brickell City Center. It is a very well located shopping center, attached to the W Miami (luxury hotel), and home to dozens of cool stores. The mall has a different architecture, with open areas and high ceilings. Famous designer stores and other more popular ones are present on site, as well as restaurants.

Brickell City Center stores include the new Miami Apple, Boss, Coach, Live !, Pandora, Porsche Design, Samsonite, Sephora, Ted Baker, Victoria’s Secret, ZARA, etc.

Burlington Coat Factory

Burlington Coat Factory is a chain of stores that can yield good acquisitions in the United States. In it you will find clothes for men, women and children, as well as shoes, accessories, bags, bags, watches, glasses etc.

Burlington stores are often so large that you can spend several hours inside shopping. Products of various brands are sold, the prices are very good and ideal for those who do not want to spend a lot.

Here, it’s also worth the tip to get to the store early. In the morning, the macaws are organized; as time goes by, the clothes are all messed up.


CocoWalk, located in the Coconut Grove area, is a small outdoor mall.
It is an open place, with beautiful architecture, which is usually very quiet to stroll. The mall has few stores; therefore, it is not so interesting for those who want to do a lot of shopping – there are better malls for this purpose in the city – but, for those who have few pretensions and do not want turmoil, it is indicated.

It is a good place to have a meal or a drink and cool off from the heat, but don’t create expectations by thinking that there is a lot to do there, because there isn’t.

CocoWalk’s commercial establishments include: GAP, Strarbucks, Cheesecake Factory, Chili’s, Victoria’s Secret, Sportive and Fat Tuesday.

CVS pharmacy

Shopping at a pharmacy? That’s right? Yes! CVS is more than just a seller of medicines; moreover, in pharmacies in the United States (like this one) you can make great purchases.

CVS sells vitamins, hygiene products, various brands of makeup, souvenirs, clothing, snacks, sunscreen, cosmetics and medicines, of course. Several chain stores are open 24 hours a day and are great options for breaking a branch when the other stores are closed. It is like a convenience store, which brings together a little bit of everything.

The checkout lines are not always small, but the prices of the products usually compensate a lot when compared to those in Brazil. CVS prices are good, but if you want to find a greater variety of products and even better prices, it may be more worthwhile to visit chains like Walmart and Target.

Española Way

Española Way is a South Beach road with several shops, many restaurants and bars. The place is ideal to see the movement of the region, do some shopping, but above all, to enjoy the nightlife.

As night falls, the street gains a special charm; several tables are placed outdoors and at them many people like to enjoy the company of friends, have a drink or start the night and then go out to party. It is a place suitable for people of all ages, for those who are with family or friends.

When there is movement, the road is closed to vehicles, ensuring that pedestrians walk more safely.


Marshalls is a chain of department stores with a line similar to Ross Dress for Less and TJ Maxx. It sells pieces from several brands (including famous brands) at prices lower than those practiced by conventional stores. Sometimes their prices are even better than outlets.

In this type of establishment you will find products from past collections or stocks left over in stores; so there is not much variety in color or size.

Finding something at Marshalls takes time, patience and a little luck. Macaws are usually overturned and untidy; therefore, it takes calm to find something you like. Looking at the macaws you can think at first that there is nothing to your liking, but with a little patience you can end up taking home something very cool for a much lower price than the original.

Tip: try to visit the store as soon as it opens, when there is a greater variety of pieces, less people buying and, consequently, less queues.

Miami Design District

The neighborhood is an incredible stopover for lovers of fashion, design, arts, decoration and architecture. The area where the Design District is today was abandoned until the 1990s and has been revitalized, making it an ideal region for visiting galleries, shopping or admiring world-renowned stores.

In the region you can find art galleries, furniture stores, good restaurants, as well as stores like Céline, Dior Home, Christian Louboutin, Emilio Pucci, Hermès and others. If you can, pay a visit to the place on the second Saturday of each month, when the Design District and neighboring Wynwood offer the “Art & Design Walk”, an event that involves art, food and music.

Miracle Mile

The right stop for brides in search of the ideal dress, Miracle Mile is perfect for those who are getting married! The route is in Coral Gables and in a few blocks it is possible to find several stores, many of them focused on bridal dresses, trousseau and accessories. If you travel to Miami with the intention of saving on your wedding dress, this is the right place, as there is a lot of variety and beautiful products, at fair prices.

Buying a wedding dress is not like making a normal purchase, it requires special care. It is recommended to go to the stores in advance, as in several of them it is possible to design an exclusive dress according to your taste and this type of clothing takes time. In other stores there are dresses for prompt delivery. Visiting a bridal shop, make an appointment to ensure you will be attended!

Ross Dress for Less

Ross Dress for Less is a chain of stores that sells products from old collections, often at lower prices than outlets (which are already low). It works like a store that sells the stock tip of the stock tip. Shirts for $ 5, pants for $ 7 and dresses for $ 10 are just some of the offerings there. Baby clothes are excellent for those who want to buy in bulk without spending a lot.

Ross stores are usually large and sell a good range of products, such as clothes for adults and children, shoes, bags, towels, sheets, etc. There are stores with many macaws; you have to be patient and do a real job of ants to find what you want.

In macaws, often disorganized, products are arranged according to size, and there are usually no different sizes or colors of the same product – the product you found is available, and that’s it. Most of the time there is no way to ask the store salesperson for help in finding something specific, because it is very difficult to find. It is up to the customer to look for what he intends to buy.

The stores have dressing rooms and, after selecting the products you are interested in, be sure to try them out. Expect to find queues to use the changing rooms and to pay.

Tip: try to go to Ross as soon as the store opens, as there is less queue at the checkout and the racks are more organized.

TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx is yet another department store that sells products at lower prices than conventional stores. It offers a wide range of items, including shoes, men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, as well as towels, sheets, hair products, bags, accessories and more.

In the store you can find articles from several brands, including those designed by renowned designers and most popular brands. Their items are more limited, when compared to regular stores, but, in compensation, their prices are much better.

Didn’t find what you want at TJ Maxx? Go to Ross Dress for Less or Marshalls, similar stores that also have good prices.


Target is an American chain of megastores where you can find a little bit of everything in the same place. Its stores sell clothes, shoes, accessories, beauty products, household and bath articles, electronics, cosmetics, furniture, toys and a whole lot more for a small price. Shampoos (and other hair products), socks, vitamins and sunscreen are some of the things that are very worthwhile at Target.

It is a competitor of Walmart and such a good option for shopping that you can spend several hours there analyzing what to buy. You can check the values ​​of the products and make your shopping list on the Target website.

The Falls

Located in Kendall, The Falls is a good option for shopping in Miami. With open-air shops and cozy decor, it invites the visitor to a peaceful walk or a leisurely meal. As it is not a big mall or very crowded, it is suitable for those who prefer to shop more easily and find fewer lines in stores.

There are just over 100 stores in the place, with an emphasis on Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s anchors. The shopping center also has stores like Aeropostale, Abercrombie, Aldo, Apple, Coach, GAP, Hollister, L’Occitane, Loft, Michael Kors, New Balance, Pandora, Polaroid FotoBar, Sunglass Hut, Swarovski, Victoria’s Secret, among others. Its stores are not outlet stores ; they are regular stores – therefore, with higher prices than in malls like Sawgrass and Dolphin Mall.

The Shops At Midtown Miami

The Shops at Midtown Miami is a Miami shopping center with outdoor stores and a few restaurants. The place does not have as many stores as a large center, but it is interesting because it has a few megastores and in them you can find a huge variety of products.

Among the stores that are in this area we can mention: Target, Marshalls, Foot Locker, Sports Authority, Ross Dress for Less; and restaurants like Five Guys, Giraffas (the Brazilian chain), 100 Montaditos and Pinkberry.

It is still a developing area, but it is a good option for shopping in a central location and without so many people, having a drink or having a snack.

Village of Merrick Park

The Village of Merrick Park is another option for shopping in Miami. The mall is medium in size, has outdoor stores and a green area, with plants and trees. The place is ideal for going with family or friends, and anyone with young children can use a good free area in the gardens for the little ones to play. There are good restaurants on site, with outdoor tables, where you can have a meal.

The mall has more refined stores, without so many popular options, and is not the most sought after by Brazilians who travel to Miami in search of savings. In it you will find luxurious stores like Hugo Boss, Banana Republic, Burberry, Coach, CH Carolina Herrera, Diane von Furstenberg, Gucci, H Stern, Jimmy Choo, Kate Spade, Lacoste, Michael Kors, Nordstrom, Pottery Barn, Tommy Bahama, Victoria’s Secret and others.

Walmart Supercenter

Walmart is a worldwide known supermarket chain, present even in Brazil; if you’ve been to one of the chain’s stores you should know that the variety of products inside is really incredible. Suggesting shopping in a supermarket may seem strange, but believe me: Walmart is much more than a simple market. In addition to the diversity of products, it is a popular place to shop, because its prices are very good. With variety and devastating prices, not visiting a Walmart while traveling is almost a sin!

In it you find everything! Food, stationery, home products, electronics, toiletries, cosmetics, home furnishings, clothing, shoes, toys… etc. etc. etc. It is a very good place for those with children and need to buy diapers or baby food, for example; or, simply, for adults who want to know everything that an American supermarket is capable of offering. Leaving the store with few ducks is a mission for the forts!

Shopping in Miami, USA

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